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  1. You'll know tomorrow, or Thursday, Mark my words. It's a countdown.
  2. No they got to keep it, Friday the 13th Twitter said as much and I still have mine.
  3. The cut scene and lobby icon is the only thing that bothers me and I think they said the cutscene was a mistake and that it would be fixed, unless I misheard.
  4. Yeah it was just a few people and I don't think they were trolling, Gun asked for psn Id's and screen shots of the customize screen in private to look into it. As I said I don't think it was wide spread at all everyone calm down.
  5. This seems like allot of setup when you already have the car running.
  6. I dig Retro Jason(being a huge Nintendo fan) but after using him once and every subsequent match someone was him I'll main him as soon as the hype dies down(which it will)
  7. I think it's close to the original theme in one section but I think they had someone produce something with a slightly similar sound so they could avoid any copyright, they also refer to him as retro Jason not Nes Jason to also avoid copyright. My guess is they found a way to skirt the color scheme without asking for permission.
  8. There were a few people in Twitter reporting it to Gun last night so it sounds like a small glitch.
  9. So several times tonight on Ps4 if you stepped in a trap going through a window or stepped in one getting into the car the trap goes off but you get in the car or go through the window, then your locked in place and cannot move. In the car circumstance I could start the car but then couldn't drive and you could still hear AJ making struggling noises. Jason showed up later and couldn't drag me out of the car either. The cabin window instance I was just stuck inside the trap was now inside with me and I couldn't move. I am also getting stuck on signs and rocks allot now too.
  10. Whelp back to monster hunter. Call me when something changes.
  11. Its an update not a dlc pack the update automatically will add the dlc the skins and the 13000 Cp it won't be on the store, so they can put out an update at anytime today, tomorrow, Friday, Sunday. This isn't store dlc.
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