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  1. Yeah I saw your post man.I want to shout at them but they're not in Thailand so I can't. Absolutely shameless hypocrites, spineless dogs. I sent TWELVE (12) tweets on twitter to F13Game..... no reply!
  2. I'm losing my mind. Read the mail conversation with a dev.
  3. Great job guys. No asian servers on launch. I sent more than 10 tweets to F13Game twitter page and no reply. Every asian lobby game ---> 200+ms Every US/EU lobby live stream on Twitch ---> 40ms
  4. Asia has no servers. I play on 200+ms every damn game. For the record, I have a 1Gb/sec fiber optic internet connection.
  5. As you can see in the screenshot provided: Thai twitch streamer's online lobby - everyone except one Chinese guy has 200+ ms Developers of F13 Game, please reply to me. I have made numerous attempts on Twitter, F13 Game Forum, and Steam discussion forum, but with no avail. Asian servers, will they be added to the game or not? We bought the game only to play on 230 ms?
  6. I play in Bangkok, Thailand. There are many big youtubers and streamers from Thailand that also play the game. F13 is popular in this region. Please add asian servers into the game. The devs claimed that there would be servers spread all over the world on launch so how do you explain 250 ms in every match? For the record my PC specs are: GTX 1080 - 32Gb RAM - i7 processor - seagate SSD 500GB - 144hz monitor and lastly: 1Gb/sec fiber optic internet connection - Every other game I play with less than 10 ms
  7. Before introducing myself, I'd just like to say: All Jason mains, prepare to get rekt. (Just kidding, it's gona be me who gets destroyed). I haven't bought the game on steam, yet. Pretty positive that I will. Waiting for launch to check Asian streamers (how long it takes to find a match, how much they lag, rubber-banding, etc.) I cannot see myself playing as Killer. Prefer to play the more challenging role - counselor/survivor. I feel like playing as the Killer in any multiplayer horror is kinda easy. If all is well for the Asian region and it's servers, I will buy it asap. Can't wait to shotgun Jason in the face and teabag him
  8. Ok, sorry. Won't repeat that again. Are you in any way affiliated with the F13 game developers? Can you comment on whether or not there will be servers in Asia by release? Thanks.
  9. Will the base price of $40 increase on STEAM after May 26th?
  10. Grrrr. You gave me a small pocket of hope for a second there. (But not which regions)... damn. And yeah the only reason I ask is I don't want to buy a $40 game and play with 200+ ping. Well I guess I'm gona have to wait until release and check all the forums and videos. The question is, "who shouldn't?" - When you're paying $40 for a digital game, it would be unwise not to ask whether you're going to lag with 200+ ping or not, child. Use your brain.
  11. Will there be dedicated asian servers? Specifically Southeast Asia? Thailand, Singapore, etc. I want to pre-order right now but no one has confirmed asian serves on launch. Not even the devs.
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