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  1. I've been getting this message, which is strange because I'm trying to join a game not host and I d have internet: "Failed to host game session! Verify you have an internet connection."
  2. @PlayerAgainstTheMachine I have to agree. 90% of the games I go into, either you are killed by a counselor or they assist Jason or people just drop out. It's annoying as hell.
  3. I totally agree with you! I have been in 5 games so far the the freakin counselor keeps killing me. It's really frustrating. I can take video but nothing will happen!
  4. @Chico_Dust-E is correct! The last 3 games I have been in they have been glitching the entire game along with Jason not killing them: Players: kingkae91 iScorePoints- vHorsingYhu ethanstar53 It would be great if you actually had a separate page where we could list them.
  5. My gamer tag is Woodywaters I am looking for invites to join private matches with mics, please.
  6. Can set up a private match or if someone needs extra players, I'm down. PSN: woodywaters. I have a mic.
  7. Just got it started and would love to join to play my first game if anyone needs players! Woodywaters PS4
  8. Hello @Bigbull02 I just got mine working just a bit ago if you want to play. woodywaters6978.
  9. @GunMedia_Ben Yeah, thank you for the update, like @bewareofbears I haven't got in a single match! Hmm...
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