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  1. Surviving isn't winning because there is the odd time Jason is right next to you and about to kill you then "you survived" comes up... and you think... ha ha... no I didn't but thanks for the XP I agree 100%... in the last 2 minutes of the game the cops should come and the fear level of the survivors should be set to max.. this will force the survivors out of hiding but still give them the possibility to escape.
  2. Hi Dev's.. great game, frustrating a touch with the servers at the moment sometimes it can take over 15 mins to get into a game but guess its getting sorted. In the meantime I have 5 friends who also bought the game and when we can we hook up in private but 1 Jason vs 4 councillors looses its balance quite considerably so could you not add some simple customisation options so we can even up the games when its 1 v 2 / 1 v 3 / 1 v 4 etc.. Allowing custom time limits would seem simple enough and a good start, say setting it to 5 mins if there was only 2 or 3 councillors to put Jason under more pressure to act fast. Maybe have the options for the parts to spawn in the same cabin or just multiple parts scattered around like 2 or 3 propellers and 3 or 4 gas cans, 3 or 4 sets of keys etc.... just for private, keep quick play solid, the balance is perfect when you have a full house.
  3. Makes sense, we tried it 3 times, first we though it was bug, 2nd we thought it was maybe because the councillor that called Tommy had his mothers jumper on, 3rd time we concluded only 2 councillors in the game wasn't enough.. I can confirm though if you do call Tommy and there are only 2 councillors in the game, once all councillors die the games doesn't end, Tommy comes on on his own.
  4. Me and two other friends were playing last night and we figured we would run through the steps of killing Jason so was Jason and 2 councillors, both women. We'd get the jumper then kill one of the councillors and call Tommy but Tommy never comes until both councillors have been killed. We didn't have a spare friend handy to see if this happened with 3 but we tried it 3 times both before and after acquiring the jumper. Anyone know the deal?
  5. At 18 minutes counsellors should go into perma-fear state at least then if they survive the last 2 mins they have at least had to work at it.
  6. I agree with OP to a degree but this ^^ L4D got so much grief when it came out and it turned out one of the best games ever made. This game also reminds me of the early days of L4D, it's quite good being part of something new, I hope this goes the same way as L4D.
  7. I think any survivors should be slaughtered at the end one by one to publicly shame them to the rest of the players
  8. do they stay on the map so you can check em out for keys and stuff later once jason may have moved on or do they disappear and you have to try to remember where they were?
  9. Playing a private match with friends whats stopping the Councillors just hiding in the woods for 20 mins and 'Surviving' rather than escaping?
  10. I dig the comments on realism but you have to remember this is a game and if it is to survive it kinda has to appeal to everyone, even people who aren't comfortable using mic's. Coming from Left 4 Dead they had it nailed down, they just had a realism mode for people who wanted it full on and had certain assists to help the game be fun for everyone else (the majority). You can't claim its a realism factor thou because you have an active mini map that highlights the position of the rest of the Councillors.
  11. I'm new to this from Friday and haven't had many games due to the server issue but one thing I noticed, or didn't notice, say I have loaded the car with fuel and battery and then look for the car keys if another player has the keys I don't know about it, or if they are dead are they on their corpse? I dig we should all be communicating but this seems rare in the games I have played. Say like Rainbow 6 Siege, it indicates who has the briefcase so if they die you know were to pick it up, does this mechanic exist in any form or planned or explanations why its not a good idea? Thanks,
  12. Apparently not man, the clown that opened this thread seems to think people who saw the ad running today and thought "yeah that looks good, I'll have a piece of that" are fools and only ruin the experience... launch day buyers what a bunch of idiots :-)
  13. If my last 3 hours is anything to go by PS4 launch day is a car crash
  14. I haven't spread any hate, first thing after 3 hours of patience I came here to see if other PS4 users were having same issues as me, then I come across some clown blaming the people who buy a game on its official release date for its launch day problems. Your insane bro
  15. I've been trying since 7pm, now 10pm.. not had a single match.... irritating much? HUGE SAD FACE
  16. You total dick head, most people waited till today cos today was its official release date. i got it ok PS4 and sat here for 3 hours and still no game. I ain't gonna spew baby talk like yourself but it ain't fun to get excited about a release, pass over your money, set aside your evening and up real let down. whos fault is it? The people who bought it? You clown
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