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  1. Ok well it's been close to a month and no answer to this question. Can anyone give a definite answer to what the "Output Voice in World" Setting does
  2. Don't think it has anything to do with push to talk. Still looking for an answer from Gun or an affiliate on what this setting is for or does.
  3. Still no answer, guys I know youre busy but this seems to be a question no one can answer for sure. Can someone from Gun give me a heads up on this setting?
  4. Heck yeah they got soo much to still make in the game. I still love the game like I said just a little irritated over the incident. Not really at Gun just irritated
  5. No that is from the original Kickstarter for the game. I ordered in October of 2015 with the original backers including JPops and many others from this forum. I'm not saying the price is because of the skin just saying the skin is something exclusive that was advertised in the product I paid for. There was no backerkit for ordering just the skin at that time. During the Kickstarter the skin was only included on pledges of 65 and up
  6. You're wrong this is the original posting on Kickstarter for my pledge Selected reward $275 SIGNED PHYSICAL 'MACHETE' STEEL COLLECTOR PACK * SIGNED Physical game with Kickstarter Exclusive collectible Steel Case and slipcover on either PC, Xbox One, or PS4 (Signed by Sean Cunningham, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, Harry Mandefrini, Gun Media & Illfonic) * Kickstarter Exclusive in-game playable Jason character designed by Tom Savini, with unique weapon * Kickstarter Exclusive in-game Counselor Clothing Packs * Digital Art Book featuring concept art from the game's creators * Exclusive Beta Access on PC * In-Game credit under "Special Thanks" * Digital Wallpaper Pack 1 & 2 * Our eternal gratitude & a heartfelt "Thank You..." +$11 for International Shipping Ships anywhere in the world Estimated delivery: Oct 2016
  7. The skin was not priced as extra on Kickstarter it was included in certain pledges
  8. I mean it does have to do with the skin, it was said to be an exclusive on kickstarter along with the clothing pack. They paid 180 dollars to get a product that was advertised with the exclusives and then did not get them. How would anyone in any purchase wrong to be upset for not getting what they purchased. Yes they got the game, but when it was purchased it was exclusive content included. Now there is no exclusive content. I am not quitting the game over it I enjoy the game a lot. I dropped 300 on the game for the signed special edition which I will get soon enough and am glad I supported the game. I am a bit irritated by this because well when I purchased the price included exclusive content. Also the Xbox and Steam backers still have an exclusive skin and PS4 users do not, so they may as well release it on all the systems now.
  9. Never said anything about a week so don't put words in someone's mouth. I'm just saying they could use the profits from selling the Savini skin accidentally to do something nice for the backers that they promised they wouldn't sell it. Maybe a skin maybe something else. Its not profit they were expecting so it could be profits they use for making things right.
  10. They take the money they got from selling the skin on ps4 and make a new skin for ps4?
  11. Can anyone from Gun or JPops answer this please?
  12. I don't think it is because I can only hear people if I'm close and i have it turned off
  13. For reference more than anything I won't be able to play often and def don't get Jason often so just in case I forget a button
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