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  1. 6 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

    If you're choosing to pursue only 1 of the 4 ways to win, then I'm afraid that the problem is with your view on the game. Ignoring 3 viable methods to win in favor of one unlikely one is your problem and I'd say it demonstrates a failure to adapt. If you enjoy the game then you'll enjoy finding new strategies to implement in an attempt to counter these new changes, but if you're quitting just because it's harder to kill Jason then I'm afraid it's just a case of tough luck. 

    For anyone who's complaining about it, it's not impossible to kill Jason (well it may be currently due to a bug but won't be in future), it's just harder. If you can't deal with the increase in difficulty, then whose problem is it really?

    This is the best post in this thread.... you nailed it.

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  2. 3 hours ago, nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co said:

    Why should someone stop doing something they enjoy? Who decides how the game is played?

    There are 4 ways to win as a counselor:

    1 escape by car/boat

    2 escape with the police

    3 survive the night (this can be achieved by either running and hiding or fighting)

    4 defeat Jason

    These are all legitimate ways to win, as long as you don't cheat, none of these options have moral superiority over the other ones.

    If we actually go back to the source material, the movies, defeating Jason is the most used option to survive the night.

    I respect your opinion and your desire to escape, removing Jason's invincibility doesn't stop you from doing that.

    ADDING Jason's invincibility STOPS me from fighting, this is obviously unfair

    @CountYorgaVampir  I understand your point, I am simply pointing out that this patch effectively stops me from enjoying my favourite game to which I dedicate daily hours of fun, and I don't think this is needed. Suspending the patch while looking for better options would be a much wiser option


    Jason being a nerfed piñata effectively stopped me along with many others(see the 30 plus page topic Jason is weak) of having the fun we had at launch , I backed  this game(You didn’t it’s obvious) I played at launch(you obviously didn’t) I am a f13 movie nut(I can bet you aren’t ) for the most part this patch is only going to affect trolls who have ruined this game, I say good riddance. Suspending this patch? LOL!....... you must be a little kid..... well most trolls are LOL

  3. 3 hours ago, nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co said:

    Thank you for this! This is PRECISELY the point, people should NEVER be punished for their playstyle, as long as they are NOT cheating.

    The patch needs to be suspended and Jason's buffs need to be carefully designed, invincibility is not a good option

    You along with a bunch of others just joined this forum yesterday, just to complain , it’s obvious that you are one of the many people who just troll Jason , this game had been catered to people who like to kite Jason, and forget about playing the game the way it was designed to be played, and was played at launch. Fact is..... Jason was a wimp, he had been turned into a pathetic piñata,  He was just as Op at launch as he is now, the difference being his HP was higher, he didn’t get stunned as much, he could stack traps, could smash windows without waiting for a prompt (counselors now have a 3-4 second safety zone when climbing through) grab was good. It was made it even easier for counselors ,as they added  legendary perks, marking car parts ,  put that with all the exploits .....  Jason was neutered .....  all this could be avoided if they had just put Jason back to the way he was at launch,  So now they give Jason this buff instead,  I think they could have used  other ways to do it, but at this point I’ll take any Jason buff, Jason is supposed to be OP, people now have to,actually fix things to survive, if you want to fight go play mortal combat, the chain stun dance party is over for now. 

  4. 1 hour ago, nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co said:

    so, first of all, I apologize if I have been disrespectful in clarifying my ideas.

    I do accept your point and I simply say that combat WAS and HAS ALWAYS been a part of the game. So within the rules of the game I should be allowed to use it, right now this is not possible for half a match, try it yourself.

    I don't have any issue when a Jason with my same skill level destroys me in a 1v1 fight, at the same time I expect my skill, skill that I have developed in hundreds of hours of gameplay, to be worth something.

    Right now is useless, I am simply asking for combat to be present.

    Rage mode should make Jason's slashes stronger and maybe reduce the stun rate, not remove the fight completely. It doesn't seem I am asking for the moon. I have never complained since week one of the game but this is too much

    The only people that are bothered are the ones who just troll Jason , of you have spent hundreds of hours on this game and played the game without trolling Jason , nothing would be wasted.

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  5. 4 hours ago, HuDawg said:

    For the 1st time in a while im actually excited to play this game again..  

    The change to rage punishes aggressive counselor players.   And that's sounds great to me.

    It also will punish players who only focus on killing Jason.

    Seems like win/win.     

    Jason got his balls back..

