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  1. Another thing I've noticed is when you let all the intro and loading screens end on their own (as in don't skip them) I dashboard much less. Not a fix, just less of a chance.
  2. I'm also having this issue this morning. Played fine last night, with a couple dashboards, but didn't think it out of the ordinary. Now? I can barely get to the main menu before I dashboard every single time. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no luck.
  3. Wow. Thanks for the lesson that I already knew by the way. What in my post made you think I'm an idiot? Never said I was faster than a pc, yet you decided that's what I meant. I implied nothing. What I say is what I mean. But I'm done arguing with you because you don't understand my words. Have a good day sir.
  4. Did I ever say I was? Reading comprehension 101 I see in your future. But I guarantee I'm faster than 95% of the gamer population. So to punish me and others who tap fast is kind of garbage. Either don't do a thing, or as some others stated - make it a QTE, which I'm fine with with. But to put a speed limit on the mechanic is dumb. All I'm saying.
  5. Putting a speed limit on the escape grab/trap mechanic is shitty, imho. You're punishing us who tap extremely fast.
  6. Yeah, I've been meaning to contact you guys about the Xbox one group - but you guys play on Thursdays, and I have classes every Thursday night until this week. That damn degree I'm getting - really cuts into my gaming time.
  7. Immediately when someone tells me they're a PC player, I analyze and try to figure out if they're cool or not. Most I've found are all right, but the few that tout the PC master race garbage makes me want to punch them in the throat. We're all gamers here , who cares what system?
  8. It's a Goku gi from DBZ, not Cobra Kais, imho. But to each their own.
  9. Took this in Psych class a few months ago, but retook it for the numbers. INTP-T (Logician) 96 introverted 88 intuitive 96 thinking 64 prospecting 81 turbulent
  10. I've been thinking about this, and I think someone else has stated this: Why do you think we're getting dedicated servers? Doing this whole "salt mines" thing removes any reason to implement them. Just my opinion.
  11. That's why I have zero qualms about making some roadkill in QP. If you don't contribute, then you're worthless to me.
  12. That's why I always say the best all around talented gamers are the ones who lived through the NES. Ghosts n Goblins, Battletoads, Ninja Gaiden to mention a few.
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