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  1. There was a real beta for $40+ Kickstarter backers in December, but it was only for a 3 days and the first day was unplayable. There should have been multiple betas but apparently Gun didn't feel that was necessary... Sorry to sound negative, but that's how I'm feeling about the game right now. I squeezed 100 hours out of it but the lack of content and overall jankiness has put me off until there's a major gameplay update.
  2. The things I'd like to see balanced: Jason can no longer grab you when you're blocking in combat mode. The counselor is already stationary and at a disadvantage, no need to compound it. Jason can no longer grab you if you're X amount of frames into your attack animation before he initiates grab. He should have a flinch back animation. Part 2 should not have 7 traps. Add some particle effects to show when Jason is stun-immune. A lot of players still don't know Jason can't be chain stunned and keep swinging or shooting him after he recovers from a stun.
  3. One of the things that irks me the longer I play is the abundance of "micro downtimes," specifically things like having to open dozens of drawers during a playthrough to find items. You're locked in the animation of opening it, and if you find an item you have to spend 2-3 seconds grabbing it. If you find a drawer with an item you already have like a walkie or a map, you're locked in an animation of opening and closing it. Granted, this one is fast, but it all adds up to make me feel like a percentage of my ingame time is spent during locked animations. I don't feel "free," I feel clunky. Weapons, medical sprays and repair items can spawn on shelves, desks, couches, etc.. My question is why can't maps, walkies, pocket knives and firecrackers? It's much faster to grab something off a piece of furniture than having to scrounge through drawers. Note I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be drawers with items anymore, I'm suggesting that some of the inventory item spawns could spawn in places other than drawers as well.
  4. Part 2. Objectives are the only way to escape the map and spawning with 7 traps means he can cover all of them, often two fold. There won't be 7 pocket knives on the map and any pocket knives found will likely be used to disarm his many traps, so counselors who are grabbed have no chance to escape. I honestly think he's the most OP Jason.
  5. I think pocket knives need to be more common, at least as common as they were in the beta. Right now grab kills are all but guaranteed because of the rarity of knives. Add part 2 Jason spawning with 7 traps and any pocket knives you find will likely have to be used on traps instead. It's a nightmare. Having more pocket knives would force Jasons to manually attack once in a while, as well.
  6. Ah yeah, I just double checked the Kickstarter page. Required a $65 dollar backing. I got confused when they said it was for pre-orders, assumed backing it on Kickstarter qualified. The more you know.
  7. I backed the game for $40 on Kickstarter, but I didn't get the pre-order clothing pack. Was that a separate purchase and am I out of luck?
  8. I made this suggestion before during the beta, but I'd like to voice it again. Jason's grab is a contentious topic in the community, but I feel the bulk of the salt is for the wrong reasons, namely players complaining about Shift+Grab. Shift grabbing, in my opinion, is easily jukeable on PC. I can't speak for console players with controllers that have less precision, but on PC, it's not difficult to jerk left, right and make your movement random enough that it's very difficult for Jason to grab you. In my opinion the biggest issue with grab is its ability to cheese counselors out of combat mode. Yes, counselors can dodge and I think that's a great and useful mechanic, but often Jason will grab them mid-swing or while blocking. This is what I think needs fixed. A counselor that's blocking in combat mode is already stationary, making them vulnerable to regular slashes. Jason being able to grab through a swinging weapon generates a ton of salt for every counselor it happens to. I'd really like to see a change made where blocking prevents being grabbed and Jason can no longer grab someone if they started their attack animation first. Jason's combat mode is far less useful since he has no dodge, poorer maneuverability and he can attack faster without it. If these changes were made, most Jasons wouldn't bother with combat mode and would simply learn how to avoid a counselor's first swing. It would make the combat feel more "honourable" for everyone involved, in my opinion, which could reduce salt levels to tolerable limits.
  9. Well, I'll try to address your points. First, once Jason is stunned, he can't be stunned again for 5 to 10 seconds (not exactly sure the precise time). This is to prevent him being chain stunned. Second, combat mode isn't useless. It's one of the easiest ways to stun Jason. You can dodge left, right and backward with it, which can let you evade a grab. You can also block with it which will reduce slash damage significantly if he's not going for grabs. I do agree it needs work. I don't think Jason should be able to grab counselors when they're blocking in combat mode. If they're in combat mode, they're already mostly stationary and Jason still has the upper hand. Allowing him to grab while they're blocking or mid-swing is a little lame. There are a ton of people who complain about grab, but mostly for the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Shift Grab is easy to juke (at least on PC). I don't know if console players are having a harder time because their controllers don't give them the same control as a mouse and keyboard.
  10. It isn't your spelling that's the problem, it's your incoherent rambling.
  11. If you can press every other key on the keyboard, you can press a comma and period.
  12. That doesn't mean those uses are immediately apparent to newbies who don't understand the game's mechanics. In the hands of a newb, Vanessa is cancer incarnate who will lure Jason to herself and others and get many people killed. She should not have been the default character.
  13. I think part 7 will stay a meta pick as long as A.J., Tiffany and Deborah are top picks. His sense is one of the strongest in the game.
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