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  1. Jason's grab and traps got nerfed to make the game easier for counselors. Also, Tommy starts out with a pocket knife. Guess he'll be getting slashed to death everytime. If you wanted an easy mode for this game and wanted Jason to be disrespected, then you should either git gud or quit playing and go to DbD. We don't need scrubs like you.
  2. SIGNED. @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier What happened to the "Jason is supposed to be OP" mentality? Why are making counselors easier to play when they already easy to play?
  3. Does the kill count update even when a counselor quits?
  4. Yep, it seems Gun is slowly starting to crack. They see how popular DbD is and also want to be that popular, so they are slowly nerfing Jason to appease the kids. Hold on a minute. You have to rebuy ALL of the kills? Do you at least get the CP refunded to you? Great, this means I have to spend another 1,750 CP for the Head Punch, Head Chop, and Stunner kills.
  5. Not if you go up against counselors who know what they are doing and are using mics to coordinate.
  6. Probably. I could understand Evolve's DLC prices because a single Monster cost over $250,000 to develop, so TRS had to charge $10-15 for a single DLC Monster, $7 for a Monster skin pack, and $3 for a single Monster skin. But these are just new kills for Jason. New ways to kill counselors that last less than 30 seconds. If it was like 10 kills, then $4 would be fair. But $3? No. They should be free.
  7. Since I don't have Savini I use Part 3 with the Retro Jason skin. I love P3's strengths.
  8. The kills are cool and all, but $4 is a little too much. They should either be free or cost $0.99. And why no Mitch Halloween costume?
  9. It's been easier for me to grab someone in front that to the sde. Kid I can easily get 7/7 or 8/8. I would say am a good Jason. This is not DbD where the devs are weak-willed and will disrespect a character to appease the kids. Go back to that game and stay there.
  10. I really hope they aren't listening to all the salty children and nerfing it. If you want a game with joke killers so you don't need a lot of skill to win then go play Dead by Daylight. Their killers are so weak even a newb could notice.
  11. He is in the intro. It creates false hype when you think you see P3's legs but then you see P4's wound. I cannot tell you how many times I thought that the broken selection system had decided to be nice to me and give me Jason but it turned out that I was wrong.
  12. Where did you hear this? And why? There are stoves in the Jarvis house and the other blue house beside it.
  13. It’s probably the returning exploiters who think they can still do the Packanack roof glitch.
  14. Yeah it’s an intended feature, not a hack. It’s just good Jasons being good Jasons. Combining your abilities blinds them and tricks them, making it easier to get a kill.
  15. I think we'll get Fox and the new kills (hopefully the stove kill is included in that) for Halloween. We'll also get anywhere between double and quadruple XP for a weekend plus some server crashes.
  16. Stand there and do nothing. Let Jason do whatever he wants lol. #BestMLGPlayStylelol
  17. Unless you're glitched or you're host and threaten to quit, I'll either let you go in the case of you being glitched or I'll just kill you last if you're host and threaten to quit if I kill you. I will show no mercy as Jason. Pamela wants me to make them pay for what they did to us, and I will obey her.
  18. Jason should be able to do whatever kill he wants whenever he wants. Pamela just wants them dead. She never says how. People need to stop whining because people don't play the game how they want it to be played.
  19. The phone box/electrical box is a beeping noise. If you hear the beep, morph to the phone box, run/walk around while toggling Sense on and off (to bypass Sense avoidance perks) multiple times, and then morph to a destroyed electrical box. I say this because counselors may try to distract you by failing a electrical box repair so the phone box can be safely repaired and the cops can be called. As for which electrical box you morph to, you will have to remember which one it is or guess. If you have destroyed two or three of them, then'll you will be forced to guess, unless you're close enough to see them or Sense picks them up. Combining abilities is something you definitely should do as Jason. Using Stalk+Shift or Stalk+Morph can help you sneak up on a counselor for a successful kill. Especially Stalk+Shift. Using Stalk+Morph+Shift can be extremely deadly and almost guarantee a kill.
  20. Either this or allow Jason to destroy the car. There should also be an environmental kill for the hood also. Jason slams the hood onto the counselor's head multiple times until it falls off.
  21. If no one is around and an objective is repaired, then it's fine to take it and go. I repaired the boat (both prop and gas by myself) and no one was nearby, so I took it and left. Nobody wants to stand around waiting for a counselor they can help and give Jason a chance to find and kill them. If I see somebody getting close to the car or boat while I'm in it and Jason is not chasing them, then yeah I'll stop and pick them up.
  22. I agree with this. I was going to give him +Morph, but I think that'd be too much, especially without -Traps. Also, how did Jason lose his mask in Part 6 and Jason X? I know it was taken off after Ginny and Paul fought him in Part 2 and he lifted it up to scare Chris in Part 3 (he put it back on afterwards), but I don't remember him losing it in Part 6 or Jason X.
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