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  1. Yeah I used to pick his brain a lot and he was always open and a wealth of information. It's funny a lot of people in the costuming world like to keep their "trade secrets" but Jeff was always down to help someone improve their craft. He was also in one of First Jason's music videos (Air Lehman's band). The Firespray was cool. I'm stoked for Star Citizen, finally another game with PoB ships haha. The interceptor was dope too. Man I miss SWG lol.
  2. Would be a laugh, especially once they realize they are all screwed. Side Note: If you didn't know the Jason in your Avatar is Jeff "wickedbeard" Cochran. He is legit the best Jason cosplayer out there with a suit for each movie. Back in like '06 '07ish when I first started costuming as Jason we both belonged to the same forum, he is an amazing guy and helped me a ton with my own costumes. Google him if you ever want to see his work. I remember he was so thrilled to get Betsy to put the sweater on and pose with him for those shots. the orignal for that plus a couple more, including one with Kane Hodder can be found here. http://horrordomain.com/forums/topics/posts/index.cfm?t=1972 or check out his other Jason's and costumes here http://wickedbeard.jigsy.com/jason-voorhees. P.S. Hope posting the links is ok, He isn't a business, I just see people use his images all the time and wanted to let people know there is a really cool guy behind that mask.
  3. Me too first MMO I ever played. Best crafting system ever. I was a JTL junkie when that shit came out man. PvP in Deep Space all day long in my Tie Adv. Good Times.
  4. Really wish that there was a counselor mode. Remake the NES game! I know funding wont allow Jason AI and all though
  5. I'd prefer that Gun Media, at a future point do a similar game with the ANOES license, assuming that F13 does well and they could acquire the ANOES brand. Sort of a sequel to F13, then do a TCM and Halloween game, maybe even a Child's Play game. I believe the original Idea back when this was Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp was to do a game that paid homage to F13 and then do other games or chapters, Vol. 2, 3, 4 that would pay homage to the other horror franchises. This changed when they were gifted the F13 license. I could be totally wrong on that though. Personally I am very happy that they got the license and we get a legit Jason game rather than a knock off "Killer" game.
  6. Environmental kills: Harpoon Gun, Broken chunk of Mirror, Guitar, Electrical Box, Party Horn, Weed Whacker. The hoods and doors of those pesky cars. Primary weapons: Sling Blade, Pitchfork, No Chainsaw, No Power Drill,
  7. Yeah, I'm like 90% positive that killing him will have something to do with Pamela, her head, her sweater, any combination of them. We will find out eventually. Kind of reminds me of trying to unlock Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies before anybody knew how to do it. People will be trying everything, no matter how goofy.
  8. I believe the apple is a head and its a decapitation kill, the one for part 7 I believe is a choke kill or the head crush kill. To Babalonkie: There are already videos from the Beta, as others have pointed out, that show a willing Jason getting pummeled by all the counselors with every weapon they could find for the entire match. What ever Jason's HP is, it wasn't and isn't going to be tied to "Beat him down until he's dead". That will never be the Meta and all you are gonna do is have fun trying for a match and then get frustrated and bore yourself.
  9. I hope we are able to swap weapons. J6 used a machete more than any other Jason in the series and J7 used the axe on at least 2 different kills, that I remember. Plus the image of J7 with the axe is engrained in my head from the image from the NES cover. If nothing else I hope that they at least give each Jason the choice to use the iconic machete.
  10. I hope you guys can view this. I work at Walgreens and we are participating in the Red Nose Day charity event to raise money to help end child poverty. A lot of Walgreens stores are doing challenges on facebook live to help promote the charity so myself and two coworkers wrote a little song for the challenge. The video is sideways, not sure how to fix that... but if you'd take a look it would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  11. I missed the boat on pre orders, I know I had a ton of time to get it but was also saving every penny i make from my retail job for a vacation and was gonna get it as soon as I got back and of course pre orders ended two days before I returned... Hoping that they open up Steam pre orders soon. dont need the Savini skin or clothing packs, those should stay kickstart/backerkit exclusives. I just want to be able to put my money down now lol. Glad we finally have a date. And to the people who are all "They lied!!" Man the fuck up, certification takes time and things happen along development, 26 more days is hardly something to bitch about. For me this is Great news and I am stoked we are getting a F13 game worthy of the franchise.
  12. Thanks man. Your glove looks nice and I dig that BRC is still offering the "cheap" generic version, say what you will it's still a nice glove especially for the price. And yeah you can't beat a Darkride silicone mask for a Freddy costume, even if it did cost me two weeks pay lol.
  13. My very first glove, many years ago, was a Boiler Room Creations, he's improved over the last 10 years since mine haha. The last glove I had was made by a guy named Shon Kelley. Top pic was my BRC the bottom two are Shon's.
  14. Skeptik


    I was also hoping for a stoner counselor. Luck and composure would be a good build for him/her.
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