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  1. So if you morph into a pack of 6-7 counselors by the car, all with flashlights on running around, you're FPS doesn't tank?
  2. Everything runs buttery smooth until I bump into a pack of counselors, then my FPS takes a nosedive. Is the 'Epic' preset not optimized? Or do I need something faster than a 1080 Ti? My CPU is a i7-4970K @ 4.6GHz
  3. Refund pending. Day 3 and not a single game played. Developers contracting outside sources because they can't fix the problem. Poorly executed launch would be an understatement.
  4. Steam community forums. Pageeee, no idea. I believe it 100% though. Valve is not afraid to crack down on that shit and have done so quite publicly. Selling a non-functional game on Steam is a big no-no.
  5. Whoa whoa whoa, whoever said anything about racism. Please don't kid like that.
  6. Re-read my original post. I never claimed to work at Valve.
  7. Maybe not my threats but I've read that Valve is considering taking the game off the market until these issues are resolved. That might light some fires under their feet.
  8. But at least they were playable. You might get some crashing but at least you could play. Meanwhile, I bought F13 on Friday and I have yet to play a single game. I don't even know what the main menu looks like.
  9. 23 years of PC gaming under my belt and yet I don't recall ever purchasing a game that flat out did not work (besides F13). So yeah, I am really surprised.
  10. Yo what's up people. This is a message directly to the developers. First off, if I come home tonight and launch my game and see "Database Login Failure", not only am I refunding, the 5 other people who bought this game with me are refunding as well. Furthermore, I think it's ridiculous to release a game that literally does not work. And instead of taking the servers down and fixing the problem, you keep them up and release a DLC patch. If it were up to me (VALVE), I would take this game off the Steam Market.
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