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  1. I just got the update about 20 minutes ago ,I’m in IL about to play my 1st game right now gotta go
  2. Sure you don’t do those things LOL! that is why you went out of your way to look up people I never heard of , that teach exploits , I dont look at manuals are guides, people who do have every intent to use them, like I’m sure you do regardless of what you write on an Internet forum. Also the GIT GOOD phase was stated by the devs when they refused to admit they screwed up the game, that phrase was kept up by the people who like to troll, hunt and beat on a nerfed Jason(it annoyed me like nothing else, those same turds that will be whining already about the decrease in pocket knives and other weapons, I’m just going togive them their own medicine and tell them to GiT Good.
  3. Get lost tool! people like you are why the game has sucked the past 3 months, we don’t need casual gamers like you, this is Friday the 13th, try watching a movie, you obviously aren’t a fan.
  4. Looking at all your posts, I would guess you are a Jason troller , and stated playing the game after October , well it looks like you should go start playing a new game, the devs are reverting to the game they brought us at launch..... don’t let the door hit you on the way out
  5. I agree, these clowns need to go away, better yet, maybe they should stay so they can get their asses handed to then by Jason , if they don’t like it, they can find another game.
  6. GIT GOOD was a statement made by trolls liked beating the hell out of Jason , Now for every person who cry’s about counselors getting set back to where they we at launch, I’m going to tell The to GIT GOOG
  7. Those are casual game plying trolls that need to take a hike and play another game
  8. Gunn media limited their game when they put to many weapons in it, this game isn’t about fighting and hunting Jason , it’s obvious you are not a Friday the 13th movie fan, , You obviously did not play at launch. The object of the game is to survive, not hunt/fight Jason , the nerfs made it that way. You are just going to have to GIT GOOD at surviving without 8 pocket knives, 4 shotguns , and endless other weapons on the map, this is Friday the 13th not Call of Duty.
  9. I agree, I’m just going to tell these assholes to GIT GOOD, This game has been crap since November , got even worse in December and I haven’t played it for a month, I hope when I come back tomorrow it resembles the atmosphere it had when the game was launched, i backed this game but if this patch doesn’t help things, Im going to have to join many of the other people who have left the game for good.
  10. I agree with you 100 %, but People like him don’t understand this, there are to many people playing this game who know nothing about Friday the 13th movies, They are just casual gamers, I blame these people for the current state of the game.
  11. You are just a causal game player, not a Friday fan and certainly not a backer, the only people who think this game is about “winning” are casuals who play as counselors, this game is about Jason killing people and people trying to survive. Also nobody ever complained about Jason being to easy, that is a complete fabrication. i hope Jason is buffed enough to where he was a threat like he was when the game started, he was nerfed for the babies like you, who have to “win”.
  12. I agree the one thing the devs do very well is attention to detail, I could care less is clothing is a shade off , this is something that can be fixed in a minute, much bigger problems with this game to take care of 1st.
  13. Eat shit dirtbag, your screen name alone shows that you are just a troll hiding in your parents basement trying to stir things up...get lost loser
  14. Great 1st post newb, you aren’t a fan of Friday the 13th, it’s obvious in what you wrote, you represent the casual gamer who might have seen a Friday movie once or twice ,
  15. You are 100% correct, none of the clowns kicked in extra money to back the game(I did) they are just casual gamers who probably got the game on the Black Friday sale.
  16. Jesus Christ are you clueless , This is Friday the 13, this is Jason fucking Voorhees .... I guess you don’t know that Jason is one of the most feared fictional slashers of motion picture history, people are supposed to run numb nuts go ,watch Scooby-Doo , I’m sure there is a game for that to. You have to be that miserable little man who hides in the basement going onto forums to to troll people... have to be.
  17. No, if you didn’t experience the game play before the changes your opinion is invalid, would you write a review about driving a 2018 corvette whe you have only driven a 1990 corvette?.... hence my point, if you haven’t experienced both your opinion means nothing.
  18. The stat list for the weapons is as broke as the game, Jason gets stunned 98 times out of 100 when he is hit with anything, and more than 50% of the time he gets knocked on his ass. I stoped playing 2 weeks ago, I’m done with this game, I’m on here because I am sitting on the toilet and bored,. the last time I played Jason got his mask knocked off with a pot in one hit, after that we proceeded to beat on him, chain stunn him probably 25 times, even in rage he was getting his ass knocked on the ground. There is no patch that will fix this game, it’s to far gone, ever since this game has come out, the devs have taken things away from Jason to cator to all the casual players, 1st thing they did was take away window smashing and gave it a dummy prompt button, nobody asked for that, , then nerfed the grab(again nobody complained) hit detection always sucked but is even worse now, guns , knives etc... you want to slash? Well let’s put health sprays all over. The only people who play this game are the causuals, the people who helped make this game are gone, The game is broken , has been for a while I don’t see this changing , adding new content without fixing what they broke is going to makes things worse. The devs obviously don’t care, they got their money, there are no excuses , Friday the 13th is a huge tm I wish it went to a real game company, the product would have been 100 times better and would have been improved every month not rot as this game has. I can see that this website isn’t getting as many hits anymore either, like,the game it will die soon... good riddance
  19. This is the way the game should be IMO, but there are to many babies who don’t understand that Jason is supposed to slaughter people without much effort.
  20. I don’t know what game you are playing ,but all counselors, leave any Jason in the dust, it’s not even close.
  21. “Jason people” as you put it were fine with the Jason that we had at launch, and for your information, this is Jason’s game, It’s a shame the the devs are catering to people like you......
  22. “Jason people” as you put it were fine with the Jason that we had at launch, and for your information, this is Jason’s game, It’s a shame the the devs are catering to people like you......
  23. I have played the game since the hour it was released, your opinion does not count since you have never played the game before it was changed , I also can bet my life that you are a casual game player , certainly not a Friday the 13th fan.
  24. I surprised that the rain doesn’t stun Jason in his current state, he is a joke, this thread confirms it for the 1000 time.
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