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  1. Someone got the hots for Tiffany a little too much compared to the rest of us; I mean, yeah, damn but calm ya farm
  2. I agree with the devs there, don't think a sequel would be appropriate, they will just keep adding and adding, which is what I want; it could increase success over the years like games such as Rainbow Six Siege (although entirely different)
  3. The nerd guy was also my most anticipated, I was disappointed at first but I know really like him; although A.J is my favourite. I know what you mean, some of the changes to the counselors have been for the worst for example, Buggzy as u said, vanessa, adam (kinda of although he still okay) and the nerdy guy.... but some have been for the better if u get me cough...cough... Although at least Buggzy's hair is the same, about his only redeeming quality for me (and I guess the jock's jumper); The80's - who is your least favourite counselor ? I mean seriously how do you go from this... to this?! He will never be happy again; I guess because Jason's chasing him and he can't run at all but nah, I think it takes away the class clown quality of Shelly from part 3 - The80's What did you think of part 3?
  4. This will be based on design and the stats given to us so far, obviously we haven't all played them all but I'm interested on seeing who is the most popular; for me it's between A.J. Mason (the rocker chic) and Eric J.R Lachappa (the nerdy guy). I did another poll similar to this on the Jason's, go check it out!
  5. Yeah, don't worry we have to play them all to be certain That's why I added a not sure yet option on the poll.
  6. I'm pretty curious in knowing, who is everyone's favourite Jason in the game so far? In the movies it's Part 3 Jason for me, as part 3 is my favourite movie, but I was surprised as from what I have seen of the game so far I have really liked the Part 6 Jason the best and Part 6 is only my 3rd favourite movie.
  7. Glad you like the stoner guy! + thanks for directing me to this sub forum!
  8. Obviously part 5 was arguably one of the worst F13 movies but I made this anyway... Part 5 Copycat Jason... Roy Burns... Weapon - Machete. Grab kills: 1) Standard choke - reason: Roy chokes out Violet before stabbing her, since he isn't as strong as Jason, an average human trying to kill someone may go for the strangle (just saying - not a psycho). 2, 3 & 4) - reasons: All standard stabbing kills with the machete, different, yes, but Roy was in a blind rage on who to kill and generally just stabbed his victims. Strengths; 1) Can run - reason: as he is still human and I believe the only the zombie Jason's should not have this ability. 2) Stalk - reason: copycat Jason, despite his flaws, is pretty good at sneaking up on people, most notably when he kills Violet who doesn't notice him in her room and not hearing him as she blasts her music. 3) Weapon strength - reason: the copycat is quite weak, and Jason doesn't care what he kills with, however, despite his blinding rage, Roy would take into consideration his own safety. Weaknesses; 1) Stun resistance - reason: he is only human. 2) Morph & 3) Shift - reason: the copycat should by far not have the same supernatural abilities or at least not the same standards as the real Jason. I hope you see why he isn't the strongest but definitely still effective at sneaking up and killing; even if they get away he will dash at them.
  9. They should definitely introduce Pamela and the Roy Burns Jason in the DLC though as extra killers. I made stats for a part 4 Jason and a new counsellor idea, go check it out
  10. Interesting.... I like this concept but I doubt he will be picked much, but I must say that he would probably have a fast water speed, yes, he originally couldn't swim but adapted to it, he did after all grab Alice from her boat They should definitely introduce Pamela and the Roy Burns Jason in the DLC though as extra killers.
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