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  1. PlayStation is getting a patch tomorrow according to their Facebook post but I don't think it will invole the Region issue
  2. I think when PS4 gets a new patch for the game, this issue will finally be resolved??
  3. Yesterday I witnessed some guy kill one girl with a machete he picked up her shotgun then he shot the other player then left, I accidentally killed one counsellor with a shotgun though I was trying to shoot Jason but I didn't know she was in my range when I shot.?
  4. As soon as I hear little kids screaming in the mic when I join a lobby I leave straight away lol.
  5. I want to try but none of my friends aren't online either.
  6. That's the big reason why I got the game but I still played Solo, I'm on level 16.
  7. Looks like they will get a call back from Sony today or tomorrow
  8. We're waiting on Sony to get It together, PS Support haven't helped about this issue they keep telling me to talk to the developers, but they're the ones causing the mess.
  9. Illfonic said they didn't know this was possible so something got messed up before it went on sale.
  10. IllFonic said in a tweet that Sony are working on this issue right now, so hopefully it gets resolved really soon. F13 had no intention of region blocking the game. This problem is not happening on Xbox or Steam, I'm seeing a lot from PS4 players. This is Sony's problem!
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