    I hope you are right,  jason has been pathetic for much to long, IMO Jason should have never been altered at all l,the little crybabies who are complaining don’t know anything about f13, they have made this game  into a comedy, I’m really sick of it, I don’t think some of the crybabies even know how much was taken away from Jason since launch, this buff still won’t even put Jason near what he was in the beginning, but it’s a good start, I hope it helps.

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  6. On 1/30/2019 at 12:04 PM, gtdjlocker311 said:

    Hey, you guys who are complaining that Jason is "too OP:"

    Watch a Friday the 13th movie sometime.  When you do, you'll see teenagers getting killed. Lots of them.  What you don't see are fearless teens talking smack to Jason and beating him constantly while he is unable to defend himself.

    Those of us who love the franchise wanted a game where escaping Jason was difficult, and would require cunning, teamwork, and luck.  It SHOULD be hard, it SHOULD be scary.  And it was, at launch.  It looks like the devs are finally putting things right.

    @mattshotcha, the stream was awesome and much appreciated.  The only thing I didn't see addressed that has been discussed here was the perk rolling.  Are there changes coming to it in a future patch still?


    On 1/30/2019 at 7:09 AM, Tuffy09 said:

    Making Jason Unstunnable in rage much is a bit much of an buff imo I play with my GF to have fun an relax on this game and I normally carry a weapon to stop Jason from grabbing her half way through the game, the stun should be reduced by 50% an he recovers quicker from being stunned would be a good balance because I rely on hitting Jason to gain an stamina buff later in the match to escape

    No it’s not Jason has been a pansy for to long.

  7. 5 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    .Also, I'd like to remind anyone complaining that the game is now "broken" that from the very beginning (even before the Beta) this game was never meant to be a "Let's go whoop Jason's ass!" game, it was meant to be a "Run away from Jason's ass!" game. The current climate of stun-dance-stun-dance-stun-dance was NEVER intended to happen. With the new changes, the focus is back on ESCAPING, not standing at the police exit chain-stunning Jason for 10 minutes before getting bored and running away.

    If anything is "broken" by the new changes, it's Jason being the counselors pinata-bitch.

    100% true, Jason is a bitch and has been one for a long time, If they would have left him the way he was at launch people would have had to deal with it or leave...... kind of like what some are going to have to do now.


    5 hours ago, x OLd ScRatCh x said:

    If you are talking about me, I'm a 150 on both Xbox and PS4, and I've been on the forum since pretty much the beginning. All you have to do is hover over my username which is the same on Xbox and PS4. My only potential issue is with flare guns and firecrackers becoming useless in the last third of the game which usually gives some of the best chase sequences. If no melee weapon can stun Jason toward the end of a match, an even remotely half decent Jason should just clean up the board. Counselors need to have a chance toward the end.

    No,I was NOT talking about you, Im a 150 level and have been since the 1st week it got extended to 150

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  8. 7 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    Yeah, that’s kind of the reason why they made all the changes that allowed counselors to have an easy button on the game...Jason used to be a real threat.

    But  instead of waiting for the player base to get better they started nerfing Jason and catered to the cry baby community that said “Jasons too Op..” ....” I die more than I escape...” “ it’s unfair..”

    these new buffs to Jason come after a year of nerfs trust me..... it’s not because the majority are “ shit”... it’s because the Developers see the problems are real and changes are needed.


    We are 100% on the same page brother, it’s funny how I’m seeing a bunch of newbs joining the forum just today because they know their fun might be over , when it comes to beating on Jason 

  9. 38 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    The nerfing of the weapons you are talking about is dependent on rage mode not the entire match.... 

    if you attempt to stun Jason from the beginning of the match it is at your peril....if players don’t ....you are only talking about 7 minutes of the end of the match where only the Shot gun and sweater will be the only things that can stun him.....still not the entire match....

     I am struggling to see why this is so upsetting when we still haven’t played the game with the changes yet ....which may create some entertaining chases with Jason if you ask me....instead of watching Jason on his back you will see Counselor really attempt to escape or see some real pressure to get the kill done.

    You don’t see his point because he just joined this forum 4 hours ago, which tells me all,he does when he played this game is beat on Jason and do dance moves , I can’t wait to slash them, I’m off work tomorrow.... this is going to be a fun day ;) killing trolls is always fun.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Rigginss1 said:

    This could potentially be game breaking especially for Jason's like savini, part 3 part 4 etc. This mechanic could be completely abused by Jason's who do nothing but slash as counselors no longer have a defense against them. If a counselor runs out of stamina while Jason has rage there's practically no longer a way to escape. Combine this with the awful swing hit detection and it just makes the game less enjoyable now, especially as counselors


    2 hours ago, Rigginss1 said:

    The main reason people have left is because of the million bugs, glitches, and the lack of new content within the game. I've been here since launch and it's felt so much better than what it used to. It's so easy to play Jason and this makes it even easier


    LOL! You just joined four hours ago, and from what you wrote , I know for a fact you never played this game before Jason was nerfed.., looks like a bunch of trolls are here to cry about Jason being less of a piñata.

