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  1. That's the main reason any company agrees to let their game release as a free game, either to increase DLC sales cause regular game sales have slowed substantially (hence why Destiny 2 was a PSN game this month right after it's most recent DLC just hit), or to increase exposure for smaller indie devs that make good games (like with Superhot or The Witness). I think anyone could've guessed that this would eventually hit the free monthly games list at some point, I just hope it happens on Xbox as well so my friends can download it and play with me... Either that or it goes on super sale for the annual Xbox Halloween sale in Oct.
  2. Have you not seen the movies? Jason gets stun hurt all the time. He literally gets buckled over after getting hit in the balls in Part 2... At most, he should need more than one baseball bat hit to stun though. I think it's silly that 2 or 3 players can basically negate Jason for several minutes by using baseball bats with the increased chance at stunning perk equipped.
  3. I agree that the game does still have some life left in it, but with minimal updates and no new content, the forums themselves have lost much of their purpose to this point. I'm with Ricochet on this one that there's not much reason to be on here more than 1-2 times a week to look for developer updates or a few interesting boards to respond to. I check it like once daily while on my lunch break at work, and that's about it. Still a small form of masochism though DR. ?
  4. Then why are you still kicking around the forums, wasting your own personal time along with all that money you "threw in the trash"? That's like the ultimate form of masochism... I'm one of the nice mods, but I still wouldn't recommend patronizing me. ?
  5. They're not going to just randomly decide to revert back to beta level 16 months after releasing the game and make all the work they've done up to this point irrelevant.
  6. You seriously wrote all that over the semantics of the word "steal"...?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that DbD is the Xbox free game of the month in October after this news got announced. Steal away most of the market share from this game on both consoles in one quick quarter of the year.
  8. Unless you're the judge overseeing the court case, the rest of that comment was irrelevant so I didn't bother quoting it. Fact is you, nor I, know the full extent of the lawsuit, what's explicitly being controlled because of it, or the inner workings of Gun Media as a company. It's ironic at the end of your post that you invite people to "speculate away", cause without any of that knowledge I just mentioned, all that can be said about the topic is the same 9-10 regurgitated speculations that have been said to death at this point, including your two options. In other words... You can't tell me that if they made a special throwable item exclusive for this version where Jason is able to throw machetes out of his ass with a rainbow trail behind them that you wouldn't at least consider dropping the dough for it. I mean, the shitchete rainbow of death would be the ultimate troll kill.
  9. That's the whole thing though, THEY CAN'T. Like I just said in the exact post you quoted. There's a lot of nuances in an intellectual property court case, especially an IP as large as this one. Unless you have access to some court transcripts or a personal relationship with the judge hearing the case, there's no way you can know for sure what's explicitly allowed and not allowed as far as them releasing things for either game. This game is probably under even heavier scrutiny from the lawsuit's rules than the puzzle game since Sean Cunningham is directly involved with this game. I tend to be more of a realist in this topic, meaning that if they spent all that time building the character model and map up to the point that they had, it certainly wouldn't make any sense for them to just randomly say "f*ck it" and decide to quit on it so close to completion. That would be like spending months building a car and deciding to just quit when all that's left to do it paint it. No one does that unless they're forced to.
  10. Like I've said to others before, if they could release the content they would. Obviously there's something in the lawsuit that's stopping them from doing so. They didn't spend all that labor and time building the Jason X model and Grendel map just to tease everyone and then quit. Lawsuits, especially IP lawsuits, are messy and complicated. None of us are privy to the details of the court case, and even if we were there's probably a lot of legal jargon and rules nuances that we wouldn't understand. The fact is, making a ghost character (it's really not even a character, just a reskin over the same block model) in the mobile game takes a lot less time than designing an accurate Jason X model with new kills and a map to go along with it. Gun just didn't get it done in the time allowed and the puzzle game did.
  11. So your position is that the lawsuit should take even more stuff away from the fans...? Good luck on that island.
  12. Just to start off, I didn't read all four pages of this post so if this was brought up, forgive me. I just wanted to say that I get some users frustration for stuff getting wiped or bans being handed out. Keep in mind though that uniformity can be difficult to expect when there's six different people making judgement calls on what they consider appropriate punishment. No differently than when people complain about referees in the sports. Some refs call things tight and expect rigid rules following, others allow the players to control the game and give more leniency. Try to understand also that lately it's been a major avalanche of shit talk and negative pub. Not saying it's unwarranted, but the weight of dealing it can start to drain a person's patience down after a while. Similar to a cop in a rough neighborhood. He might have been upbeat and chipper when he first joined, but after a while stress and negativity will wear down even the hardest of minds. Also, try to think of us mods and Gun Media as two separate entities. Us mods are just hired fans that do this as volunteers; we're not paid representatives of Gun. I do this randomly when work is slow, others might do it when the kids are finally to bed, or just before they get ready to go to sleep. Our time to devote to this is very finite, and therefore sometimes it's just easier to squash something that's clearly heading towards becoming an issue rather than babysit it. Not expecting any sympathy, just giving you an idea of what it's like on the other side.
  13. @Evil @The Doctor @DeadlyD Yes, there are a handful of games that succeeded at supporting their title beyond the one year mark. I didn't said it was a concrete line, I said most games hit that mark and then the devs have to move on to their next project. The reason for this is how the basics of video game economics work. Everyone jumps on the hot new title in the first two months it's out. Then sales plummet after that due to used copies being available, new titles taking the limelight, and/or a handful of other reasons. As sales start to wain, the developer needs to start thinking about their next revenue producing project to keep the lights on. They basically take the money they made on their recent game, squirrel most of it away, and then slowly spend it to fund their next development cycle over the next 2-3 years. The DLC to keep them afloat doesn't usually work for most games. Paid DLC is a very minor revenue intake that often doesn't generate much more money than it cost to develop. Around 15-25% of players buy DLC depending on which study you read*, and that figure tends to be even lower for non-game changing stuff (emotes, for instance). Lets say there's 25,000 players still regularly logging in by the time they can make DLC again. If 20% of them buy a $5 DLC every time one releases, that's only $25,000 generated (5000 players x $5). That's not even half of one employee's yearly salary. Even if they released a DLC pack every month, that wouldn't be enough to pay rent on their office and payroll a five person staff. And that's assuming they could consistently develop DLC that's of a high enough quality that 20% of the player base would be willing to buy it. DLC is not a viable economic plan by itself. With internet available for basically everyone, and the growing popularity of free to play w/ micro-transaction game design, game support length is becoming longer. That's only works for certain kinds of games though. This sort of game was never going to be able to generate constantly engaging DLC content to keep the community repeatedly pulling out their credit cards, so they went for the full price game release route instead. With that model of release, game sales are where the money is earned; DLC is how the developer keeps the community engaged and coming back while their new project is being drawn up and planned. Support for most games usually lasts during this planning phase and then the developer moving their developers and engineers onto their companies next title, which is usually 9-12 months later after the storyboards are drawn up and the game design is ready to move forward. There are definitely rare exceptions to this rule in the full game release spectrum, but those exceptions usually need 10,000,000 in games sales or more and a pretty dedicated player base so the DLC sales can keep them going. This project didn't have either of those things, so it's likely that the Jason X DLC they were working on was going to be the last of their content anyways. So we all really only missed out on one skin and map. *Here's the one I used that puts the range between 16-23% for reference: https://www.alistdaily.com/digital/npd-77-percent-gamers-willing-pay-microtransactions/
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