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  1. Seeing as how unique voices already exist for those three, I assume their exclusion was a mistake and will be fixed eventually. I suppose that incorrect voices for three counselors isn't a priority for the developers right now, all things considered. I really hope it does get fixed; I NEED those actual Lachappa lines, they're too perfect.
  2. I think I would rather have patches release as soon as they are able; no point in making steam people wait on consoles. Also, if a patch causes issues, then the remaining platforms that have yet to get it don't have to suffer the consequences.
  3. I would like to bolster my friends list with like-minded players. Looking for preferably older players, but I'll play with anyone who is friendly and polite. I'm not all that great, so patience would be appreciated, though I'll give it my all. It would be fun to play with a group where we can all laugh at ourselves and the dumb mistakes we will make. PSN: WHTaft my friend's PSN: CoarseRanger
  4. The part 8 theme is awesome! It almost kind of sounds like something from the X-Files. Honestly, I think the music is probably my favorite part of this game. I can't wait to hear the rest.
  5. Very impressive. This gives me hope that this game won't be as niche as I thought it would be. The larger the playerbase the better it will be for everyone.
  6. That's a pretty clever idea, but doesn't using shift while stalking completely drain whatever stalk time Jason has left? Personally I'm hoping to create a situation where Jason is tormenting a counselor barricaded inside a cabin, Jason uses stalk, counselor thinks Jason gave up and teleported away, counselor climbs out window and turns the corner only to run right into Jason's grab. I'll probably mainly be playing as a counselor, but when playing as Jason I'm most interested in his stalk ability. I just want to be sure that situations like I described above are even possible without alerting counselors to Jason's intentions.
  7. I think having the vhs effect occur when stalk is used is probably the best counter. Doesn't the music change in volume to indicate whether Jason is going away or getting closer? If the music just stops and counselors know Jason didn't teleport, they will know he isn't gone because the music didn't slowly fade out. If it truly ends up being a problem, I have confidence that Gun Media and IllFonic will find a solution and eventually patch it in.
  8. I hope it works this way but I'm a little worried. If the music just suddenly stops and there's no vhs screen effect, then wouldn't counselors know that Jason used stalk and is still nearby? Or does that vhs effect also occur when Jason uses stalk?
  9. Oh my... It's like an unholy cross between Carol Channing and Sebastian the crab.
  10. Stats wise Jenny is my favorite, but for the sake of variety I'll be trying to choose a counselor nobody else is playing in the same game. That probably means the least popular characters will end up being my favorites. In regard to some of the counselors having odd faces, I think a big part of it is the angle/lighting of the character select screen. On that screen Adam's face looks weird to me, but elsewhere he looks fine.
  11. I agree. The thing I like the most about this though, is not being able to see where all the other counselors are right from the start. You might start out alone and not have any idea where the nearest player is. It makes walkie-talkies more valuable too.
  12. This game has inspired me to watch the movies for the very first time and I'm trying to watch them in order. After finishing the fourth one last night, I really hope that "he's killing me!" one makes it in. I actually laughed out loud at that part and I usually never laugh out loud at a movie/tv show. I think the silliness of it really caught me off guard.
  13. Drama Queen-after all other counselors have died, escape with the police while playing as Jenny. I know this one will never happen as it's WAY too specific, but I hope there is something somewhat similar.
  14. I backed this game and played the demo and while I enjoyed it well enough, I tend to agree with you. The demo was certainly fascinating, but maybe only because it was so short. I guess it really just depends on how much variety the gameplay has. Besides running and hiding there's the whole possession mechanic, but I can see that being kind of gimmicky. I think they reached their funding goal to include boss battles but who knows how that will work. Personally, as long as the environments are creative/haunting enough, I can overlook boring gameplay. Layers of Fear was one of my favorite horror games in recent memory and it was pretty much a walking simulator. I know many people disagree with me on that and I can respect that. After all, can you really call a video game a game when it mostly lacks any gameplay to speak of?
  15. I was under the impression that counselors and buildings only glow red with a sufficiently high fear level. The perks were kind of vague. I assume that low profile gives counselors a 50% chance to not glow red only when crouched, while level-headed gives a 15% chance no matter what. Otherwise, I don't see why level-headed is more expensive than low profile.
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