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  1. Sorry about your back@ben, but you claim you guys read every thread here, why can’t you say anything about dedicated servers than, or 100% completion bug on Xbox?? Just say it man!!! Or is that why you guys hired someone else to do your job? Sorry to be harsh but I have my reasons. Thanks buddy for the warning. But I’m not trying to kick any hornets nest. I’m just a backer with questions. Bans me, I know why? My post gets deleted,we all know why. I came off upset, gun always said we can be upset. I wasn’t an asshole. I asked a legitimate question. All I asked was 2 simple questions. Dedicated servers still coming??? and 100% completion bug on Xbox answers? That’s all
  2. Didn’t you here, this was official until discord, than it became kinda official!! And after all Ben just graced us with his presence. So @Ben Dedicated servers still for sure happening??
  3. Don’t forget game was delayed for single player coming summer. It’s almost December. Lol
  4. Exactly bears!! This is bullshit!! People or should I say consumers have the right to be pissed off and Bitch about it!! We payed for this!!!! This wasn’t a free to play game, some of us even backed it! Hell I bought 2 copy’s because I promised my daughter a copy and launch day. Well that didn’t show up on time so I bought another one instead. At least I only paid 40$ for that one. My backer copy was 60$ and didn’t get it until last week.
  5. Well here you go again gun, introducing and enticing us again with teasers a month before release!!! Or in this case 2 months!!! You mentioned level increases on November 9th!!! This is beyond Ridiculously stupid now!!! I’ve just about had it.
  6. So who thinks majority of player base will gone by time patch or update rolls out? I’m out and have been out! Was hoping for an update today and was gonna check it out again, but I guess I’ll check back again next month at this time again!! How fucking frustrating!!!??????
  7. I’m sorry if I come off as a game basher first and foremost!! This game I’ve been waiting for since 89 when I rented original game on the nes!! Yes I’m almost 40 years old. I love this game!! So happy gun and illfonic made it!!! I just want them to make it better than current state. Cause let’s face the facts, unless your on pc and or in a private match theirs problems. That’s all I’m saying to be nice.
  8. I just watched the stream. I couldn’t agree more. He totally dismissed any real questions as well! Someone asked about dedicated servers over a dozen times but never even Acknowledged the question!! I’m tired of this crap. They say their being as transparent as possible. ????
  9. I wonder if @NthnButAGoodTime will see this. According to him the game runs fine.
  10. I was at level 101 late July so I’ve put my hrs in. But since last patch I’ve played maybe 3 games. Jason’s become unplayable and forget about getting into a match. I gave up 3 weeks ago. I’m on ps4 and sadly won’t be back until dedicated servers are here. Ok maybe I’ll try once new update comes but I have very low expectations at this point.
  11. Don’t give them any shitty stupid ideas please!
  12. Games gonna be dead and long buried by the time servers are up for consoles.
  13. Their support page is useless as tits on a bull! They also stated once they don’t have the rights for Jason X! I don’t believe anything that comes from that source at all!!!
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