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  1. Sorry, but you f***** up the performance of your game so badly with the last patch. Dropped from 120 FPS under 60 perm with a GTX 1080.... on high - not even epic. Please consider the optimization of your game
  2. Hey, I have to talk about the performance that get's worser with every patch. I don't know why but first, here's my rig: CPU: i7 4770 GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 8GB OS: Win 10 I've installed the game on my 120GB Samsung SSD. Since the last patch I only get between 32 and 70 fps is that normal for such a GPU? Greetings
  3. I have opened a thread how the DEVs can reproduce it. Hope they fix it asap
  4. Then go and refund your stuff... That's easy isn't it? If you are one of those people who are always yellin at the Devs that they need to hurry up, then you shouldn't wait and just refund the game.
  5. @wes First of all: Thank you for your work that you've put into the servers! You really care about your game and you should ignore all these hatin fags out there who are telling you how you have to do your job. I have some questions here: - The progress that haven't been saved will be lost? I played like 12 hours yesterday and didn't get any experience for that (Not a big problem to me, but IF you can do something pls let me now). - After you fixed all that "critical" stuff, are you going to improve the thing that will you let stuck in several obstacles for example? After all those things that happened in the last days I can only say that you've made a really good game that needs some fine tuning here and there. Keep the good work up guys - if you have a bad day caused by these ragin' kiddos - always remember that there are many fans who are supporting you and your game! Greetings
  6. Hey DEVs! If you are in combat mode and press shift and crouch in that order. You will end up in a crouched state but with the speed of your running state and you have infinite stamina. For all the guys who have read that: Pls don't use this in a public match Hope you can fix it ASAP. Greetings
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