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  1. Walk away for a cpl weeks. Go dl games on Game pass and enjoy them, until this game is playable on xbox. I tried to play 3 matches after patch, different bugs and all 3 crashed. I took 4 days off, I had no headaches until I tried again yesterday. Just walk away....
  2. Im not wasting anymore time, especially not on the phone or emails with customer support, trying to get a refund. I'll try it b4 the fall games and Scorpio hit. Once that happens, mr. vorhees is in the rear view for good. *Congrats on getting to play buddy. Good to know its all not doom and gloom
  3. Yah I just reached my breaking point. what a pos. E3 is coming, im praying we get a State of Decay 2 release date and its in july or august, so i can put this debacle behind me.
  4. I took 4 days off, waiting for the patch. Well its here and my game is worse off. After the 1st shitshow(couldnt get out of crouch, traps werent working, flashlight was bugged), I did a hard reset. Same shit on attempt 2. What a waste of $ and time. Ive reached my breaking point. *Tried a 3rd match b4 posting, fucking crashed.
  5. Ive only played a cpl matches, but I think holding right trigger does both.
  6. Looks better and maybe a smoother framerate, but still crashing. Nothing new here, moving along...
  7. MS could have missed the launch by 3 days and it wouldnt have mattered, cuz most of us couldnt log in anyways. And even with the database error starting to fade, Im not wasting more time until the crashes are a thing of the past.
  8. I havent touched the game since Tuesday due to constant crashes. I'll probably wait for the patch until I get into it again, so hopefully mid next week? I dont want to be 2 optimistic
  9. Agree on all points made. Ive completed 10 or 11 matches, the other 30 or so either crashed to dash, or told us connection timed out. I think Im lvl 8, when I should be much much higher. These crashes always happen when theres 1 counselor left, and all players are praying it doesnt crash with just a few minutes left b4 said person either survives or dies. 3 minutes, 2 minutes... BAM! game dies, 20 minutes wasted, nothing to show for it! Said it b4, I'll say it again,...glad Game Pass came out, ive been keeping busy playing a bunch of games to keep my mind off this debacle
  10. This is 100% correct, and has happened a lot more often than ppl know. Scrutinizing patches is very pro consumer, done for our benefit. Because the media is anti MS/pro sony for the past 3 yrs, most dont hear about the bad patches that sony lets thru. And the game not being on the marketplace right away didnt have much impact, seeing as most of us had the database error anyways.
  11. 1080p was promised too, we need someone who knows to count pixels to verify. Wish DigitalFoundry would compare, but they dont do indies do they? Screw the hair, if I play 10 matches, 4 of those dont crash. No stability in our version
  12. lol so no xbox patch for a while yet after reading that.
  13. Not to be a party pooper, but if youre tired of the 3 maps already, it means youve played a LOT. Their funding needs to go into maintenance of servers so the 10,000 of us that have issues can play more than 10 matches in 5 days time. I hope I feel the same as you, getting bored with maps. I dont know my way around any of them, as Ive barely touched the game thanks to the now famous database error, and constant game crashes.
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