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  1. I got 20 Pamela and 2 Tommy tapes before event. During event I can't find single one... -.-
  2. Lucky you that randoms join you! I could even play with Aborigines but let them join when I got host!
  3. It's on Quick Play when I get host. I can sit in empty lobby for hours...
  4. Any news on this problem? I just stop playing because of those shitty random hosts leaving mid every fuckin game, EVERY!!! This is ridiculous! Why I can't host game!
  5. After last patch many players change walking to running Jasons becouse of low grab range and harder shift grabs. I personally moved from Savini to Part 3 and 4.
  6. Dancing pink cops or bunnies that ruined atmosphere and immersion of summer camp, Jason grab nerf, windows push X to smash, traps nerf, items shows on map, no dedicated servers on consoles, lobby waiting simulators, no joining players when beeing host, and worst of all: random hosts leaving mid kills, ending game for rest. Well... I give it 4 before small maps patch, now 1.
  7. Yesterday I play with friend for 3 hours on Quick Play (PS4). We manage to complete 1 match from begin to scoreboard screen. Rest was hosts leaving mid game or lobby simulator, in waiting for another match to leave/crush... Other thing is that when I got to be Host no one joining my game. I can sit for hours alone in lobby. This shit is going for months now... We are tired and sick of this situation. We don't want dancing pink cops and fluffy bunnies (that already ruin mood and imersion of summper camp feel). We want dedicated servers on consoles now!
  8. Items shows on map is easymode... It's now even chalenging now... There was allways thrill when you wandering and searching dead bodies for parts, knowing Jason is somewhere behind the corner. Now all is on plate. Worst change for this game... Why bother using walkie-talkie now?
  9. Im also on PS4. For the first 2 months i can host game normaly and people joining my sessions instantly. Now, no one joining... I have the same internet and settings as before so I don't know the reasons why it stop throwing people to my room.
  10. I have a question about being a Host in Quickplay. Me and my friends are playing on PS4. There are 5 of us (me and 3 others from Poland and 1 from Germany). We are always playing quickplay to get full room of people. Here's the question. Everytime I get host, there are no players that join my game. I can set there for 20 minutes and nothing. Same for my other friends in my country, but that one from Germany got full room in one minute! We can't play with random hosts becouse they are leaving mid games and it's frustrating, so we have to rely on that German friend to host game and get those 3 other random people... Is this Hosting thing is based on IP address/country or what? Why 4 of us can't host a game? Any magic tricks?
  11. You play on PS4? Becouse we at EU don't get update so no game with US players until 26.
  12. Some prestige system would be neat! Im bored after hit 101 and only play when my friends are online...
  13. Me and my friends are allways using PS4 party chat so we don't bother and even can't hear what people talking in game chat. I assume many people are doing the same, thats why they are lobbies without mic. If one of us get Jason, he switch to game chat for that match and after goes back to party chat. That's how we playing.
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