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    Is it possible to edit your Display name on the forums?
  2. I found out that you only get those sound affects when you're hosting the game.
  3. I'll be on PlayStation tonight if anyone is up for a couple of games?
  4. I would like a better chance of staying alive so AJ would be my pick But in private matches I would go with Deborah.
  5. I'm on PS4 and I play most nights my gamertag is: BoxingRouge. I'm in the UK so I mostly get on at least 6pm EST.
  6. The best way to make sure he can't play from another account is to block the IP address. With PlayStation you can just make a new account and download the game again from his banned one.
  7. If you're banned you would get a "Database Connection Error" when you try to sign in.
  8. I have Epic thick skinned on nearly every counsellor so I can run into a trap or two without getting badly injured, I make sure I have health spray on me before I do it.
  9. It happened to me when I was hiding under a bed, clearly we both pressed X at the same time which caused the glitch to happen.
  10. PSN: BoxingRouge lvl 88 Looking for some more friends to play Friday with, I play most nights.
  11. Vanessa Epic Marathon, Epic Thick Skinned, & Epic Spirtual Awareness.
  12. I was talking about he BackerKit pack that was available during pre order. The swimsuit pack will be $1.99 for a limited time.
  13. Get the perk that starts you off with a baseball bat along with a health perk and swift attacker. He will be untouchable?
  14. I'm on PlayStation when me and my friends play and we encounter another party in the lobby and they start to TK us or work with Jason we simply start killing them over and over until they get mad and then go into game chat to act all innocent and angry, then they quit.?
  15. Who's idea was this? Please... I hope it's an option when selecting a map.
  16. If you're the host or you have low ping you'll be a pro at driving the car.
  17. I'm on PS4 and I've been reading about the XBOX issue for a few weeks now... What's the holdup? This can't be on Microsoft's end anymore PlayStation had this update for nearly a month now. Are they starting to take a backseat on this game already?
  18. It's probably on sale because of the game being the highest seller on PlayStation, so they want to keep that up.
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