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  1. Simple as that, doesn’t make sense everyone else can see behind them, it would make people think twice about running up behind Jason , and make the game more exciting.
  2. Let’s be honest, the single player challenges will get boring after a couple of weeks, I just hope the game works like it was supposed to anyway, I’m not holding my breath, I also think them not releasing an ETA at this point is pathetic.
  3. He also like to start threads that complain about Jason being to OP.... wants the counselors to be as strong as the Avengers
  4. Just walk away and leave it going if you can’t wait until the game is over, we need salt mines, to many people are very good a quting just when you grab them... vanishing into thin air... happened to me in a room full of 150’s (I’m 150 as well)2 people did it in a row, I think they should also credit Jason with the kill if anyone leaves during a match, even if Jason isn’t around, I don’t think anyone will disagree with me there(except the people who don’t like playing like Jason.
  5. There was a kid doing that in a lobby on PS4 , he did it once and I called him out, he said it was a glitch, he did it again next match , and I told him I Took a screen shot and reported his name, he left after that, he couldn’t have been older than 10.
  6. I only quit when the ping is so high(from a crappy internet via host) that I skip around rather than walk,as Jason or a counselor
  7. I’ll agree that Jason is still to soft in the part that he still gets stunned and knocked on his ass way to easy, and his combat vs a counselor is a joke, that being said I still clean out lobbies 8 times out of 10.
  8. I agree also, my experience is his grab still needs to be tweaked, his grab is fine if a counselor is straight in front of you, but if they are very close to you and just a little to the side Jason still has T-Rex arms.
  9. Most of the speed looters are little kids in QP, they leave doors open, never get parts, they just try troll Jason and quit when they are killed.
  10. I play on PS4 and there is 3 plus Tommy which makes it 4. I can live with that, at launch when the game was at its best there was 3 I can’t complain Vs the 9 that were in the game up,to the last patch.... lots of things about this game are broken but the knives are fine IMO
  11. I’ve been at 150 for months, haven’t even rolled a peek in months, I try to play a few games a day but it’s hard, between the inconsistent way the game plays do to lazy developers who don’t bother to do maintenance , rage quiters, little kids who aren’t even 10 etc... all the double xp days are double troll days, I just played as Jason where this party’s main focus was to gang up on Jason as they did the match before I was Jason . They had me surrounded at the 4 seater beating on me for 10 minutes, got the car started but at this point. I already killed a few... kept going on, instead of running away and maybe fixing the phone they wanted the car, they weren’t getting it, and when they figured that they were all going to die, the host just quit, 4 bugsys and 2 Vanessa’s, they stunned me 20 plus times easy... they still quit. 4 more games in a row after that..... host quits .... I’m done for a few days
  12. Bingo! Exactly, the thing is all the crybabies (with counselor aviators LOL!) think this game is about “winning” like it was a game that has cars and races, they complained enough to where the devs nerfed the shit out of Jason , this is whe most of the crybabies started playing the game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Jason was at his weakest around Christmas time when all the whiners got the game, it was to cater to them, not the people who backed the game a year before it was out... Jason was given back some of his power(still not what it was at launch,) the whiners think they can sway it back.... not gonna happen, if anything Jason will be more OP when the game works like it should. I clear the lobby 8 times out of 10, but I still think Jason gets stunned and beat up way to easy.
  13. This would be a comedy not a horror, counselors beating and dancing on Jason.... I wouldn’t see that movie
  14. They aren’t going to give a date... could be this month .... could be June .......
  15. I find it funny that some of the people who argue about Jason being to OP don’t even own the game, they watch it on stream or YouTube LOL!
  16. Make counselors unlikeable ? Lol!! The whole fun of it is liking to see them die, you probably have never seen a Friday the 13th movie in an actual theatre, people cheer for Jason to kill ... this game is based off the movie, although not everything can be spot on, that is one part of the game that should always be consistent. You just seem like one of those people who think you always have to escape, along with the other crybabies who have counselors as their avitars and screen names ... Which I find funny.
  17. I think this whole topic is dumb, counselors are there for Jason to kill them, period, Jason still loses badly in combat situations, and all counselors have the ability to knock Jason flat on his ass with one hit, where Jason has to slash multiple times to get some counselors just to limp, enough with this counselor ability’s crap, each counselor already has different ability’s just look at stats... one are the same.
  18. I am all for them, but then again, I don’t rage quit, troll etc.... the only people it’s going to bother are trolls
  19. True that the forum is filled with allot of loyal players and backers(such as myself) but it’s also filled with people who don’t even own the game, and are just here to argue, because that is what the internet allows.
  20. It’s necause most milenials grew up getting participation trophies when playing on teams when they sucked, they feel like everything should be handed to them, don’t like to work for anything, my brother is a millennial and I made sure I was brutal to him, not wanting him to be weak like the rest.
  21. Lol! No there isn’t going to be a pocket knife perk, there were 9 on the map before it was fixed back to 4(1 is Tommy’s ) 4 get out of jail cards(or free lives) are enough.
  22. It will come, I would rather them fix the bugs 1st, the weapon thing won’t be an issue when the next patch comes
  23. QP is filled with a bunch of 10 year old little brats who quit before or after they are killed... if they are host... your game is over, if I hear a little kid hosting I leave before the game starts.
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