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  1. Recently, I was playing a match as Jason. There was a storm near my area, and the power shut off as I was shot with a flare gun. I was super mad. But that moment got me thinking, have other people have had worse? What's your worst F13 moment?
  2. I've had the same issues too. Both Savini skin and Clothing pack.
  3. Thank you! Glad to be here!
  4. Hello! And thank you!
  5. These are some really good ideas. I like the stats you gave the Stoner Guy. They seem really good, and they make him a decent character. I know I'd probably try him out. I also like what you did with Part 4 Jason. The kills you suggested were really cool. I too also have an idea for a counselor as well, but I wanted to ask if it was ok to talk about it here? Or would you prefer I didn't?
  6. Greetings! I am ShyGuy86. And I would just like to say that I am PUMPED for the Friday The 13th Game.
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