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  1. Yes, this too^^ Cabins with NO DOORS. I don't mean Jason came and broke them down, just missing. I also found that, If I start with say....health spray perk, I only find health spray. Nothing else. I start with a map...guess what, I find 8 maps.
  2. I have also noticed that, when searching drawers I get the sound of them, like 5 seconds later. Also, I played a few matches where, I know I was the only person in an area (south, north) with no one around. Search a few cabins bar doors, open windows. I also left the keys in a drawer, to come back for them. I come back, not leaving the area. The doors are all unbarred and the same exact dresser with the keys, now has a Walkie Talkie. I know 100% sure, there was no one else in the area. They were all to the north, with the car. Just really weird stuff happening. I hear kill screams, after the councelor has died, in a different area. Just something not right.
  3. Oops, just posted and did not see this, Not getting XP either (on PS4) getting CP only
  4. Sorry if this is a repost. Did a search and found nothing about this. The past 2 nights, have been playing on pS4 and have not gained any XP. Had players in the lobby saying the same. Getting CP though.
  5. I am sorry but, my friends and I have had enough. We get a group going and want to get a full lobby, if other friends are not available. We play the way the game SHOULD be played, unless we encounter someone glitching. We make it known that anyone glitching, will be dealt with. It's a 50/50 chance. Some are great players wanting to have fun, like us. Then the others want Packanack to show up and there they are...up on the roof. We go after that person. We stop and make sure this person knows not to do it again. Will we get banned for this? We don't care, if you join our group. Play right or get out. We have never had a glitcher come back for another game. They call us all sorts of vulgar names, then leave.
  6. Friend request accepted
  7. Looking for a few games. Older player. Level 19 with Mic Add Dreadzyn
  8. I was wondering if anyone else was running into this problem: Use Health Spray and Stun With Firecrackers badges are not counting. I am stuck on 0/XX. I have done both plenty of times but it never counts.
  9. I use a mic all the time. You actually need it. Help coordinate your plan. I had maybe 1 or 2 games where no one talked and I was the only one to survive. Mics are needed! PS...it's a blast hearing people scream or yell when they are scared or running from Jason. If you are a good Jason, you can also taunt people...that's funny too.
  10. Hey all, When the server came back online yesterday (it was roughly 12:30pm) for me. I noticed something strange. When I left, I had just over 500 CP, that I was going to use to roll another perk for a counselor. I decided to wait until the reset. When Iogged back in, I was at -572. Yes, negative points. I had a great game playing as Jason and received just over 1300 CP. It took away what I owed....the -572 Anyone else have this problem? I should have 1800+
  11. I think Jason is just fine. I agree maybe giving the counselors a little more time to get started. I do however would like to see down the road, being able to hit Jason a few times and not just once to stun. I know it wouldn't do much damage but one hit and nothing else? Maybe after hitting him a few times, he goes into Rage mode.
  12. Howdy all, Picked up the game early Friday morning and well......been playing off and on (more off) all weekend. When it works, it's a great game and a cool concept. Having a blast and have made at least 15 new friends, during the sessions. Glad they are getting some things fixed this morning. I have time to play before heading back to work at 10:00pm tomorrow night.
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