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  1. Maybe it's time for Gun and Illfonic to remove Jason's mask, change his head and clothing completely, rework the maps completely, re-work Jarvis completely, and change the game's name to "Summer Camp Vol.1"
  2. Are you basing that statement on personal speculation or are you doubting what the devs have said as businesses need money to survive? It's been said that dedicated servers are still coming. Not sure where you're coming from with that statement, just trying to understand.
  3. So what can the fans do? It is just a waiting game at this point? If so, I can accept that. I'd just like to know from someone who's in the know.
  4. @wes What can we fans do to help? Will a friendly letter writing campaign to Mr. Miller help?
  5. @wes@Tim Voorhees13... Looks like some people didn't read this part of Wes' post before getting mad at him for "cutting and pasting" so to speak.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I guess it's my bad for just not being aware of how the blank to get up there.
  7. Hello All! Below is a video of a player standing on a rock at Higgins Haven in order to evade me as Jason. I spent much of the match trying to get him with knives but at the last moment he tells me how to get up there. The rocks leading up to it DO look like legit steps, although he did let me waste a lot of time gathering knives only to throw them at him in vein. Is this legit or an exploit that i should report? The fact that he told me how to do it is irrelevant to it's legitimacy or lack thereof. https://youtu.be/lik_2Qd72-4
  8. Great. The more exclusive, the better. There needs to be things that are exclusive to those who have put in the time. Hoping Jason X will be level 150 Req, maybe even with a large CP purchase, assuming he's a top tier Jason of course. Also, will this update include the Unreal 4 Engine upgrade? I may be the only person whose excited about the UE4 upgrade but AM I EVER! Thanks for the hard work.
  9. Hello Fellow Preferred Jasons! So I'm finally Jason and I'm Part 4. There's a boat. I'm "Merc"ing EVERYONE, no one's going for the boat, I'm checking map every three seconds like a boss pimp Jason who knows he has -Water Speed. I get to the LAST kill for that SWEET 7/7 (Better than 8/8 since you prevented Jarvis). Sore loser and last survivor begins scraping their taint over a broken window until they die to death (Yes, die to death). In other words, they commit suicide on purpose because they can't handle the idea of being the last to die at Jason's hand, and in doing so, rob a performance-Jason of his last kill. SUGGESTION: Climbing over windows makes counselors LIMP as normal, but it doesn't KILL them. This would discourage "rage-quit-via-suicide". Thoughts? -Espionage Cosmo
  10. This is by FAR the best patch/update to this game that it has seen so far in my humble opinion. I care far more about under-the-hood mechanics as opposed to new content, and I am so glad to feel fear as a counselor, yet powerful as Jason. You've made both aspects of the game great again and I greatly appreciate it! It's almost as if this patch was made just for me! THANK YOU!
  11. I forgot I wrote this. I miss you and this forum. *Ahem* (Enters Character) What a risky design flaw in humans to put something considered repulsive (source of bodily waste) so close to the organs necessary for reproduction; both from an appeal standpoint and from an infection-control standpoint. Reproductive organs should be fixed atop the head while the waste sources should be drawn down to the bottoms of the feet so as not to be visible during the mating process. Who was in charge of organism design in this sector? I must have a word with this entity. (Get me the manager)
  12. I absolutely cannot believe I waited all ----ing day at work for this only to come home and find no PC patch, no one knows what's going on, and now it's too late to play since I have to get up early again. Un... --------- believable. How many more fumbles, Gun and Ill? It's like a prank, except not funny.
  13. Any words yet on what's going on with Steam? All media seems to say we should have it by now.
  14. I reject your use of the word "cry" given the incessant complaints I STILL hear about Jason's grab (Post Grab Nerf: "You and your f---- grab!"), Jason's slashing, Combat stancing of doors, shift-grab, etc. To use your term, no one "cries" more than counselors, period. It's the reason they have their easy button now. That being said, Jason required skill before. You can miss a shift-grab. You can miss with a knife. You can morph to the wrong location if you incorrectly guess where an ambiguous skill check was failed like Gas or a Battery. Jason required skill before, it's that you're happy that being a counselor requires so much less skill now. I escaped so many times last night that I felt like I didn't earn any of it. The game is broken and it's due to people who cannot handle a game this is difficult on 7 occasions out of 8.
  15. Yes. I agree. Keep in mind, a printed map doesn't show you where items or people are in real time. The only think you know is where you are in reference to other landmarks on the map. I could see the argument being made that the only benefit the map should have is knowing where YOU are in reference to landmarks and objectives. The kids would have been camping so they would know where the boat and car is, etc. When I play as a counselor I now feel near invincible and as Jason I feel very gimped. As a counselor I feel no fear and as a Jason I can't invoke fear. Make Jason a threat and make me afraid as a counselor. Jason needs some major buffs even if it's not bringing back the old grab and trap mechanic.
