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  1. Or they could just make a new perk that allows you to punch if you are unarmed.
  2. The window decap would be interesting. And he would interact with a window the same way a counselor would, tap to throw them or hold to bring it down.
  3. If they do decide to make a Halloween game they need to make something like this I'm not sure if this would work as a multiplayer game though. This game works because it's you BY YOURSELF against Michael Myers. If you'd rather not spoil it and play it yourself you can just google "halloween the game" and download it.
  4. I don't even care about the Grendel or Jason X. I'd trade both of them for a decent Manhattan map.
  5. I voted for Halloween just because it's the most realistic option. They could reuse a lot of the assets they already created for F13 so we wouldn't have to wait an eternity for them to make it. They could focus more on the houses and just plop some trees and bushes around them. If they made something like Nightmare on Elm Street they would have to make entire dream maps from scratch and crazy kills that would involve pulley systems throwing people across the room. It would be the earliest game they ever made.
  6. bruh id shit myself if I walked into a cabin and saw Jason doing the Pennywise jig
  7. I thought that Jason would've been able to kill people driving the car when this first came out. You can imagine my disappointment when my throwing knives did nothing when I threw them at the windshield.
  8. I wish I could choose which Jason to display. I'm getting tired of always seeing part 3 Jason. It'd be nice if we could have a randomize option so It's different every time.
  9. Thanks, man. I did that the first time and it wasn't there but it's showing up now. Probably has something to do with timezones.
  10. I'm already seeing people using them and I can't find it on steam.
  11. I hope someone locks them self in a house and does this except it's Jason
  12. So will this game start being sold at places like walmart and gamestop now? That might be a big boost. A lot of people are gonna see it behind those shiny glass cabinets.
  13. People complain that Jason is OP and then the counselors have stuff like this.
  14. This game is in dire need of new maps. I predict that they will release a couple new maps with singleplayer. All the time theyve been using to create single player has probably been used to create new maps.
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