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  11. I play the game on  99% of the time PS4 but do have it on Xbox, I think you are greatly exaggerating,  Jason is Pathetic on ALL platforms , if you think this will be game breaking , I take it you never played this game at launch, where Jason wasn’t a piñata and you actually had to work with a group of people to survive, it much to easy  for counselors which is the main reason why most people have moved on from this game, this game was initially designed for counselors to die more than live, this game is upside down and has been for a long time.

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  12. As a backer who still plays this game, and still remembers how fun it was to be Jason before the series of nerfs(almost every single patch)  I welcome any change forward , not being able to,stun Jason in rage is going to help Jason the most, although it would have been nice for the counselors to find out the hard way, regardless I’ll take it. Thanks for the work, I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out tomorrow .


    1 hour ago, Vagabond Departe said:

    It's not necessarily only when Jason pulls someone out of the car into grab stance. I'm talking in general when he grabs someone. I see someone get grabbed on ground and it doesn't matter what weapons I use, I will swing right through Jason's body no matter how close I am or what side I'm attacking him from. It doesn't always swing through his body but like I said previously, although slight but not far off exaggeration, 8-9 out of 10 times my weapons swing through Jason. Even with Swift Attacker on! 

    I have so many 10-20 second recordings of it happening in both private and public matches. There is something wrong with the hit detection because I have legitamitely had a friend playing as Jason grab another friend, and stand still while the counselor is being choked and I try almost every weapon in the game to disconnect the grab and weapons will go right through him a lot of the time.

    Hit detection is and always has been aweful for Jason , while counselors don’t even have to swing in Jason’s direction and still stun him, your complant about not being able to hit Jason will fall on deaf ears because 99.9% Counselors have much better hit detection on Jason , it’s always been that way.

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  13. On 1/24/2019 at 10:06 AM, DasMurich said:

    @mattshotcha Players deserve a response to this exploit situation, it's seriously out of hand. But hacking and cheating in general is a joke. Let me show you this.... (no name and shame, just a bit of video). You should be able to see the player is using shift non-stop. It's pretty clear.


    This was this morning. I obviously captured it and reported this JasonKillsBugs.com. However, what I saw was seriously irritating. Not just irritating but completely unacceptable. Before the match started another player announced that this particular individual is a hacker, so it's apparently a known thing, but not only that, looking at the player's Steam profile I found multiple claims of reporting, like this "got a video of him glitching out of reach of jason r e p o r t t e i m". This quote was from April of last year, fucking APRIL! 

    Why are players like this NOT being banned when it is being reported? The rest of us are following the protocol, wasting our time taking the steps to report people like this and nothing is being done! This asshole has been doing this, from what I can see, for almost a year now? 

    This is bullshit and the players deserve better! @mattshotcha Can we get an official statement? Either - "This is going to be taken seriously from now on and resolved swiftly" or "Blah blah blah excuse X, so sorry, we don't actually care."

    You are 100% correct,  fact is that the devs haven’t cared about this game in a long time, and have  catered  this game for toxic players,1. by making Jason a Patric piñata , 2.taking away staking traps, 3.window prompts giving 3 second force fields, 4.yet another “new grab” that leaves Jason even more open for an already easy stun, 5.showing parts on the map, 6.legendary perks .... hey .. forget tbagging Jason , you can now dance  on him, (how much time do you think was wasted making the stupid emotes? , the game would have has Jason x/ Grendel. Etc... I could keep going ....  while at the same time not doing a damn thing about cheaters and glitchers, and for anyone who thinks that the salt mines exist... I have a bridge to sell you.

  14. On 1/22/2019 at 8:52 PM, SteadyGosling said:

    Ive noticed recently that window kills are getting a lot of attention for being cheap or unfair, as unless the window is closed and not broken, its most likely the only way you'd die. Windows that are open shouldn't be enough to kill you, and their pretty glitchy, and broken windows shouldn't be enough either. Should window kills be altered like doors? where theyd only be a kill location if their in the doors case open?

