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  1. I'm on PS4 too, I have encountered this issue from time to time I mostly play private matches with my friends but when they're not online I might hop on with a friend and if we encounter a Jason helper we just kill them then Jason rage quits.
  2. My friend never likes it when I play as Vanessa partly because it's a nightmare for him to shift grab me depending on the the Jason he uses, I can run halfway across the map and still have stamina left.
  3. I'm on level 65 and recently I've started to play Vanessa more often than the other counsellors, since I got the Marathon Perk on her she's been great to play even though her repair is just a 2 if you press X or A a couple of times you will get a good check to do when repairing an item. Yesterday I repaired the four door car without Jason noticing me which I was quite proud of lol.
  4. With the game being #2 in May then #1 in June on the PlayStation store I would say it's most popular on that Platform.
  5. I love it when other players play savini, his music makes the game feel more intense, he's not op in my opinion.
  6. PS4 - BoxingRouge I'm normally playing with my friends which you'll be able to join sometimes or I can play along with you if they're busy.
  7. I play private matches with my friends 90% of the time now so I don't know what it's like on public servers now, but I hope Microsoft sorts out the update for Xbox players too.
  8. I record my gameplay so if I find someone glitching I wish them the best of luck.
  9. Before meeting a group I play with most of the time now I used to use the communities on PlayStation and search Friday the 13th there's people looking to join + host private matches.
  10. If you want to have a chance at breaking free play Jenny, AJ, Adam, or Bugzy. (Quick fingers are key!)
  11. My friends use it on PlayStation.? I always have to hunt around for one.
  12. Played 3 matches in private didn't get any of these problems it could be the hosts internet connection. But I'm having trouble seeing my inventory.
  13. I know on Crystal Lake everything washes up on the sand near the car when players escape, sometimes I forget to drop things if I'm trying to battle Jason to escape in the car.
  14. You should get it eventually, I'm still struggling to get the walkie talkie perk lol.
  15. So I've unlocked all the counsellors on the game and I'm on level 48 and a majority of my perks are mostly epic or rare and the one I use most is the level headed perk where it's harder for Jason to sense you I use this perk on AJ as well as the Homebody Perk where Jason can't sense you when you're in a cabin. On Tiffany and Vanessa I use weapon perks such as starting off with a baseball bat to increase stun time and the Swift attacker perk to increase the speed of attack. I don't want to go through every counsellor I just wanted to know if I'm using them right?
  16. I can't wait for these 10 year old kids to shit their pants when they have to tell mommy that they can't play a game that she paid for anymore.
  17. Played a public a match with a friend we just reported 5 glitching on the roof the whole game.
  18. Looks like they didn't prepare for the XP weekend lol.
  19. If you don't want Jason to sense you the best way forward is to stay with team mates and try and get the Epic sense avoidance perk which improves your chances by 30%.
  20. Gamertag: BoxingRouge Level 25 Has Mic I'm free to play tomorrow. Send a friend request if interested
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