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  1. It happen when I’m getting chain stunned or when breaking a window, the window prompt will stay on wherever you go, this was supposed to be addressed in a patch months ago, it wasn’t , this game has no sort of maintenance to keep things in check.
  2. Is Gunn ever going to address Jason losing his ability to use his weapon which happens when he is stunned by a window, or multi- stunned? Seems like it happens to me at least 3 times a week, this isn’t a new bug, morphing out of it doesn’t work, you need to get stunned again to get it back, if counselors are inside a house you are screwed, I just had it happen to me yet again, which had a huge impact on the result of the game.Im growing tired of the games mechanics failing me, one would think this would be fixed long ago, this isn’t something weshould have to wait 4 months for in a patch
  3. If it’s broken ... just go play another game.... Jason is supposed to be very OP, and he is still not as OP as he was at launch, the devs scaled it back way to much because of whiners like you, the grab is fine now although inconsistent, I’m good with it. What is broken is Jason being stunned through unbroken doors, or being chain stunned, when they fix that you are really going to cry. Bye .... don’t come back please. I agree, this person is just another millennial who wants everything handing to him easily
  4. 100% of your posts consist of wanting to make Jason weak, let me guess... your preference is set to counselor, you started playing in December (when Jason was at his most pathetic), you lie to troll/dance in front of Jason, you are not a Friday the 13th movie watcher, just a casual game player, you don’t know what Jason is all about, he still is underpowered compared to the game I backed on Kickstarter.
  5. I could give a crap about double xp, I’ve been at 150 since two weeks after they extended the level, I also don’t roll any perks, I have the ones that I need, I just relay on skill now
  6. Don’t forget that 3 second safety bubble that is still there for counselors climbing in windows.... yes I’ve counted 3 fucking seconds before the prompt comes up, they need to switch that back to launch version... nobody complained
  7. And Jason loses his maylee 100%, it happens to me at Lear 3 times a week
  8. It’s perfect the way it is now, getting grabbed isn’t an automatic death sentence , the odds are against you of you don’t have one of the 3 knifes on the map(not including jarvas), bu.t that is how it should be
  9. Simple as that, performance is even more pitiful in the rain, performing as Jason or a counselor, basic functions like opening up a door or climbing out a window are crap, this new engine can’t come fast enough
  10. It seems like many of the “experts” here don’t not even have a copy of their own game, they watch YouTube videos and play at heir friends house.... some people just feel the need to argue about anything on the internet. No , I just dismiss people who don’t even have their own copy of the game and base their opinions from watching a YouTube video , I think that is more than fair, and you know I am right even if you don’t admit it.
  11. Yes I dismissed this person as a casual because this person is a casual(by their own admission ), Playing the game once in a while on a friends system once in a while and watching YouTube videos does not give this person any cred.... what is dumb is somebody defending someone who doesn’t even own the game..... pathetic
  12. 1. You aren’t even a casual as you don’t even own the game 2. Your opinion means absolutely zero because... (see number one) 3. See number 1 and 2
  13. There are way to many grade school kids playing this game, I’m talking no older that 10 years old, their parents should be shot
  14. I agree, there is no reason why my grap should reach farther than my swing which it does FYI most people are complaining about Jason’s hitbox, not the councilors, and yes the game is supposed to be in Jason’s favor, the devs always were upfront about that, you are just another casual... don’t watch Friday the 13th... not a fan (obvious by the stupid avatar) didn’t fund it and obviously , don’t understand what this game is about, I’m going to guess mommy and daddy bought you this game in December .
  15. Hahahah I’m a 150 level kickstart backer, I clean lobbies 95% of the time, and yes it is Jason’s game , as the devs say, your list is to be laughed at which is why nobody else responded to you, I couldn’t help myself.... such stupidity, I’ll ignore you now.
  16. LOL! Anything else you want to buff the counselors ? How about and invincible mode where Jason can’t even touch you without falling over? So basically you want to escape 99.9% of the time with ease... nope the game is better with less weapons, it should be left alone, if anything reduce them more there are still to many med sprays and you want more hahahah! , , this is Jason’s game counselors are supposed to get slaughtered , go watch a movie (if you are old enough)1 or 2 people max survive.
  17. I think that you not being able to get Jason to drop a friend comes down to the % of stun that the weapon you are using has, I have people save counselors from my grab all the time, it’s a numbers game, pay attention to how many times you don’t affect him to the times you do, I’m sure you affect him more than not.
  18. You must have not played this game at launch, the pocket knives are back to the same point they were at launch, the 9 plus pocket knives that were put in the game were by mistake of the devs, this isn’t a fighting game, people who got used to the December version of this game don’t realize this, also it’s still 7 to 1 Jason gets stunned very easy he isn’t supposed to drop something every time he gets tapped. It’s bad enough he gets stunned behind closed unbroken doors
  19. No it’s not better, it’s still crap, and FYI Jason doesn’t have to fall on his back 100% of the time when a counselor hits him, he already falls 97% of the time , and yes if you fight Jason you should die
  20. There is no double standard kid, what you and many casual non Friday the 13th movie watchers don’t seem to realize is that Jason is supposed to slaughter people with ease, counselors are there to die, only the ones who do everything perfect survive, this isn’t a combat game and if you try to make it that and go 1 on 1 with Jason you are going to lose as you should.
  21. Jason does in FACT get stunned just standing behind a SOLID door.
  22. Because he is like many of the weak willed millennials who want everything handed to them.
  23. I wipe most lobbies, but as a Friday the 13th movie fan I know Jason is still underpowered, your screen name says it all, you are one of the people who like to troll Jason/ dance etc...you think of you cry enough they will nerf and already nerfed Jason back to the pitiful December Jason, it’s jasons game not counselers game, jason is supposed to wipe everyone out with ease.
  24. It is a game mechanic bug and an exploit sorry the devs did not intend for Jason to be stunned when standing behind a door that isn’t even broke, people exploit this flaw like they do all the other many flaws in this game, we are not playing a finished version of this game, they can’t do anymore with this current engine, which is why there will be a new one. This game can’t even handle rain with its current engine, I’m sure all these exploits / poor game mechanics (hit detection has always been crap and is getting worse) will be fixed.
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