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  1. I can't run by holding down L3, and I'm going crazy trying to figure it out omg haha EDIT: of course I figure it out right after I post that I can't, thank you for the help, I would have continued to go crazy haha
  2. For the counselors, I feel like I'll like Kenny until I figure out what stat build I'd wanna play as, and then either Deborah, Adam, Chad, or Tiffany, but I think Adam will be my main. Jason, however, will probably be J2 or J3 (J2 is a personal favorite though), but I'll have to play around with them.
  3. Omg hey I watch you on YouTube! Almost finished all of your beta videos, big fan! Can't wait to see you upload more Friday The 13th! My last day of work is the 22nd or 24th (I'm an English tutor at my community college so it depends if I have appointments during that week; finals week), and then I have my finals on the 25th, so I'm pretty much set haha
  4. I had this saved too, I don't know why I didn't pull it out! Ah in my defense though it is rather late xD, but thanks so much! Might be my new main in the future, hm.
  5. So far, I like Kenny (if you couldn't tell by my profile), Tiffany, Chad, and Deborah, but I also think Adam could be a potential favorite for me. I'll likely start out with Kenny to see how I'd want to play in the game (offhand though I'm not much for stealth honestly, as it's a tactic I've never been able to do in games like DBD or anything), but I love Chad because of his priceless facial expressions and his luck skill could prove to be handy and interesting to test. Even though Tiffany is basically a stealth build, I like her stamina and speed, and like someone else mentioned on here, I'll give me satisfaction to say that the slutty/flirty girl actually made it out alive, haha. Deborah is just as cute as a button and would be my choice for an intelligence build (sorry Eric! But I'll give you a chance too!), and Adam, Oh, Adam. Honestly, he's probably more the stat build that I'd want to play as personally, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't his intelligence 6/10 instead of the 4/10 we were shown? I don't know, I've heard that somewhere, but regardless 4/10 isn't too bad, with all things considered anyways. But yeah, since I'm getting the game on my PC and my PS4, I have to decide which one I want to spend a good portion of time on first (because if Adam, Deborah, and Tiffany are locked by pretty high levels, like I think they might be, then I'll have to start working ASAP! Super excited though because there's no counselor that I'm like "I hate you and everything you stand for", at least not yet anyways....xD
  6. I think I already posted my Steam ID (Milesperhour8), but now I've made the executive decision to also buy it on PS4 (I wouldn't do this for other games normally but I love the heck out of FT13), and my tag is the same (Milesperhour8), so feel free to add me on both! See you guys on the other side
  7. Welcome!! I can relate honestly. I'm 20 and was too young as well but then my dad was watching a marathon that was going on (it was Friday, August 13th haha) and that's how I fell in love with the franchise, otherwise I probably wouldn't have watched them until I was much older (I was 14 when I started haha)
  8. I think I'm gonna get it on Steam first, so feel free to add me! Steam: Milesperhour8
  9. Nice to make your acquaintance! My name is Matt, and I've been a fan of Friday The 13th since I was in 8th grade and watched the end of the first one with my dad and then started watching the second, on August 13th, 2010 (a very memorable day for me apparently haha), and my love of horror hasn't died down much since. I honestly cannot wait for this game to come out, and I know I jumped on the F13 forum board lateish, but here I am! I'm looking forward to potentially getting to know you guys, and maybe even playing some matches when the game comes out next month! See you on the other side. ? PS: Feel free to add me on Steam if any of you want to play when it comes out! Steam ID: Milesperhour8
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