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  1. Do everyone a favor and get off the forums dont try to tell people what most people are saying speak for yourself
  2. Youre not supposed to know when Jason can sense you or not thats one of the mechanics of the game. If you were in a place where Jason cannot sense you then he would never find you because thats his only means of finding counselors besides hearing noises but you can avoid that just by crouching. So putting in a fear meter would basically accomplish nothing because its already in the game and its intended to be hard to know exactly how much fear you have. If you were in a spot and you knew that Jason couldnt sense you there he would never find you or not have enough time to find you.
  3. Because even if a counselor knows that the trap is there, there is nothing you can do to get around it and if they are placed in key locations like the phone, boat, car, he can eliminate all or almost all of those objectives from the game entirely with the only option being to purposely step in it and if you do he will know you are there right away the only way of getting around it is to use the knife to disarm it which is not viable considering how rare knives are and then it also breaks the knife. The biggest issue I have with it is that its just silly knowing that there is lots of things you could do to get around the trap but in the game you cannot do. Also I think that it also breaks away from the way Jason is meant to be played, he is meant to be a find, chase, kill type of enemy, not place down traps at areas where players have to go to escape or win with basically no means of getting past it besides stepping in it and then kill them. I have no problem with him putting them outside of windows or in doorways because you DONT HAVE to go there to win. This also forces the Jason player to strategize where he puts his traps thats the whole point of using a trap is so that the person stepping in it doesnt know that its there its not really a trap if you have to step in it its more like an unstoppable wall lol.
  4. My opinion is that Jason should have double the amount of traps that he has now but the traps cannot be spammed in one spot and the traps can be disarmed using some type of minigame or be disarmed the same way the other traps are disarmed by holding a button down
  5. This is my opinion on the deal with traps. Jason should start out with double the amount of traps he normally does right now and cannot spam a whole bunch in one spot. Counselors should also be able to disarm the traps using the repair minigame. The only way to beat a trap even though you know its there but cant get around it is basically to step in it because using a knife to disarm it is just too rare of an occurence to come upon to be a viable strategy to beating a trap and on top of that it breaks the knife. I want to push a counter argument and say that if shift grab is Jasons only means of killing other players that is a problem in itself and this should not be his only means of killing other players whether it is due to the player or the game being at fault. So my suggestion is to remove shift grab but replace it with something else that is effective. For example what they could do is remove the shift grab but enhance the stalk ability by increasing Jasons speed during stalk. This is just one example and I am not saying this is the best solution because I dont think it is but that is one example. The point I am trying to make is that the shift grab I think is just lame and almost feels like a glitch due to Jason appearing out of nowhere with no animation or anything backing it up, that it needs to be improved or changed in some way.
  6. Exactly my opinion. You might as well just spawn all the counselors in an open parking lot with no cover, vehicles, anything to hide behind so that Jason can slaughter them all and the only challenge is to slaughter them all faster than the last time.
  7. I want to say that they should not respawn only because it makes it more realistic and getting screwed by teammates is part of the game I think. For example a teammate that Jason is chasing runs into the house you are in, hes screwing you because now youre at risk of getting chased. A teammate grabs a weapon in a house that you would have found, hes screwing you over that weapon, a teammate crashes the car with you inside of it, a teammate turns on the radio in a house that you are in and Jason shows up. Being screwed by teammates is part of the game and happens all the time. The only thing I can think of that I think should be removed is friendly fire.
  8. I agree that something about the grab and grip needs to be changed and I would much rather this than the way it is now but im sure there are alternatives as well
  9. I play the game on PS4 so I dont know what is up with that
  10. A female character with more strength would make no difference with the way that the game is right now. Strength is a useless skill right now, because certain things like stun are only determined by the weapon you are using. For example a character with level 1 strength can stun Jason every time you attack using the bat which has the highest stun in the game so theres no point in having a higher strength when you can stun him regardless of strength level.
  11. Im sorry but if you are getting trolled when you are playing Jason and cant kill someone that is most definitely a player problem. I have never once not been able to kill someone that I was chasing, actually I feel the opposite. Many times I have done things to make the game harder when I played as Jason such as not using the OP grab at all. I have never had someone run around a table or car or whatever that I couldnt catch its easy just use the shift ability they dont know where you are and have to scramble. Stunning Jason is a lot harder than you think you have to time it absolutely perfectly to stun Jason before he can grab you if you both attack at the same time 1 on 1. Anyone that says that the shift grab is not a problem then you have not played against anyone that has experience as Jason because I can shift grab someone almost every time I have the opportunity. I am not claiming to be good at the game and thats the whole point if I can do that almost every time and kill everyone with 10 minutes left that is a problem.
  12. OK I agree with that but realistically speaking there is nothing I can think of that they can really do to prevent people from being trolls they will always find another way to be a troll. You can kill the player that is trolling you other than that you have to leave the match but I also agree there are factors that make it easier to troll as well that shouldnt be in the game.
  13. I agree that those things are things that should be fixed first because they are more important but it is MY OPINION that is lame to be grabbed out of thin air without ever knowing that Jason is even there and it can be gotten rid of without making him weaker they just need to make his other actions or abilities stronger
  14. So if timing has to be perfect why is it that that is how I die 90% of the time? 90% of players have perfect timing or achieving perfect timing is too easy?
  15. I do not like the game the way that it is I think the shift grab needs to be changed and not changed as in Jason is just weaker now. I think its kinda lame to just be grabbed out of thin air as well. They could remove the shift grab but change something else to make Jason stronger such as the almost pointless stalk ability make that ability stronger. Jason should not be relying on one single ability to win the game and that is shift.
  16. Dude people told you how to beat people that are doing that you use the shift ability if its indoors or the throwing knives or you can just go after another player what more do you want? You want the developers to change the game because youre not good at it enough to use a minimal amount of strategy when playing Jason?
  17. I agree that Jason should be able to move furniture but they would have to implement more things in the game to balance that out. He can stop the car going backwards or forwards so theres nothing wrong with that. If you are Jason and you cannot stop the car the problem is with the player not the game. That being said if you cannot catch a person running around an object that is also a player problem not a game problem theres lots of things you can do to avoid that situation such as, traps, throwing knives, shift ability, go after another player. Out of all the things wrong with the game the things you said are not the problems with the game itself.
  18. The same thing would apply to any game there are players who are trolls and players who are people. If someone is doing that to you then you can just kill that player or leave and join another match. The real problems with the game are with the mechanics of the game itself not the players.
  19. I tested this in a private match after the patch with the level 10 composure character. You have cannot escape even if you are not injured so it defeats the whole purpose of the struggle bar and struggle mechanic even being in the game, even if they intended for no one to be able to escape from his grip why is that mechanic in the game if it serves no purpose?
  20. Why would they release more shit if the game doesnt work right to begin with? They need to fix all the stuff that is wrong with the game first before they release anything new and this game was not up to par on release anyway so they are fixing shit that should have been fixed in the beta. I hope it will be awhile before they release anything new as long as they are fixing what is wrong with the game in its current state.
  21. On PS4 you can exit shift with a grab, not exit shift and then grab. You can literally grab someone before they can see that you are there.
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