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  1. When we get perk updates, and really just want the release date window for the actual update. ??
  2. The best for me would be like Saw, Wrong Turn, or even Feast...surprised no one mentioned Feast...
  3. Subscribing, if I haven't already in hopes you'll have quality videos of every inch of that cabin...as soon as more and more of it get's unlocked. Edit: You are a voice actor, that makes it even better!
  4. Also don't forget to post videos guys, for people like me who can't contribute the guys said on facebook we can post the entire thing on youtube. It would help out with people who aren't able to support the slasher backer but still are active and will buy the game.
  5. On a website I think it was ihorror or something, I have the link if anyone wants it. I just don't know if I know how to post it effectively. Brad Fuller, and crew at Platinum Dunes, stated the new film IS NOT an origin story. Stating, they learned it doesn't work well with their attempts at Texas Chainsaw, and the sudden mystery to the family ruined. That being said, it's going to be a period piece taking place in the late 70s-early 80s. It will have Pamela and Jason together, and there will be a summer camp, and counselors. But this isn't an origin story, more so a what if story. Kind of like an alternate timeline for the Friday films. It will have all the key characteristics fans know and love with twists and turns unique to this story. It doesn't sound like it will follow any existing Friday. They also said don't consider Elias in the film because Jason's dad along with the origin story rumor was being thrown around and then it magically exploded as if it was official. He MIGHT show up, but we aren't really sure at this point. When asked if there was any way to get it out by January 2017, Brad said there's no way, he said they know these films can be made in a short quick succession but that he is looking for a director and someone to bring the story to life..and we should be on the look out for an official Paramount stated delay. They are going to try to get it out in a really well done way.
  6. This isn't a very fair gameplay tactic. Because random means EVERYONE gets a shot with time. That's how the game should be. If you only have to hit a button to play Jason that means people who sit there and have the fastest reflexes can be Jason 99 times, and hog it from everyone else. I might get up to go to the bathroom between matches, or I might not be the fastest person in the matchmaking lobby and so I'd NEVER get to play Jason. It favors the people who are quick, who are alert, and it just breeds people hogging the Jason stick and not letting anyone else play. I'd REALLY want it to be random, PLEASE. Because that means not one person is better, everyone gets a shot at Jason...if I am forced to ALWAYS play as a camper because I'M NOT fast I'm going to rage quit so many times, and this will REALLY make me consider not buying the game. Edit: I didn't quite read, but even if 6 people want to play Jason and they all hit the button, and get in line. It doesn't seem like they would get a shot to play Jason. The game would give Jason AGAIN to the first person who wanted to be Jason, and not the other 6. You would also have to realize that every match people come and go, so if 6 people want to be Jason, the first one gets it first. Then the next 2 in line leave. They would be replaced with 2 more people wanting to play Jason, completely screwing up the line, and it just seems like a huge amount of coding and stuff needed to make this work. It makes far more logical sense to just be Random, that's how games work. It's less work, it's proven effective, and it gives EVERYONE a chance to be Jason.
  7. Thanks for refreshing my memory man! I couldn't remember if she had the costume with her..I just remember leaving Season 1, fully convinced by what I saw with her being the killer. I can't remember why though.
  8. I was 100 percent excited..until I saw the terms origin story thrown around..that was second on my list of DON'Ts for the new film. First being found footage. Now I'm probably going to skip. I get where people come from with like Halloween telling Michael as a product of an abusive home ruining the idea of Michael. But those first two films in the series are the only one's I've seen. I've always considered both to be a human Michael. Why would a little kid just start massacring his sister and relatives for no reason. Sometimes in my opinion it helps to give reasoning to something. I don't see Michael Myers as some boogey man unkillable evil. I see him as a sick in the head human being, that needed a reason to KILL. I bring up Michael because EVERYONE cries and sobs and says Rob Zombie ruined Halloween when I read articles on this, and didn't the Friday franchise learn from the Halloween, AND Nightmare reboots, which both to me added so much more to the character in terms of character motivations and reasoning. Jason, in all intensive purposes is what people consider Michael Myers to be, Jason to me is that boogey man who is pure Evil. He's already had a reason to kill, his mom died and he watched. YOU don't need to explain as film makers the reasoning to why Jason drowned. We know. If you ARE going to go down that origin story with Jason, by all means explain how the Zombie Jason came to be more so than just lightning rod to the chest. I want to see that side. I want there to be a continuation and such from why he's unkillable now. Mrs.Vorhees wasn't my most favorite killer, nor even my favorite Friday character, she felt needless, but at the same time completely human, and reasonable to a T. We don't need to see her killing again, we don't need to see Jason drown. Explain the legend, don't tread on old ground. This isn't Halloween, where he resembles a human who just snaps just because, and Freddy who throws a temper tantrum because he can't hurt Kids anymore,those are plot holes. There in my opinion needs to be some kind of grounded realism to these things...and Jason doesn't NEED that. Not anymore.
  9. Tis a good show, was fairly concerned for Audrey's safety, and I'm actually loving the fact that she's so confused and so sure there's not a second killer, when in all actuality she was shown numerous times to be the helper of Piper's killings. She burned letters and I think if I remember right Season 1 ended with her having a costume. She of course turned on Piper, but that's what Billy did and so forth in the original scream, it's killer killing killer, killing innocents, getting killed by another killer. Did they retcon her out from being the second slasher of the first murders? Or did I really forget the ending of Season 1? Season 2, kind of implied that Audrey had a hand in it right off the bat when she went to the bathroom, and had all those letters written by her about both being outcasts and making those responsible suffer for what they did. But I love how she's totally unprepared for a third killer to start tormenting her, and it really adds that dynamic. So cool, always have adored scream, and I own all four movies. At some point I'm looking to get Season 1...haven't yet.
  10. I can't remember where I saw it at, or which thread it was. It was another one of these nudity or not posts. But it ended with someone saying: Boobs? and Wes, or Ben, I can't remember who. One of the head guys on the development team came in and was like: "Boobs." - So at the very least we've got boobs confirmed, as for the rest I'm sure you wont see below the belt...but you get nice boobs to stare at. To MY understanding, I'd almost bet on you'd start the game with a little cinematic intro for each character. The jock and the prep having sex, and stuff and ending as you take control like a minute or two later. Who knows how it could be in game though.
  11. Kane definitely played Part 7 with heavy grunts, and breathing. He's coming back I'm sure it COULD come to the game. I also know when the team showed off the Mo Cap for Kane during a game mo cap session Kane is ALWAYS grunting no matter what, it honestly makes me feel really awkward. But I don't mind it.
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