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  1. My name is Domo, I run a rust server [US WEST] RUSTY EMPIRE, Create youtube videos (very small channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCznUAL5kX1uxNC9YrgsvQHw, and I play a lot of video games. I will be posting my Ideas for the game and hopefully be a welcome part of the F13 group.
  2. I've done some rethinking and I suppose stamina is fine, it just always seems as if I can run for maybe 15 seconds before im forced to walk even if im the high tier stam character which is a bit ridiculous IMO. However from a balance perceptive I suppose its ok. Also as far as I know Jarvis doesn't get escape points but that doesn't seem to stop whoever plays him from just trying to escape even the the whole point of Jarvis is to help others escape so they need to at very least take a look at how they can mitigate this problem, I have given my 2 cents on 1 way they could do that. I did not know about the knife on a trap thing but evens so like you said knifes are pretty rare and when I find one i do not want to have to use my only means of protection just to disarm a trap leading me to do a suicide run onto a trap, little OP for Jason IMO.
  3. In this topic I will be talking about features I think should be implemented, fixed, or outright removed. 1. Counselors should be able to disarm Jasons traps. Reason being is that if he puts a trap right in from of a car or the phone box "which they always do" its virtually impossible to fix it because you are forced to step into the trap which then alerts Jason and then you're screwed. 2. Players should not lose control of there counselor when they see a dead body. Reason being is that from a game play perspective it doesn't really make sense because in the beginning scene you see your fellow counselor being killed so I dont think you would freak out every single time you see a body. The other main reason is that if Jason grabs someone and you go to save whoever was grabbed by hitting Jason sometimes that swing brings you into line of sight with a body and it stops your character mid swing to say "Oh my god is that a dead body" causing your friend to then be killed. Also if you are running for your life from Jason and you see a dead body and your character stops dead in his tracks to freak out over a dead body then getting you killed is so stupid and doesn't make sense. Its fine if its just an audible thing and or increases your fear level but to stop your character from doing anything for a short time is dumb. 3. I believe stamina needs to be reworked it seems to me that it runs out a little too fast even form good high stam characters. 4. I dont think players should have to wait til a vehicle is started to enter it, they should just be able to get in. 5. I think Tommy Jarvis shouldn't be able to leave until all other counselors are either dead or escaped, because his whole purpose is to help others escape and all to often we see someone come back as Tommy just to escape.
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