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  1. I liked H6's electric guitar/synth soundtrack. It gave a more a spooky edge to it. Resurrection's soundtrack, in my opinion, was the best out of all of them. I loved the choir-like music i the background. At the beginning:
  2. I actually liked H5; in fact, I liked all of the Halloween films. Resurrection would be my least favourite, but Resurrection's soundtrack has to be the best out of all of them. I just don't like the fact that there are two distinct timelines within the franchise, as that causes too much confusion. The first remake was okay/meh, but the second one was absolute garbage. To this day, I still await for a sequel to Resurrection, and that's if they plan on continuing on with the H20 timeline.
  3. What's funny is that the person who directed Halloween Resurrection is the same person who directed Halloween II.
  4. I've looked everywhere, and I cannot find a physical copy of the game anywhere. Why is the initial release only available digitally, and when will the physical version be released? Thank you.
  5. That table chucking scene was originally supposed to be in a scene in H4, but it was cut. I suppose they decided to implement that idea into this movie with Laurie.
  6. Exactly. You have a really good point, but I don't think she would know that Michael is still alive in Haddonfield. The reason being is that, at the end of H2, Michael was caught in an explosion and was burned to death. After this, everyone, including Laurie, felt convinced that he was dead for sure. In H20, before Michael's encounter with Laurie, she feels pretty sure he's dead, but she's still kinda traumatised by the events took place back in 1978 (probably PTSD of some sort), which explains her visions of Michael in public, nightmares, and her excessive pill taking and alcoholism. However, even though she felt Michael was truly dead, it still wouldn't make sense for her to leave Jamie behind, only to keep John.
  7. I honestly cannot choose, since I love them all. However, there are two distinct timelines: The Thorn timeline, with Jamie Lloyd, and the H20 timeline, which ignores the events of H4, H5, and H6. In that case, I'm gonna have to go with the H20 timeline, since I prefer the story more, and it just feels more realistic (I'm not a fan of the thorn cult druid crap), but I still love the crap out of H4, H5, and H6 and their spookiness, especially the soundtracks and the different, varying masks. I still await a sequel to Resurrection to this very day.
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