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  1. yup xbox one, do you mind sending me a club invite? : my GT is GOOGOOMUCK237
  2. I mean the current vibe of matches is very little "quiet time" and can be pretty fast paced . As stealth/trying to avoid Jason has been proven to not be a working strategy and pretty pointless, people are already running around without worry and getting in Jason's face quite quickly. It would be nice if stealth was more viable on the bigger maps, and the smaller ones would be for an all out battle against Jason. How about bigger maps so it'll be more difficult for Jason to find you..
  3. I'm on xbox as well and could use some good private matches with chill people. Mind if I add you dude?
  4. Yeah I tried playing for the first time last night since the patch, and there are still a lot of issues. I wanted to try out quickmatch, which only worked once. Every single time it just put me in my own lobby. So, I do get in a match finally and I end up escaping via the 5-0. Feeling happy and like I could play a few more games. Then I'm sent back to the menu because the host quit, who I assume was the Jason playing. I said "fuck this" and turned it off to do something else and not waste my time. I've had a TON of patience with this game, but I don't really anymore. I don't understand why they can't do some sort of host migration system either. I've been fucked over not getting any xp/cp so so so many times. I enjoy this game, and have since the start cause I'm a huge fan of the series, but sometimes I just don't even feeling like putting in the effort to try and play sadly
  5. what's the big deal here with the difference in "blood skins", unless you are a completist type person. I'm just waiting for a whole new skin(s)/other DLC/changing the counselor stats/perks
  6. Haha I've only been able to ever do private matches since the beginning on Xbox. Maybe now I can finally do public matchmaking because of the new patch, for better or worse. I share your beliefs. People using glitches has been an issue with me. This wasn't a good thread to post my feelings about how things might be re-worked around traps, it was dumb and came off as me justifying bodyblocking. Anyways, this exploit should be fixed, ASAP.
  7. Believe me Zoo, I'm not encouraging people to use this or any other exploit. I'm behind you 100% when it comes to certain people on here encouraging exploits as "master playing styles" As far as this body blocking thing, I have really only done this a couple of times when I saw it and I don't want it to be part of the game at all. Like I said, it needs to be fixed and I'm perplexed it hasn't been. The only reason i said anything was because I'm upset with a number of things in the game, most specifically Stealth/Composure stats and some things about trapping and sense. I'm not in the camp that Jason needs to be nerfed, but personally, I would like to see some changes for the counselors. As you said, these are my views on how the game could be adjusted, and I agree with you that escaping should not be the "the norm". I've backed this game and have played since day one on Xbox and although I've been frustrated and dissapointed at times, I'm still playing it and looking forward to the future of the game. I'm a huge F13 fan. If I came off as being a sore loser, then I'm sorry..I'm not and don't want to sound that way.
  8. This is 100% an mistake in the game but I'd be lying if I said I haven't done it before and haven't asked people to help me out. I've never sought out glitches or exploits for this game...I was shown this one and I thought it was great to know. That being said, they should just fucking fix it. At the same time I think the whole trapping system needs to be re-worked completely. There are so few pocket knifes, and some Jason's double and triple trap objectives like the phone box. I know this game is not supposed to be in the couselors odds, but I think they need to be able to do more about Jason's traps. He knows the location of everything, can do a ton of trapping, etc and everyone else just has to be lucky enough to find a pocket knife or take the hit of the trap which most jasons will spawn to, right then and there. The devs need to remove it, I'm sure they are aware of it...I don't think it should be a bannable offense if they aren't fixing it. Might get a lot of shit for this but so be it
  9. This is great to know man, thanks so much! It's tempting to throw on all my avoidance perks for a few matches to see if it does make a difference, but I'd have to agree with you about opting for others. If there was one epic sense perk that could give you something around 50%, that would be a different story. Are you collecting this data for a separate Perk guide? Bless ya if so
  10. @Rydog Seems to be saying that the Low Profile avoidance perk didn't make a difference when Jason was using Sense (crouching and standing). So I don't think it's awesome :/
  11. I think I have an epic/rare Low Profile perk that I run...so that sucks to hear. That also concerns me, maybe the other sense chance perks don't work. Have you tried the others yet @Rydog?
  12. ugh @havek why'd you have to choose the title you did for this thread?? lol Everyone is just stating the obvious that Sense is the most important ability...
  13. See above @carnage4u. OP never intended this post to advocate for Jason being nerfed or sense being removed. @havek Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you agree with me that the stats of Stealth and Composure need a buff or re-work. As of now they don't seem to have any direct effect on his Sense ability even with the highest composure or stealth characters. I think we can all agree Sense is KEY and shouldn't go anywhere..but should Jason's Sense work 100% of the time on counselors that are not in hiding spots, no matter their stealth or fear level?
  14. Maybe there's not a problem with sense, but do you think that you can really avoid it? Unless you always stay out of it's range or use hiding spots, Jason will Sense by using it in quick bursts, completely avoiding a cooldown time and you will be seen. And that's even if you are fully composed, unafraid, crouched, etc. @Rydog has cleared this up a bit, but I don't everyone is on the same page yet. I agree with you man. A well trained team can work together to survive, and sometimes can even have the upper hand on Jason. I believe Jason is meant to be, and should be OP, and he usually is. Sense is key to Jason, and it shouldn't go anywhere. The only thing that I want changed is the composure and stealth stats because they really don't help much in combating his ultimate power, Sense. I know you can use some perks like Low Profile/Level Headed for a slim chance of avoiding it. I know Stealth prevents noise pings (but honestly, most Jason players use these only as a back up ability) I feel these two stats need to actually do something, like make it harder for Jason to pick you up on Sense. From the start, everyone was under the impression that these stats helped you not show up to Jason, especially because of how the stats are described in the game (the wording is iffy for stealth: Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to sense). Myself and almost everyone else thought you could sneak around and avoid the big guy with characters like A.J and Jenny. She was my main, and I still use her a lot. But sadly I've realized that using A.J, and trying to rely on a stealth strategy to aid in group survival doesn't work as well like I thought it did because her high stats don't matter so much. I could be wrong, but I don't think this thread was intended to be another "Jason is TOO FUCKING OP" one. I think people are just a little confused and ticked off because they are realizing Sense/Composure/Stealth work differently then we thought they did.
