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  1. It's interesting all the people who didn't buy the skin seem to have no issue with it being free now and can't understand why backers who were promised it to be exclusive to them is angry. Ironic. Im just guessing here but I'd be willing to bet these are the same people who were bent out of shape about Savini not being avail to them before the "glitch" made it free. Oddly enough, when I spoke to MS I was told by a rep that no content ever gets released unless the game designer wants it released. They admitted the errors in the past with different things, but said and I quote "we quickly rectify any issues and take the appropriate steps that the game designer asks for. If you believe something is released in error and stays on the marketplace it's because the game designer requested this". So someone is lying... either MS messed up and refuses to fix it (no likely) or GunMedia simply hasn't actually asked them to remove the item. This seems very planned to me, lots of pissed off people about Savini... couldn't go back on their word to backers cause of the s**t show that was launch... made a "error" the culprit for trying to make other people happy...it all makes sense.
  2. I don't care if everyone gets it for free or gets to keep it because of the accident... ... I just want a refund for being charged for something that is/was available for free to the public. I've asked twice already, if someone could direct me to the place I can request said refund that would be great! Thanks.
  3. Where can I request a refund for the skin you are giving to people for free? I'd like to be refunded in full, thanks.
  4. Ya I don't believe there is, I know you can look up how many hours you spent on a game or your friends activity, but not the Xbox community as a whole. I will say it's noticeable on my friends list the amount of people who have given up. I used to be able to find at least 10 people at a time playing from my FL, but now it's usually 2 or 3 only...if that. It's also been nearly impossible to get my real life friends to buy the game because of the negative press they read about the servers and glitches. They are literally burning money by not addressing the issues.
  5. Let me give this a go... to the bold: 1. Definition of "God Complex" - A god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. We will get back to this... 2. As the poster above has already mentioned, if I am at a restaurant and they fail to deliver their word or my food is taking an exceptionally long time I would indeed inquire about the process and how long I should be expecting. I would expect answers, and if not given or if the answers are malarkey I would request management and ask for a refund (as a former Service industry worker, this happens daily at every restaurant in America). You pay for a service. If that service is not complete or broken, you get refunded or have every right to be pissed off. 3. As a Xbox player I would like to alert you to this web address: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status This provides around the clock updates on core servers, games, etc etc. Microsoft also has a 1800 number that is a 24/7 support, and you can ask questions and get answers at anytime. They also have a customer chat that allows you to speak directly with Xbox support to get real time answers. 4. Back to the God Complex. By its definition, do you see how that term would be thrown around now? The creators of this game have played a game of cat and mouse with its customers, feeling no shame in placing the buck elsewhere either. Comments such as "we know this sucks" and "this is out of our control" have become the norm it seems from the creators. I have yet to see anyone from Gun or Illfonic make a statement just admitting they dropped the ball, were under-prepared, and that they could not adapt to the issues from 3 platforms in a timely manner. It's also not irregular they go radio silent when issues stretch out over time. You can argue they don't have the power or shouldn't have to update every hour, but a daily check in to update the status would go a long way. You have to understand you're dealing with a large amount of people who have been anticipating this game for over a year, and payed their hard earned money to help get it off the ground to make it a reality. By nature these people are going to feel a bit more entitled because they feel they are close to the project, closer then say a game that just dropped they had nothing to do with. It's a double-edged sword for developers, I get it. But they should understand the customer climate and adjust their social media preseance accordingly. PS: calling a customer an "asshole", no matter how petty or ignorant that person is being, only makes the company and its spokesman look incompident and immature. Remember, when you argue with fools people from a distance get confused who is who.
  6. If anyone has a game and needs 1, bluelineking7 , is my GT
  7. Bluelineking7 on XboxOne. Add me, if I get in another game I'll send some invites out. I'll be back online in 30 mins.
  8. I've gotten in about 7-8 games, finished 4 of them, dropped from the other 3-4.
  9. I got in one game, then as the second game started it dropped out and sent me back to the main menu about 30 seconds in. Since that time I've been searching for 30+ minutes and got nothing.
  10. When it rains it pours lol... been a tough week for fans of this game (and the devs as well I'm sure).
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