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  1. If you hold r1 in your shift you can steer it real well and its a lot easier to avoid getting stuck on obstacles. Just let go of r1 before you grab. But your point still hold true that shift grabs are easy enough to avoid with zigzagging and such.
  2. I only do if it's a shit talker otherwise I just make it look like I am to lure others to me thinking they have a free shot from behind.
  3. After a few rounds with the bots I'm liking it better. I feel like maybe those having trouble don't know that if you hold in r1 while shifting you can navigate better and turn on a dime. Very useful for lining up right for your shift grab. Its especially valuable for shifting indoors and around furniture and such.
  4. Precisely. Strong morph makes up for shift and run/walk in chases.
  5. Yeah you're not wrong against a coordinated group of good experienced counselors, its gonna be a bitch. There gonna hit objectives simultaneously and tank traps as bait and all the other fun stuff you're right. Against a group like that chances are you're not gonna kill them all. It happens. So for a group like this I would probably ignore the 2 door or boat and use those traps on the phone to slow them down. Break down the doors so I have 2 paths to the phone so when they guard the box stalk shift the caller instead of going for the box. Then play the box guards based on what they do, best case another comes to make the call. Worst case hopefully they'll at least separate. I don't worry about if Tommy gets called usually. When someone goes in the shack Ill stalk/morph/shift outside the door and grab them when they come out if I can. If I don't have morph I don't worry about it yet. I'll just kill as much/keep objectives in check that I can til they come for the mask. The amount of counselors coming for the mask dictates whether to stand and fight or hit and run picking them off. Don't let them make you the mouse. As I said before as Jason you have morph, stalk, shift, and knives. You dictate things. If they get close to you its because you allowed it. You can bait them into situations that put you at the advantage. Stalk is a very powerful tool when used strategically. Sure some might escape but they didn't kill you and you didn't hide. I wouldn't say you're royally fucked at all but yes luck can certainly come into play. Skill can absolutely get you past a group of good hunter. I've played since launch day and haven't been killed yet. Not that I'm good or anything. I don't even care if I do get killed, when someone does kill me I'll say good job ya got me. Lets go again. Btw I hope this I'm not coming off like an asshole. That's not my intention at all. Infact just offering what works for me and some encouragement. Don't let it get ya down you'll get better at fighting deathsquads. Sorry that was so long, I'm kinda drunk haha, Cheers mate.
  6. Interesting idea, I agree with HateMe that they should be timed. Although I'd be fine with Shelly having a chance to keep a knife after deactivating a trap, he shouldn't have a chance to keep it after necking Jason with it though.
  7. Those are the groups I want to play against as Jason. Its way fun imo to be challenged by a good group than just wrecking counselors not working together. Facing good groups is beneficial in that you have to up your game as opposed to becoming complacent against lonewolf teams that don't accomplish much (granted some lonewolf teams do well). My advice would be to perfect getting in and out of block as instantaneous as possible. If your mask gets knocked off its now chess instead of checkers don't just barge right into a group with Tommy and a sweater girl. Use your abilities to regroup and strategize. Think 2-3 moves ahead like you would in chess(you should always do this but especially in this situation). They don't dictate the fight you do. Use stalk to hunt them, wait for your openings. They will make mistakes you just have to be patient. Let them talk shit all they want, their overconfidence works in your favor. More often than not it doesn't take long for either Tommy or the sweater girl to be just far enough away from the group for you to pick them off. Then at that point its usually just a mop up job as a lot of Jason hunting groups ignore the other objectives.
  8. As long as Tommy yells Meeegan Noooo when she does something stupid haha. I'd be for it. She might just be my fav last girl. She didn't beat on Jason as much as others but she's got that smart ass attitude and showed more personality than the others. And on top of that she's better looking too in my opinion. But anyways, I'm down with them adding as many counselors as they want. More victims for the slaughter muhahaha.
  9. It figures this gets announced right after I spent most of my cp getting the last few epics I wanted haha. I concur with everyone saying we need more perk slots. A slot for each perk available seems like it should have been a given. Hopefully that mockup pic isn't just for demonstration purposes and we get the 39 slots that it shows.
  10. Exactly, I'm in the same boat as you guys. This is the game I was waiting on since the '80s all the while figuring it would never happen. So for Gun/Illfonic to make it happen damn near exactly how I would sit and think about how it should be is fucking awesome. That's the perspective I came into the game with so the hiccups and problems here and there haven't bothered me at all. Sure there's some things that I want them to add and improve, but that's mostly me nic-picking little things due to being a fan of the franchise for so long. Most of which is already in their plans I'd say. So for me after waiting decades for this game to even happen, being patient a little longer while they update the engine and make fixes is nothing. They've got a hell of a foundation to build on after that in my opinion. I've had a blast with it so far and its only gonna get better. This is one game that will never leave my hard drive that's for sure.
  11. Cold! haha, Hola Bitcholas, I'll drink whatever's handy in a pinch or is offered to me. But if I'm buying I'll either go for quantity with what's cheap or try a ipa I haven't had yet just depends on the occasion and how many people I'm buying for. My favorite for the last few years though is a brew I got turned onto when I was staioned in Ft. Lewis out by Seattle. It's called Men's Room Original Red. The pics and specs are below. They also have a limited edition that they usually brew a couple times a year and have a big release party for it where you can hang out and get hammered with them. It's called Men's Room Black and packs about double the punch of the Red. Basically it's good guys from a cool show making good beer for a great cause.(Part of the proceeds go to the Local Fisher Houses. So far they've donated over $600,000.) Being former military myself its a really cool deal to me to be able to help out fellow vets and families who need help by drinking beer that I would be drinking either way. So if you're around the Seattle area (there's other places you can find it and depending on where you're at they'll ship it to you) give it a try. The shows worth a listen too. Its four friends shooting the shit/talking shit while they drink beer, do shots and smoke weed(kegerator in the studio haha). Sorry if I rambled too much for you all, been drinking for a good day or so haha. I'll leave you with a toast. "We pour this booze and we drink this booze Because we think it's yummy So over the tongue and down the throat To party in our tummies Down the hola Bitcholas" Cheers Yall
  12. I can confirm it does as my girl and I picked up another ps4 for cheap off a friend so we could play together and I've switched which one I used plenty. Its just as DamonD7 said as long as you use your same profile you're all good. You might have to reequip your kills perks and clothes the 1st time though.
  13. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/friday-the-13th-dev-comments-on-upcoming-single-pl/1100-6451623/ Figured I'd leave this here for those that haven't seen it. It's not much but it's something.
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