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  1. Nice idea. Although the only thing I am paranoid about is how long it takes me to Level Up without constant server timed out issues
  2. I noticed the appearance difference. But I think this might just be copyright stuff. If the main actress has died they might not be able to get the rights to create an on point game character.
  3. Thats weird. the only Add On's I am seeing is the Swimsuit and the Emojis.
  4. I am not able to find this in the store and i can see other people using the costumes? Is it not out yet on PS4?
  5. Well yes as this happens in Part 6 right? And of course if this where actually a movie I am pretty sure Jason would fuck that car up. So hell yes! No one ever said escaping was easy
  6. Yeah I have seen this. But I ended up as Jason so I am not sure its accurate.
  7. It is very frustrating. Same when i am busting my best moves and the host leaves
  8. I am on PS4 and my tag is emmahobbins Seriously if i see them again Ill record them...and shoot them.
  9. I have just had to quit a match because EVERY councillor was on the roof. I managed to fire a few spears and hit one of them but really its becoming unplayable.
  10. Roof Glitch Post and a post for having achievements in killing your team mates. Some of these newbies could learn a lot from these forums....like how to play the game correctly and what the F13 franchise is about.
  11. Yeah I dunno about this one...I mean it doesn't have a typical Chucky feel to it. Why not keep it to your standard kid getting a Good Guy doll for Christmas. Its not like they create many movies for people to get bored. Plus we all know that a Good Guy doll should look like this
  12. Ah thanks for the tips guys! I will have another bash at it tonight. My PSN is emmahobbins
  13. No, since glitches have been fixed people just crouch there like idiots and do not play the game. Seriously GUN, please rid of these crappy gamers.
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