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  1. I searched for existing topics and didn´t see any. Would it be good idea if Jason could optionally throw more than one knife at once? Knives would spread a little, so Jason could potentially do damage to several counselors at once. Should multi throw come with other variables such as longer cool down time between throws and/or reduced throw distance? How would you balance this system?
  2. I like this idea. It could be taken further by awarding good players with extra cp after gaining enough points.
  3. Nice ideas everyone. Grip strength, stun resistance, hit points, defense and destruction could be used on Michael as well. Destruction and weapon strength would be fused together. I would also like to see proper VR support for this game. That would make it absolutely the scariest game ever. If they can´t get Michael actors for motion capture for some reason, they can use this Machine Learning algorithm to capture motion from video, example: https://getrad.co/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTisU4dibSc Imagine if this was used to capture Nick Castles iconic walking from the film. Survivor players should be locked in 1st person view only. Michael players can choose between that and 3rd person view. Weapon swapping should be implemented. Choosing heavier weapons such as scythe or metalrod increases destruction and defense but decreases stealth. This would give Michael players some customization options.
  4. Developers should look into machine learning. EA uses this to train bots in Battlefield 1 https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/ea-trains-ai-to-play-battlefield-1/ There are lots of free AI/Machine Learning resources available, OpenAI being one https://openai.com/
  5. I have some as well. 1) Hurry Up!: Kill everyone before acquiring Stalk (Harder version: kill everyone before acquiring Shift) 2) Walk + Morph or Shift only: No running. Swimming is allowed. 3) Walk only: Same rules go to swimming and running. 4) Pile up: Kill every (or as many as possible) counselor on same environmental kill spot. I once threw 6 counselors through same window on Packanak Small. Another time i killed Vanessa and AJ on same fireplace. That was hilarious. 5) Unscathed: Do not get hit at all. 6) Just like on the movies: Try to recreate scenes from the movies. For example you can play as J3 at Higgins Haven and try to get Jenny to hit you with axe while you are both on the barn.
  6. 1) I would like to be able to skip match ending cutscenes and start new match immediately. 2) Sometimes i like to play same map again but with different Jason or keep Jason but change map. I would like to have an option to do those two things. 3) How about an option to start a match where everything from Jason selection to bot perks would be randomized? You would never know what to expect.
  7. https://80.lv/articles/how-ubisoft-uses-ai-machine-learning-to-build-games/ So Ubisoft is using AI to catch bugs before they are actually used in the game. Clever idea. It needs information of code changes and bug reports to work properly. This game would certainly use a lot of that (damn car rubberbanding ). They also use it to train bots. Imagine if this game trained both counselor and Jason bots against eachother. I bet they would actually be intelligent. AI can be used to speech synthesis as well. https://google.github.io/tacotron/publications/tacotron2/index.html Tacotron 2 neural network speech synthesis can create speech directly from text. Listen very closely that final comparison at the bottom of that link. It sounds quite convincing. Devs could feed counselor voice lines to this algorithm and litrally write new dialogue for them. That would be amazing.
  8. Alternate part 4 can run + destruction + fear combo seems to be effective at negating some of cabin hopping. Am i right? Anyways, i like it. Devs should make it so that Uber Jason blocks attacks with the metal arm. It would make +Defense more believable. I haven´t watched Jason X just yet. Are there any scenes where Uber clearly had increased grip strength?
  9. You could maybe crop little bit from left and from bottom you could cut under lowest ability icons. "Back" and "Change skins" texts are not needed information in this case. This way images get smaller and load faster. Jason´s lower torso gets cut off but its enough to see who is who.
  10. I meant those radios on tables that play music. Sorry, I didn´t state my idea accurately enough.
  11. Hmm. I checked that updated J7 image. If that Jason fails with Shift then he has less chances to wound counselors with knives. On the other hand +Fear drains stamina faster than usually. I´m not sure about that. How about replacing -Shift with -Traps? About destruction. Currently there´s no -Destruction so i was thinking how it would change things if it would be added. Would this be good? Un-barricaded door Barricaded door -Destruction: 4 hits -Destruction: 6 hits Neutral Destruction: 3 Neutral Destruction: 5 +Destruction: 2 hits +Destruction: 4 hits
  12. Good suggestions. 13 counselors sounds fun. I have some ideas as well. 1) At harder difficulty levels bot should track Jason better with their shotgun and flaregun aim and only shoot when theres nothing in their way. This could be taken further by making them able to shoot flaregun projectile so that it bounces from surface and hits Jason. 2) Currently bots will click their flashlights on and off when they are hiding so they are revealing themselves. Needless to say that it should be removed. Also, bots seem to have their favourite beds and closets where they hide. Could use randomization. They will also usually hide in closest place nearest the windows they just used to climb in. 3) Bots should operate according to their intented playstyles. Debbie fixes and Buggzy fights. 4) They should use traps if they aren´t already. At higher difficulty levels they should use traps more effectively. 5) When they are about to escape with a car, they should arm themselves properly. 6) They dont use radios at all to trick Jason or close those other weaker doors in cabins.
  13. I didn´t see it being mentioned earlier in this thread, but Tommy actually looked angry in early-alpha. Currently he looks too kind. What happened there? Why did they change his expression like that? I simply don´t understand. PC owners should have been given options to set final version´s graphics to early-alpha or beta levels, because they know better how much their computer can handle. As for the CB radio calling sequence, early version looks better. The current "knob fondling" animation looks stupid.
  14. Part 3 with +Throwing knives? Sure, why not. Makes him deadly up close and from far away. Part 9 seems to be deadliest up close with +Stun Resistance and +Weapon strength. Part 7 with negative Shift and Morph? That may be too much to handle. I have to think about it. I was thinking about the boxing scene in part 8. Jason´s mask surely was tightly secured on his head, so if my logic is correct, maybe he should have +Hit points. I know that he took the mask off by himself at the end, but i mean hit points against counselors physical attacks. Also, what do you think about -Throwing knives? In that case Jason starts with no knives and instead picks two traps from the wall of his shack. I also would like to see +Defense added to at least one of the Jasons. If not these, then to original Jason created by devs.
  15. I used permutation formula to see how many combinations can be made. Answer is 362 880. Have fun with that. Anyway, i would first try machete with every Jason and then spear.
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