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  1. LOL! You must be a millennial , do you wear bubble wrap when you go outside ?
  2. Nice , I run the bloodiest part 3 skin with a pig splitter, part 4 kills are the best IMO
  3. I took almost a week off from the game, coming back it’s funy how you realize how crappy this game can run at times, was Jason got stuck in the water for 2 minutes, couldn’t move or use any powers, just as I was going to leave, I got put back on land, by this time cops were called, still got 7/8 but it was a challenge, if we weren’t in pinehurst most would have escaped. Balance is still really bad, mainly Jason’s grab it’s pathetic it it has plenty of length but it needs to be wider , he is stunned to easily, but an improved grab would help balance things out IMO. Bugs are always going to be here, if the game was maintained on a regular basis(it’s clearly not) the performance and stability always seem to get worse the longer we wait. The game gets very inconsistent due to memory leak from lack of maintenance.
  4. I was a backer who missed the deadline(got the email), due to being very busy , I think they should do this, i would buy it, still would main part 3 though
  5. Horror inc. Is the reason why this even went to court, look into what people in the industry say about Cunningham (it’s not good)and you will not be surprised he wants to drag this out further, I hope he loses more of a percentage, remember this is the man who wanted to “get rid of the damn hockey mask”
  6. You aren’t alone, their servers are messed up? , or crashed because of all the new players? funny I didn’t have any server issues until the server issue patch. It’s let me in a couple of times but I’m giving up,
  7. The statement said it would complicate “certain content” , So release Uber and just call him Uber (don’t use the Jason name) they can do tons of things , they just don’t want to, this was ALWAYS the case , this upcoming “statement” is just to create more hits for this website, and make more people talk about the game, nothing more
  8. If nothing has changed, I just don’t understand why gun needs to make a statement, the don’t need to rights holder permission to say they will still not be making any new content for this game. They only thing this is doing is giving people hope that more content will be released, toms of people will be let down when this statement is released , I hope I’m wrong
  9. It only happens when you are in the lobby, it doesn’t happen when in game, I had a bunch of hosts do the typical quit when I grabbed him, the game still went on.
  10. I have all the best epic perks, but I haven’t even bothered rolling for at least 8 months as I do not use any perks anymore, Jason is already a bitch , I do t want to have more of an advantage than I already have.
  11. Forget stupid pajamas , crap like this and dancing emotes is a big reason we didn’t get all the content that was promised, how much time do you think was wasted on that junk? Allot
  12. It funny how we always have to hear new from everyone but the devs themselves, When they made a statement a week or two after this lawsuit stuff came up , I knew they were using it an a scapegoat to pull out of this game, they knew about this stuff before the game was released and it was probably the plan in the 1st place,I’m glad Larry got to the point, gun has been nothing but deceptive, they wanted out of this game because they made their cash grab, the lawsuit was a perfect excuse for them, now people can blame the real problem with no new content.... it’s gun , nobody else, it’s always been them, I will not be buying the game they are working on now, I was a backer for this game and won’t give them another penny. people can now stop blaming the lawsuit, and blame the lazy incompetent developers , the game is still buggy as ever and Jason is now a pathetic joke, if this game was a movie it would be a comedy
  13. I backed gun for this game, it, it was great at launch, but all the changes, dance emotes, Jason nerfs(which brought in trolls) and bugs combined me that gun just doesn’t care, this was a cash grab all along , and they used the lawsuit as an excuse to bail. Nothing will change except the excuse, people waited forever for the engine upgrade, and I know people would wait months for them to get a team together to continue with content, they just don’t want to do it anymore, I would respect them more if they would just say the truth. Even now... why can gun or Wes just come on here again and make another quick statement say what he said before , in that there will be no more content , instead of making people have hope, it’s just rude. It was guns decision to stop content, because they didn’t want to get dragged in the lawsuit, being a small company I understand that, big companies like neca continue to pump out new product , I just got my part 5 Jason dream sequence figures that just dropped( I have triples of them all as they make part 2,3,4,5,and 6, they are making part 7 and 8 next) even the puzzle game added ghost Jason because he was already in the game, well guess what Jason x was already in the game, they were just to lazy to finish him, but they tell us (and people actually believe them LOL!) that they can’t add a rock , mean while neca is making new figures (The licensing thing would have applied to any new product) I don’t know know why gun continues to lie , we all know illfonic was horrible and caused all the delays, bad programming etc, and is the reason why we didn’t get Jason X, A thing that was promised, they were slow, lazy and are the reason why there was never a date on when new content or patches were coming out, because they never made a deadline, now they are gone(thank goodness) so what is going to be the excuse now? The game will be free in October and you can bet that they will sell the current Jason’s , kills and clothes for one more cash grab. p.s I really hope I am wrong but all gun has done is disappoint me I expect nothing different also to all, the people who slammed Victor miller, you should be writing apologies , it well known that Cunningham isn’t the greatest guy in the world, has screwed allot of people in the industry and didn’t even have anything to do with the Jason we have today, he wanted to “get rid of the damn hockey mask” remember ? , I was the only one defending miller and got crap for it , I’m glad they have to pay him, and for the record Victor miller has personally stated he had zero problem with the video game. Cunningham was the aggressor, it was his greed that led to this court thing in the first place. Justice has prevailed
  14. Most of the Jason hunters and troll use Vanessa beating up and running away from Jason takes zero effort with her, 9 times out of 10 when you hear mother at the shack it’s Vanessa , it’s sad because at launch nobody wanted to be Vanessa , Jason was a force, and Vanessa could be seen from all over the map, just shows how much they nerfed Jason
  15. Best thing to to with this guy is ignore him, he has nothing better to do than show up in threads where people talk about Jason being pathetic (he is) to try and argue different, this dude is a try hard , he plays on PC uses every exploit and every hack, he is the person in the lobby who trolls Jason and dances, and quits when he know he is getting killed, ignoring trolls makes them go away.
  16. Wow! I can an tell that you aren’t really a f13 movie fan, I’m a huge fan(it’s why I play this game, and it’s the only game I play as I’m not a gamer) for the record trish didn’t knock the mask off Tommy did
  17. In the “real world” he is like every other internet warrior, cowardly, shy and a female repellent.
  18. I sabotage the “try hard” Jason hunters as well, I don’t play a female character (male characters aren’t as good and much more fun because of that) but I will hit Jason twice after the sweater is activated. Jason killers get so salty they will try and start an argument every single time, and these aren’t little kids, these are grown adults.
  19. Well we all know there is zero maintenance done to the game in between patches, for every bug they take out 4 more show up, so eliminating bugs will never happen, just be happy that there are dedicated servers until they decide to pull them which I think will be next year, hopefully they are working on saving everything before they shut down.
  20. People like you wouldn’t even play the game if you couldn’t troll Jason “Jason hunter” LOL! Instead of trying to make it look like Jason isn’t a bitch(if he wasn’t you wouldn’t play) post up how many times you stun Jason.
  21. Correct Jason would be dead in 5 minutes, the game started to go downhill when they introduced dance emotes along with nerfing the crap out of Jason , there will always be trolls in any game, but gun/illfonic seem to like to do things that attract more.
  22. Yes , I use block all the time... doesn’t work that great, get stunned right though it most of the time, in one on one combat Jason is at a huge disadvantage, but we all know this.
  23. They can rectify this by just letting Jason pick up the mask and put it back on...
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