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  1. Same thing here on my PS4, still waiting for their servers to come back up, I did play the game for an hour, it's pretty damn fun even though I don't know what the hell im doing, was Jason twice, killed 2 out of 8 then 4 out of 8, most people on here played the beta and knew what they were doing.
  2. I played for an hour... took a break, now it won't let me back in, when I try and connect it says database login failure verify internet connectivity , all my other online stuff works. its the damn servers for the game
  3. Thanks guys I entered my keys and the game is almost done downloading, of you have fast internet like I do downloading it takes 5 minutes took my connection 2 min
  4. Yes I am in the US, I am new to this KEY stuff, I just buy the games in the store, I'll try that.. thanks
  5. I can't even see it in the PlayStation store, I was sent my keys yesterday night, this is why I bought a physical copy, I thought i would have that at launch instead of a code.
  6. She also said that she didn't like all the gore and could do without it hahahaha, I totally went off on this stupid girl who obviously never watched a Friday movie.
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