  15. Yeah man I know you wanted to try out testing with crouching/ some sense avoidance perks too. I'd be grateful if you can test that stuff as well as early in the match and with counselors that have no fear and/or high composure. In your tests had the counselors seen Jason yet, or done anything to increase their fear? Do you agree with me that these stats could be adjusted to give counselors some fun stealth/avoidance play earlier in the game to work on their escape strategies? This would just make everyone playing as Jason realize the importance of destruction and tactics to raise fear. At the moment, composed counselors can still be sensed almost right away, so the idea of Jason having to use fear tactics to his increase his Sense ability's effectiveness to see high composure/stelath players + the fact that his range would grow later in game, seems like a fair compromise. Compared to how these mechanics are working right now
  16. I hear you bud. But I'm guilty of quiting a few times because I am killed by Jason in the first 0-1min of the game, just out shear frustration. I didn't realize that Tommy doesn't appear, that sucks. I hate dying right away and having to watch for 20 minutes, but I'll stop quitting when that happens. Sometimes it's just bad luck, sometimes you'll get a Jason that singles you out instead of securing objectives or at least giving counselors the first couple minutes to get an item at least to have a chance.
  17. This! If Jason can Sense you regardless of how scared your are, or if you have 10/10 composure right off the bat you are in range, it really makes stealth and certainly composure, not useful stats at all. This is in a hide n' seek horror game in my mind. I guess perks can help you avoid Sense, but it's such a small chance avoidance rate and with people toggling their Sense on and off preventing cool downs, you are going to pop up as red almost 100% of the time. The only way right now to avoid his Sense pre-rage is hiding. But you can't get anything done while hiding. I think high stealth and composure characters should have the benefit of being difficult to detect at the beginning of the match, and as their fear increases/Jason's rage level increases, then they will start to pop up on Jason's Sense. I know Jason's Sense is his most important skill, and they should keep it, I just think stealth/composure have to have an effect on it. I think Sense, or the Stealth/Composure stats could be adjusted to make it so a high composure character without fear is not able to be Sensed right away. Then what a good Jason will do is break stuff, destroy the power, etc. to elevate fear so these counselors can be picked up. As it is, it's tough to value composure and stealth because they don't help you avoid his Sense. @Rydog Do you know if your level of fear increases/decreases Jason's Sense range? I understand that once you are in that range, the only thing that will help you is hiding, or a "chance" with certain perks. @Kodiak I was under the impression that no matter what, Jason can seen you 100% of the time, even at the start of the match with no fear and high composure (unless you are in hiding). @Rydog you said you only did tests that were later in the match? I don't know how fast fear increases for Jenny, but it should be really low still after 3-5 into the match. Same with AJ. Yet you found that Jason could always Sense them at a pretty far range (without perks or hiding)
  18. I was just asking what PERKS you were running on your AJ
  19. I agree with this, I main as AJ as well. Still trying to figure out what perks work best for her. I used to use a lot of stealth/sense avoidance perks...but now I'm using medic, thick skinned, and nerves of steel. I feel like I'm being found a lot easier though, and mainly die from grab kills so haven't benefited that much from the perks I'm currently using. Maybe I'll switch back to the epic stealth stuff. What are you guys running for AJ?
  20. I think Rydog tested this. If you are hiding in a cabin or tent, it will NOT turn red pre-rage mode, with any counselor. If he destroys the power and breaks stuff and you do not have a high composure character, he will hear your scream out of say something and then he can find you. But if you are jenny and he cuts the power, chances are she will remain completely silent and jason will not know you are there. I've had jason walk right by me and then morph away a few times. But as soon as you leave the hiding spot, or if he gets rage..you will light up.
  21. Oh boy..I opened a can of fucking worms with this thread! smfh haha Just finished reading every comment people had, and although there was a TON of unneccesary things said, I think we can come to an agreement of sorts. I don't want this community to get so nasty by grouping people in cateogries like "beginner level" and "high level" because of things like this. Both sides of this disscusion have good insights about tactics in this game; barricading saves lives but is also pretty pointless in the later part of the game post rage. But barricading is and has always been there for a reason. And yes, it really does come down to play styles like weirdkid5 says. Barricading doors is helpful to me and my team IMO, so I will do it at the beginning of the game, if I'm being chased by Jason or any time I see fit. And I certainly don't always do it right away if there are more important things to do. I think players should just be aware that leaving doors wide open, just because you want to sprint around collecting items can have a negative impact of your team. If you actually like being a team player you are looking for things that will help you survive, but staying aware of what can benefit other counselors. Or just be lone wolf, that can be successful. Really, my only hope is that people don't completely write off barricading doors as a laughable, waste of time tactic that only basic players do. Also, polite Jasons will always knock first
  22. yeah that'll be good to know. I don't want to waste perk slots with sense chance avoidence perks if I don't need to!
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