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  1. I end up in a nursing home with this generation taking care of me, Jason's screw driver kill is going to definitely be utilized at some point, even if its substituted for a pencil or ink pen...
  2. Yeah screw this, after the multiple times Gun Media dropped the ball with this game and screwed over backers, non backers, new and old players across multiple platforms, I'm pretty confident they're just a one hit wonder game company. After this is done unless theirnext projects completely blows my mind, I won't be sinking money into anything with their name attached again...
  3. I just restarted my console because it was still giving me the database login failure. Give me a sec and I'll let you know.
  4. You can love me or give me a thump Burn me, beat me, bumpity bump Call me a Christian, or call me a Jew My life for you, MY LIFE FOR YOU!!!
  5. Level 150, I don't relish starting over, I have 1,135 and a half hours logged.
  6. Fucking great. I had my data corrupted launch week and it was a month before my shit got sorted out. Now its starting to look l get to relive this bullshit all over again... Yay... Can ya... Can ya feel it??? My sarcasm??? Can someone tag a Dev and get us some answers up in here???
  7. I blame cocaine for the sporadic pace and structure of this film...
  8. Just food for thought... But a dead chick can't say no...
  9. A guy team killed me once in public match cause I raced him to the shotgun. Next round I returned the favor. Got picked as Jason the following round ignored all other players singled him out. Let everyone else live. He spawned as Jason after a couple of these back and forth team kills. I committed suicide before he could find me. I was host. So after he corners the last guy alive, I end the match right as he grapples him lol. Just to waste his time.
  10. Yes, finally. I've made it over 4100 kills with bots and it seems like the lower the difficulty level selected, the bots were harder to kill than the higher difficulties. Seriously I usually have all 7 or 8 counselors dead before my stalk becomes active. Unless I'm just screwing around...
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