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  1. I can definitely agree with that, I would want all new counselors to be just as good and as interesting as the current ones. I just hope they don't have all the new ones better or worse then the current counselors. Though, with the unique perk idea above it would definitely make them all more interesting to play and make Jason a little more challenging, forcing him to prioritize his kills based off of the current game situation.
  2. I did not even think about Tommy. Since Tommy is a bit OP compared to the other counselors, I would suggest his perk be a supportive perk that gives benefits to characters around him instead of directly benefiting him. Another idea would be Tommy having a fourth escape option that only he can complete in order to save those counselors who got left behind from the boat or cars. I don't know how many times the fuse went missing or glitched through the floor after someone was killed and the cars were gone. So some unique new escape that only Tommy can complete and he can't use it until all other counselors have escaped or are dead.
  3. All the counselors in F13 are not created equal, a few excel in their selected task while the others are just OK. This is typically why you see over half of the counselors as AJ. Instead of tweaking the stats of each counselor to make some of the more none appealing ones, appealing. I thought it might be a good idea to assign each counselor a fourth perk that is specific to that character and cannot be changed or switched out. A passive perk that is always assigned to that specific counselor that will further assist in the type of game play the counselor was designed for. The only exception could be as you level you unlock other passive perks you can switch in and out. The perk could be a new one that is completely unique to that counselor in order to give them a bit more personality or a tweaked existing one. A few ideas, Jenny: Can make calls to the cops and Tommy faster. Time to make calls reduced by X% "based of her composure she would be able to explain things faster without freaking out". Chad: Chance to be missed by Jason's traps. X% not to be snared by Jason's trap and no audible to Jason "based of his luck he could completely be missed by the trap". Adam: Can hot wire car. Mini game to hot wire car "big audible if he messes up", once he completes the hot wire he can start the car as normal "we all know he has stolen a few cars in his life". Buggzy: Can stun Jason without melee weapon. Can punch if he does not have a melee weapon with X% chance to stun "based off of his strength" Deborah: Can disarm traps with sticks and boards "based on her intelligence she should be able to figure this out". Vanessa: Can hold breath longer while in hiding spots. Can hold breath X% longer while hiding "based of her high stamina and the fact she is a runner, she could hold her breath longer". Kenny: Could use some ideas. Tiffany: Could use some ideas. Eric: Knows the location of cop spawn. X seconds prior to the cops arrival he will Know their location "based off his intelligence he should be able to figure out the route they would take". AJ: Starts with a unique item the portable compact cassette player and increase stamina recharge and speed around radios. The unique item works like the radio but stays on AJ, lets her trade her stealth for increased stamina recharge and slight speed boost for X amount of time "based on the fact she is the goth chick, they always have their rock music"
  4. I agree. I kind of wish they would increase the male composure across the board and have strength also influence breaking free of Jason. I would also like to see the "fighting/strength" characters be able to take more damage then the stealth characters before they slow down.
  5. I believe the idea Lex had would solve this issue. Typically a shift grab is instant death because Jason will use the quick easy kill over and over instead of going for a little style. If his grab kills are consumable "limited to how many times he can use each of his 4 kills" it would give the counselors a slight edge in breaking free because he will need to find a good spot to use some of the more complicated kills once he burns his quick easy kills.
  6. I believe something like this would deal with the "Jason shift grab/grab insta kill". Typically Jason will use the same boring kill over and over because it pops up first giving you little time to escape. Something like this will force Jason to use a little tac with his grab kills. If each grab kill was consumable it would give the counselors a slight edge in breaking free from his grab.
  7. I believe counselors should not be able to see other counselors on the map and they should only appear once they are close enough to appear on the mini map. This will stop people who are working with Jason from telling him your location. I also believe if you are in a party with the player who is Jason that if you die you can only view Jason and not the counselors. This way you cant rat out all the hiding spots and locations to your friend. I play with a group of friends, so I would hate not to be able to play Jason just because I play with friends. But we do not rat out other players when we play, I do believe if the two ideas above are implemented it will reduce this type of griefing.
  8. I like the idea of a stamina item added to the game. With players only able to have three items it gives them a difficult choice on what to grab and priority will be based on what counselor they are playing. Just like the other items their spawn rate will be limited for balance.
  9. Once the developers add AI bots to the game I hope this will be solved. I know it might still suck not having real players to work with but I hope the AI bots will focus more on interference then escaping. So if players drop from the game in the opening two minutes AI bots should join the game. I would like to see the AI bots attempt to repair the car, boat, fuse box and call the cops but not try to escape. It should be clear to the counselors that their bots so we don't waist our time trying to help them but Jason should not be able to tell the difference. The AI bots should not grab any of the items from the drawers but will make an audible cue once they find the keys or fuse. I also believe they should start with items such as the pocket knife, fire crackers and healing spray "random what they get" in order for them to make up for not grabbing anything. Either way, I would like to see the AI bots added in a way to make up for not having a full group due to people leaving the game at the start.
  10. I kind of think they should remove the compass point and make it part of a perk. During the day sun and shadow help out immensely with identifying direction but trying to figure out north at night is very difficult even to a trained individual. It would add more confusion to the counselors and require them to use landmarks instead of cardinal direction. I think this would be nice to add to several perks in addition to what they already offer. Possibly some of the underrated ones in order to spice them up.
  11. I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or working as intended. I was playing a match with my friends last night and I was the only one left. I decided to hide in a tent "I though it would make it harder for Jason to find me then in a house". My friend playing Jason saw a faint signal telling him my general direction, he used that to determine I was possibly at the campground. However, when he got to the campground he saw me standing outside of the tent "even though I was inside". We both thought that was odd so I exited the tent and got into another one, but after about 30 seconds he said I appeared outside again. We went to the outhouse and it was the same thing. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute my counselor would appear outside to Jason even though I was inside the outhouse. This made me think back to previous games where I would see Jason swing at the object someone was hiding in a few times before interacting with it. I always wondered why he was doing that and now it dawned on me that he probably saw them outside the object first. So, is this a bug or working as intended? Is this a way to prevent counselors from hiding in one spot for to long? I will conduct some more testing with my friends tonight after work.
  12. I would not push Morph to the last ability unlocked. Though I would like to see a delay in its use at the start of the game. Even if it was 30 to 60 seconds before morph would unlock, that would be a big help to the counselors. Nothing sucks more than having Jason on you twenty seconds into the game, you have not established yourself enough to stand much of a chance. Luck plays a big part in the opening 60 seconds if Jason morphs right to you. Stalk tends to be a very situational ability so to me it would make sense "to me" for that to open first, followed by morph, sense and finally shift. Shift is by far the best of the four abilities and adding a slight delay would help the players out some.
  13. I can understand both sides of the fence. Some people like hearing Jason, others don't. Seems to me to be a reasonable request to put the option to turn off Jason's mic in the settings. Though I definitely do not want it completely removed from the game. Some of my favorite conversations in game are between Jason and myself.
  14. I don't know if it would be a good idea to let players know if other players have items on them. I will have to ponder this a little longer. Though I would like a system added that in the last 5 minutes of game play that helps players find those crucial items that are still missing. Much like the white rings you get as Jason to hunt down the players, this will tell you the general location of those lost keys, fuel, battery or propeller. This might add more tension to the last five minutes instead of players resorting to the ring around the rosie game play.
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