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    If it's got four feet, a tail, fur, scales, feathers, or cute little beady eyes - chances are I will squeal with joy like a pubescent preteen at a Justin Beiber concert. No Shame.

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  1. Well know that I will find you... And I will snuggle the stuffins' outta you. (I wish I would have known about the tweet though, because I've been slogging through Omegle all day looking for you. XD)
  2. Haha! Yes, the skateboard is okay. She survived and was subsequently rehomed with another owner who has taken her to the sunny California hills. And oh yeah, it was totally stupid. Freaking awesome, but stupid. Highlight of the day was making my ten year old cousin pass out because my bone was sticking out the side of my leg. Blood and bone everywhere, yay! XD And then the 45 minute wait in the Emergency Room with my cockeyed ankle dangling like a wet noodle and getting blood everywhere, now those were good times. This was actually about two years so most of the breaks have healed, but what I didn't know is that the joint set crooked in the socket and so now after walking on it for over eighteen months I've pretty much destroyed all the bone and cartilage in my ankle. So it's another surgery for me within the next six months or so!!
  3. Note for future reference - Doing kickflips on a skateboard off of a broken porch is NOT a good idea. Broke both my weight bearing joints and splintered my growth plate.
  4. HAHA! Thanks for your vote of confidence, Sword! XD I may have cardio down, but I think a screwy ankle may slow me down just a little bit!
  5. Wow, great job! I love TLOU. My Service Dog's name is Joel. He's my apocalypse partner, haha!
  6. Sure thing, come on! The more the merrier!
  7. Happy Thursday to everybody, celebrating Thanksgiving or not! My folks and I are relaxing through a turkey coma and tonight I think I'm going to end the evening with a classic FT13th film. Which one should I pick?
  8. Happy Turkey Day everybody! My folks and I are currently relaxing through our food coma and it's been a fun day all around. Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!
  9. Wow, gorgeous ink! Really beautiful pieces! <3
  10. Good luck! I will be trying my hardest to find you on Omegle! I hope your studies go well!
  11. I have to agree about Part 5. While the cinematography was alright and the effects were good for it's time period, it just wasn't Jason! And even early on in the movie you could easily tell something just felt off. Kane is definitely the top Jason in my book, followed closely by Derek Mears. I think he followed really closely in Kane's footsteps for the reboot and brought that same vicious spark to the character. I also really have to give props to Ken Kirzinger, though. I mean, for what it was, FvJ was good. Were there some things that could have been much better? Absolutely. But there were also a lot of good scenes and special effects that I really enjoyed, and Ken did his best within the limits set by Ronny Yu. And of course Robert Englund is the ONLY Freddy in my opinion, so of course he was spot-on within the entire movie. They did what they could, you know? They tried to make a decent crossover and while it may not go down in horror movie history, it's still good in its own right. I definitely have to say that it ranks higher on the scale as far as JGTH is concerned. I REALLY didn't enjoy that installment, despite the fact that Jason had a grand total of like, 5 minutes on-screen. It just wasn't a hit with me. :/
  12. This is my favorite tattoo. The orange collar stands for animal cruelty awareness. She's also where I took my username from - an angel protecting those that cannot protect themselves. (I have some FT13th ink, but I really want to take a better picture of it before posting it to the thread!)
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