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  1. Awesome! I think you were the only one so far to provide something on this. I gave you a like.
  2. Someone asked for a poll so I provided one. I am curious to see what everyone thinks regardless.
  3. I would like to know if there are more console players than PC with actual proof provided please. Thank you!
  4. These guys were too unprepared since the beginning of the full release until now. It was like the BETA was a showpiece at E3 and then it turned into a buggy mess. I would like to put my money elsewhere from now on.
  5. People need to realize that threats and harassment do nothing but hurt your cause.
  6. 'The consoles though! There are more console players!' 'The game will be fine!' 'Google it!' I'm just waiting for those people to respond now.
  7. I am happy to hear about Jason being able to break fences. Good job guys! You are making me happier with each update.
  8. I was wondering this for a while but is there any stat governing winding up an attack? I am talking swing speed for Counselors. Is it just purely weapon based?
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