  16. Tonight I saw Jason die 2 times in one night, including a case where the counselors were hunting down a fleeing Jason. Have a look: Not exactly like the movies, is it? How am I supposed to be fear Jason when he is this weak? Another Jason saw me with the sweater and ran! The counselors are now over powered and Jason must be reverted, both grab and traps, or he must otherwise be made more powerful to bring the correct balance back to the game.
  17. 10.25.17 PATCH FEEDBACK: A Now-Broken, Counselor-Favored Mess That We Must Fix Intro As a person who has over 400 Hrs. in this game and has played it from launch, I have genuinely enjoyed this game, and want it to stay that way. We have a problem; The number and severity of complaints coming from the preferred-counselors is causing Jason to be weakened such that the game is breaking. The movies feature 1-2 survivors per movie and the game should average that. An F13 game that cares enough about the movies to base the levels on blueprints of buildings from the sets would be remiss to neglect on kill count similarity. Survival should be earned and valued. There are too many others, however, who just want counselor survival to be too easy, and in doing so, are not only defeating the purpose of the game (survival horror), but are breaking it and creating an environment where they themselves (human nature) will soon become bored and leave it all together as there will be no challenge left for them. This cannot be allowed to happen. We must push back against this, especially we preferred-Jason's, as this is becoming a pattern that is genuinely ruining the enjoyment of the game for too many preferred-Jasons. First it was - Jason can no longer block flare guns and firecrackers (Shotguns and bear traps I can understand) Then it was - Jason can no longer use combat stance on doors without issue as there is now a hit-detection issue with doors that is still present and has been since the small maps patch where Jason hits the top of the threshold to no effect on the door. (Using the standard animation forces Jason to leave himself vulnerable to a stun once the door breaks) Now it's - Traps are useless as they can be beaten with a single pocket knife, and can no longer alert Jason as multiple traps is not an option, counselors know where everything is located except for spawn, and Jason gets NO buffs to compensate for any of this. Jason is being made weaker and weaker and it absolutely must stop. Sometimes I think that these incessant nerfs are trial balloons being sent just to see how much we Jasons will take before there's push back; Well I'm there. Before donning your hockey mask and performing the Head Punch on me, please hear me out as I come with solutions to many of the problems I am seeing in a game I am enjoying less over time, but really want to stay in love with. Again, let's keep it civil so this thread doesn't get closed. 1. Counselors leaving/suiciding not FULLY solved yet Giving Jason credit at the beginning of the kill is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough: A. Counselors can and still do leave when being grabbed but BEFORE execution, and even when being simply pursued. Evidence: 1. Quitting During Grab 2. Quitting Before Grab During Slash (Ignore Podcast Audio) B. Counselors jump out of second story windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. C. Counselors repeatedly cross broken glass windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Give Jason credit for a kill if/when someone leaves the match while Jason is within Music range, irrespective of stalk silence, grab or execution. 2. Make it so jumping out of second story windows and climbing over broken window ledges reduces your health, even to the minimum, but it will not kill you, making so that those who try to suicide are merely gimping themselves and making themselves easy prey. 3. Program the "Leave Match" option with an irreversible 20-second countdown timer where the counselor can no longer move, allowing Jason to finish killing the counselor if a person tries to quit. 4. Tag counselors with a 30 minute cool down for leaving a match with Jason within Music range. Increase the cooldown by 30 minutes for each subsequent quit within a 1 week period for a maximum for 24 hours of cool down if need be. 2. Trap Radius Renders Jason Traps Almost Useless A. Jason can no longer properly protect objectives or receive alerts. This works in synergy with visible items to make Jason's job too much harder without any compensating buff for Jason. Have a look: Trap Issues Suggested Possible Solution(s): Restore previous trap function. Simple as that. 3. Grab Distance Was Problematic Enough with Lag Issues A. Period. As it was, skilled counselors were able to stay out of the range of both weapon slashes (Dear everyone, stop complaining about slashing, period.) and grabs. Skilled counselors could kite a Jason for days as it was. Bad ping and connection issues naturally nurf grab as it is. I've missed counselors after two and three grab attempts if the ping is high enough. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reset full grab distance, at least until dedicated servers are in place. 4. Change Item Visibility on Maps A. This is far too powerful and easy as it is. Even as a counselor I feel as though I am cheating, and I've noticed myself and others being far more reckless than before and still surviving. The first match, we got both cars started very quickly and everyone escaped. The match even ended when I spawned back in as Tommy because there was no one to save. This was a private match, the Jason was frustrated, and we didn't blame him. Consider doing one or a combination of the following. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Getting rid of it all together, thus forcing counselors to communicate as before. Don't rage, it's makes the game much more immersive. 2. Counselors with fear level below X amount can see items on their minimap and/or large map however, as fear increases, items further from the counselor either begin to fade away and/or disappear all together as the counselor loses track as he/she panics more. Item visibility comes back somewhat if fear is decreased. This would make Composure and related perks more relevant. 3. Only counselors with walkie talkies can see items (simulates communication). Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with visibility even with walkie talkie. Jarvis would naturally be able to see all items from the start as he spawns with a walkie and no fear. 4. Tommy Jarvis is the only person who can see all of the items while no one else can, by virtue of the fact that he is Tommy Jarvis. Limiting this ability to him only would enhance his status as a "Hero" class. Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with his item visibility. 5. Only items spawning back into the match from counselors who have left are visible. 6. Only items that haven't been picked up in 60 seconds or longer are visible. (Prevents trolls from hiding items) 5. Un Movie-Like Counselor Cockiness/Carelessness especially near Police exit. A. Counselors do not fear Jason like they do in the movies and even engage in a tactic called "bullying" where counselors can gang up and stun Jason in a chain. Have a look: https://youtu.be/QDZlHze4TpA?t=588 B. This cockiness is especially bad near the police exit where everyone decides they want to use up all of their guns, flare guns, and pocket knives on Jason for EXP. This is when Jason then becomes the punching bag as counselors get away anyway. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. When Jason is knocked on his back, allow him to build rage faster based on how many counselors are standing within 10 feet of his body, the more, the faster. Instead of tea bagging, counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. Jason would get pissed if he was being taunted. 2. When the police arrive, Jason gets Rage if he doesn't have it already. Jason would get pissed by police arrival. 3. In Rage, increase stun resistance and reduce stun time by a sensible percentage. 4. When Jason is knocked on his back, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can quickly reach up and strangle-execute a counselor standing above him. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 5. When Jason is stunned, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can reach and grab a counselor standing near him, only to have the counselor in hand where normal rules apply. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 6. As counselors build fear, their pocket knives have less of a chance to fire when being grabbed by Jason. This will stop counselors from letting Jason grab them near the police or for free EXP. 7. Bring back a modified, LIMITED, friendly-fire mechanic, for ONLY when Jason is nearby. (Hear me out). When Jason is within 20 feet, counselors can accidentally damage each other with weapons and must now be more careful when hitting Jason back-to-back as opposed to all at once. This will also bring back the need to aim carefully when shooting Jason if Jason is holding a counselor. The 20 feet proximity requirement is meant to protect counselors from team killing since there is no reason to be swinging a weapon if Jason isn't nearby. For those who are worried that this would be exploited for team killing,... it would require that someone work with Jason, which is a ban-able offense anyway; Record, report, ban. 6. Fast Paced Maps (Fast for everyone except Jason) A. 40% Smaller means faster objective completion for counselors. While there is less space for Jason to hunt players, there is less he can do about the faster objectives as abilities build at the same rate. It's not balanced for Jason. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reduce the amount of time Jason's abilities are gained to compensate for this. I recommend by 10%-40% depending upon what would be most balanced according to an objective analysis, not whatever easy-button preferred-counselors want. Above all else, stop making Jason weaker. Know that for every counselor buff, there must be an equal and opposite Jason buff. This last patch is a doozie where counselors are stronger while Jason is weaker.
  18. I'll try an example and show you a video where my suggestion may help. Let's say a counselor leaves the match when Jason is within either 1) Music distance (irrespective of stalk) or 2) Within a reasonable chasing distance of 30 feet or so (We now know this can be done since the Tommy Jarvis updates),... if a counselor leaves the game and plops to the ground, is it reasonable to assume that the reason the counselor left was due the desire to cost Jason the kill? Is there an instance where a player could leave with Jason within range where it wouldn't be because they were trying to cost Jason the kill? Here is a video of an asshat who said he was going to leave the game, and then did once he used his knives and I started slashing him. He still quit in time even though I was slashing. (Ignore the Podcast Audio covering the Vegas Shooting)
  19. SIGNED with the blood I lost playing the old NES game back in the early 90's. FIRST it was Jason can't block anything now except melee hits. THEN it was Jason can't combat stance doors properly due to hit detection issues that are STILL present. NOW counselors are cockier than ever now that they literally run circles around Jason while Jason whiff-whiff-whiffs unable to grab, and they keep telling Jason to "just place another trap!" at objectives that were already completed very easily with the use of just ONE pocket knife with NO med sprays or alerts for Jason, etc. And now that counselors know where items are, the time it takes for Jason to get his abilities is a lot more harmful as now the Large maps play faster than the small. COUNSELORS HAVE COMPLAINED THEIR WAY INTO A BROKEN GAME where playing as Jason feel like you're on stage at a circus while the audience of counselors stares and laughs at your erectile dysfunction. Jason is NOT a threat, counselors do NOT fear him, and the same level of cockiness and lack of fear that was present only near the police exit (and it was enough of a problem there; "Hold on let me shoot him before I run out for exp! Hold on, let me use all my pocket knives on him!) has now been extended to the rest of the game. I will be writing a comprehensive narrative as feedback for all the problems the Jason's have been having since launch. Until then.... De-Nerf Jason!
  20. You're forgetting that placing a single trap can be easily disarmed using a pocket knife which allows the objective to be pushed with no alert to Jason. This is fine but Jasons should have the option of insuring against this with multiple traps if they so desire. The downside for Jason is that they run out of traps sooner. It should be a judgement call for Jason.
  21. YES 100% I AGREE! I have chased down SO MANY people only to have them DC before I grab them!
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