    Every time I see a post by someone who’s avitar is a counselor I cringe because I know it’s a counselor main who never played this game at launch when  before Jason was nerfed,  the only thing cheap about windows is the 3-4 second safety that counselors get climbing through. Jason used to be able to smash windows without a prompt, just one of the many things that were changed to nerf Jason.

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  15. 38 minutes ago, ConnectTheKings said:

    Hey team, can you guys provide any information on the possible drop date of the new update? or maybe just let me know about the new perk system / jason fixes? also are we getting patches for glitch spots on the maps like the packanack roof, the rock spot on crystal lake or any other annoying cheater spots? Still hoping we can get a new barebones / hardcore mode!! 😊


    I see that you are new here so I’ll Get you up,to speed.... patches for this game are like bleeding blood from a rock, the end of the month could be 3-4 months, and when it does come they  will break just as much as they fix, it doesn’t matter that illfonic is gone, this game is at an all time low right now, it’s gone nothing but backwards since it’s release.

  16. 21 hours ago, thrawn3054 said:

    Possibly because it turned into a thread filled with suggestions? 

    @mattshotcha already confirmed next patch will contain Jason buffs. So not really sure what you're complaining about.

    Then half of the threads in general discussion should be over there genius , you are a newer player if you don’t know what I’m “complaining about, there are people like me who played this game at launch, then there are players like you. Also “genius” If Jason was never messed with with in the 1st place he wouldn’t need a buff, you wouldn’t know that because again, I can tell by the way you write that you are a newer player, I backed this game whe it was called “summer camp “

  17. Now you blow on him and he falls over, it is a disgrace , this game is catered to the toxic now,  most of the backers and die hards are gone, I was a backer and am just about done with this game, there were over 60 people that I would play with from the beginning , 2 are left, I can’t play  more than an hour a week, it’s sad how bad they have let Jason be disrespected.

    They have been needing Jason with each and every patch there is zero balance anymore, and the don’t care.

  18. 21 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    Fuck yeah he does. I'd have thought the devs would have at least attempted to tweak this a bit, seeing as how often and loudly it gets complained about.

    The only thing that has been tweaked has been Jason.... he is  back to having t-Rex arms,  with an even slower animation, worse combat(which was a joke to begin with,)  slower running , and of course gets gets stunned when the wind blows. Anyone who doesn’t see this is in denial, I’ve played this game since the minute it dropped, backed it when it was summer camp.

    There are reasons why the “Jason is weak” thread got moved to the part of this website that doesn’t get much traffic, they don’t want to deal with this glaring problem, would rather try to push it under the rug, they are catering to the toxic people.

  19. On 12/2/2018 at 10:13 PM, Fair Play said:

    I forgot about the double smash in SPC. It has been a while since I've played those. It would be nice to see in multiplayer, as it could be a useful tool in Jason's skill set, considering if a rework were to come about for him.

    I tried finishing those off right after I quit multiplayer due to shitheads on the roof, and even the challenges are screwd up, it’s pathetic how they don’t even maintain this game on the smallest level. Games for me are for relaxing and having fun after a hard days work, not being disgusted how bad this game has got..

    Im done with this game for a while, I’ve only been playing it 1 or 2 times a week, and that is to much now, the people who “work on this game should be ashamed of themselves 

  20. On 11/22/2018 at 9:14 PM, Fair Play said:

    I agree that stun needs to be addressed. That alone could solve a few problems.

    It’s beyond being a joke now, they don’t even have to swing in Jason’s direction and it stuns him,  while at the same time they have to be right under Jason’s nose for him to register a hit, between that and all the rooftop dancers, not being able to get into a game with dedicated servers , bugs etc... I’m  pretty much done with this game,  and I was a backer. I will not play another game made by this publisher if they aren’t attached to someone who is big.

  21. 2 hours ago, Official_Adam_W said:

    I can 100% confirm that using an exploit to get to and stop another exploiter is safe from punishment. I have done it in the past and had the video evidence to prove my case in the event someone else sent a video in complaining. I did however also give my video to the dev's anyway and explained why i did it and guess what, no consequences.

    There is a huge difference in glitching/exploiting to just plain cheat and it is another to do it to prevent/stop the cheater.

    The devs aren’t doing shit about this people are going on the roof because they know the devs aren’t doing shit, I just tried playing a game 10 minutes ago, and some idiot kid was on the roof again (this crap is happening 9 out of 10 times a match) I just learned how to get up there, but I didn’t bother, I told the punk kid up,there that I took the screen shot and sent it in(I did) and he laughed saying nobody has ever done anything , and you know what? .... I believe him, I’m not bothering anymore , I’m going to do what I just did, is turn the game off.

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