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  1. I see everyone is still passionate; that does take the sting out for me. The passionate community, I was a backer somewhat, I paid through backer for Savini (I am not really in a position to donate money). But I did supply something, THAT does NOT make my opinion more important then anyone else's; I want to make that clear. But as soon as I was able to load the game I did, found a great group, day after day, bugs or not we had FUN. I haven't really enjoyed a multiplayer in some time, but I enjoyed every second with that group.
  2. Also Paranoia mode which seemed really, really fun.
  3. I agree, so I guess this states where I stand. I understand we are a community divided, and saddened. But we are a community, a community that helped make the game possible. This game, is a game of passion if nothing else. A passion for games, a passion for fun, a passion for F13th. I have been waiting for Uber Jason since day one of release. Even with my Savini Jason which is one of the greatest designs and backstory's ever; I have always wanted Uber. Losing him is a huge blow to me, as I'm sure it is to many of us.
  4. I'm sure there are many threads, but I just watched the youtube video today, so I thought I'd discuss it with my fellows on here, I'm not attempting to start a fight.
  5. Note: This is not an attack thread on Illfonic, Gun Media, or even Sean Cunningham. This is simply a debate thread, I want the opinions of my Fellow F13ers. Does this change anything? No, but we're a community who love and support this game, everything it is; so no fighting.
  6. So watching a video on YouTube earlier, a claim was made about Illfonic and Gun Media knowing about the deadline regarding the lawsuit affecting them. Instead of prioritizing unreleased 'PROMISED' content, they focused on the dedicated servers. In short if this is true, we go screwed out of Uber Jason and grendel which could have been released even incomplete and needing fixes. As I said I don't know how true this is, but if there is ANY truth to it, I am deeply disappointed. So I put it to you my fellow counselors, my fellow hockey mask bearer's; how do you feel if this is true?
  7. That would make sense to me if it was the case. Because he's already IN the game; with all his stats and kills, he just hasn't been 'unlocked' in a way, but if you consider a release as the content being put in the game, he's THERE.
  8. Yes I read the official statement when it was posted; but I had to ask this since of all the content that was supposed to be coming like Grendel and Paranoia; Uber is IN the game already.
  9. This is not an insult message this is a question about a thought that I believe only they can answer. After hearing about no more future content I was greatly upset, but after thinking for 3 days a thought occurred to me and I need to ask. Does 'Uber Jason' really count as new? By that I mean he's IN the game as hackers have found and played as him, doesn't that mean he counts as already being in the game? I mean we can also see him in the Virtual Cabin 2.0; so if he's there, and hackers are finding him, doesn't that mean he exists outside the lawsuit since only NOW is the F13 game being targeted? Yes this may be a desperate attempt by a fan who loves the series and game, but I have been waiting on Uber Jason since day 1 so as I stated, I need to ask.
  10. In ALL honesty to everyone who's posted on my threads. I LOVE the game; I truly do. Keep in mind I'm not big on the multiplayer aspect of most games (I dropped Street Fighter V like a brick). But I enjoy this; I've met some fun people to play with and I have a great time. BUT there is that sting that I can't use the special Jason I paid for; who I've been waiting for and it kills me.
  11. I thought it looked perfectly fine on PS4; my primary issue right now is the DLC. I'm angry, at this point my anger is justified due to lack of information and time.
  12. They haven't said it's up to sony; if they flat out did I think the PS4 community WOULD change their anger and start harassing sony. I also don't believe a month is acceptable for the DLC we paid for.
  13. The game is working to some degree on all platforms, maybe not matchmaking per-se but Private matches do. Also the DLC is available on both Steam and XBOX; so how about they fix it for PS4 users huh? We paid and we've been waiting, I believe our patience has run out.
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