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  1. Bought it. He was gonna make something like it but he found it and knew I’d love it. He also stated his wouldn’t have been as nice. Certain parts were made out of a 3D printer. The quality of the CRYSTAL LAKE COUNSELOR SURVIVAL KIT alone is amazing. The lettering is popped out abd PERFECT!
  2. So after spending a year and change being obsessed for my birthday he got me this! IM READY. Spawning with Pocket Knife, OP I KNOW!
  3. It was we just never got a chance to experience it. They played it, but said “they needed more time to make it more FUN.” Which now we learn might have been a front for, it doesn’t follow the perceived formula and might cause copyright issues in the near future.
  4. I know they prob won't tell us the details but I really would have loved to have known about it. I watched that TEASER too many times. I liked the suspenseful nature of it. I am fully aware of the issues of the game. I have been there since day one. I backed it and made the foolish decision to get the counselor clothing pack vs the Savini Skin (to me it made sense to get stuff for counselors since you play them 80% of the time!) To me the introduction of a new game mode would add a new perspective to the game. My lvl is really high so I spent a lot of time playing and I guess I wanted another variation.
  5. I was really excited about Paranoia. I never gave up hope for it. It's gone, and factoring when it was supposed to come out/court decision oct 2017 they prob pulled it more so than it not being "enough" fun.
  6. Part of me thinks they were afraid to add Paranoia because it would split the player base. Who knows. I was excited about Paranoia. I stopped playing because I didn't like the small maps and then they released the Paranoia trailer and I started to play again. Now I am lvl 135 and that is because the idea of a new game mode got me excited for the game again.
  7. Why is Jenny and Adam or Kenny not an option? I think they would be more her type than bugsy or chad. Then again nice girls often prefer bad boys, right?
  8. Maybe they are trying to survive the night, but I highly doubt it. Considering the fact that they were all wrenched/slugger-ed up I highly doubt they were doing it to get a badge. It is every player's prerogative to play the game as they see fit. With that being said, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion about such things. I think its extremely shitty to go into the house to get wrenches and not even lift a finger for a sec to mark on the map that the house that has been checked has "gas or battery" in it.
  9. Is it just me but are there a ton of people who are trying to survive via time? Everyone just wants to gangbang Jason and win via the timer. When you are literally trying to survive because you are the last one and there is a missing part time survival is totally understandable but having people avoid the tasks and give Jason the run around is just effing annoying. If I sound salty that's because I am. If I wanted to watch people jerk off for 15 minutes because I already escape with the boat I'd be on xtube.
  10. Be careful. The mod force might close this thread (ISNT THERE ENOUGH POSTS ABOUT THIS IN ANOTHER THREAD....) So annoying. I have to agree. It is getting unbearable. It always happens when I match make with friends which is bullshit. It makes them not want to play.
  11. I deleted and redownloaded the game. Within 30 seconds I had 3 people in my room.
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