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  1. Man, same issue today. Maybe the servers overloaded still are causing it? Hmm
  2. I believe everyone is added now. Thanks for the warm welcome yo the forums!?
  3. Agreed! Absolutely loving it so far. It will definitely be nice when that area is bug free to see how all the perks work out.
  4. I'm sure they'll get it fixed up. I'm pretty amazed by such a small team pulling this off.
  5. No, its tough so far here too besides gas for me today. I always seemed to find the gas but never a batter, propellor or key. Lol No doubt. I don't mind how its done at all. Its more incentive to stay alive imo. Plus getting called in as Tommy is pretty sweet if you get selected.
  6. Same issue here. For the first time I could save with the counselors tonight but then tried to update Jason and it hit the spins.
  7. Not quite sure when Ill be on next but feel free to add me. PSN amethystvenom Otherwise I'll add you when I get a chance to log back on.
  8. Thanks!I I had much better luck when my teams were communicating for sure I learned. The few perks I unlocked seem to help a bit too. Major fun either way!?
  9. I just checked. I have master 100% Music 75% Game 100% Output voice to world no Mute copyrighted music no No problem. Wish I could help more. I just got in a game and it is working. Only other thing I can think of would be if your network ports are open but if its working with other games I wouldn't think that would be an issue.
  10. Mine was set to no and it used prox chat. Someone that's used it might need to clarify but I believe that might be a setting to have chat on to all at all times maybe? I could be wrong about this but I know mine was set to off. Default options are what I was using.
  11. Hmm....yeah, you should be able to hear others and talk during the ready up screen. If you have the latest update installed it should be working. Maybe check the audio settings? Mine were at default and it was working earlier. I'm away from it currently though.
  12. Its proximity chat so you have to be near others. You can also find walkie talkies and everyone that has one can hear and talk from whatever distance.
  13. The same patch fixed mine as well. O has to check for updates but after it installed this issue was resolved. Game was running quite well. :)?
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