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  1. The grab is much to slow and only hits in a straight line, I’ll just go back to slashing until they fix this, Gunn always takes baby steps forward , then a couple of steps back, how many times have they changed the grab... should have left it where it was at launch athe very least what it was before this patch, you can literally be standing outside a window whe someone is climbing out an miss... pathetic.

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  2. I’ve taken the time to give my opinion on this new patch, I like the player challenges, but that is about it,  the multiplayer is much worse, there are even more bugs, everything to opening up a drawer takes longer, Jason’s grab is pathetic, hit detection still sucks, did I mention more glitches? , as far as single player bot, they are stil, just as dumb, the only difference is that most of them have pocket knives and firecrackers.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Sgonofe said:

    Wow, I'm totally standing in a corner because I got banned, you don't have to hurt me even more, I'm so so so sad. 

    LOL! Everyone knows you are butthurt, because even though “you don’t care” you joined this forum TODAY to cry about getting banned..... you are a forum troll as well, I hope you get banned here as well ...troll

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  4. 3 hours ago, Sgonofe said:

    No one would ever exploit that glitch if it was fixed, we aren't talking about a glitch that just happened to come with the last update, it's been there for months. I tried it once, I got pernabanned without even a warning. 


    I'm neither, I did it out of curiosity, I did it only a single time, I even asked Jason to kill me. If they fixed their shit no one would be able to exploit a glitch. 

    You are full of crap, I’m sure there is a laundry list of cheats/hacks etc... on you, with tons of people reporting you, it must be really bad for Gunn to ban you because for the most part they don’t care about toxic players like you... again good riddance. Go away, and stop whining 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Sgonofe said:

    How am I supposed to know that was a bad thing? Everyone said that this glitch's been there since the map was released and looking even further Jarvis House map was released on October 13th, so It's been 7 months and it hasn't been patched yet 


    3 hours ago, Sgonofe said:

    So, I'm not complaining, to begin with, I just want to know the reason since the warning message doesn't say anything. 

    I’m glad they banned you cheater, I’ve seen a bunch of people use that cheat and make everybody else in the room wait 8 minutes, good riddance , now you can go play another game and just stand in a corner and do nothing.... sounds like fun

  6. 2 minutes ago, Freddie Mercury said:

    Theres probably going too be a few new glitchs and bugs when the patch drops. But, apart from that. The patch looks promising, weapon swapping and SP challenges are the additions i'm looking forward to the most.

    There will always be bugs, but they will be fixed very easy and fast with an engine that is not obsolete like the one they used to make the launch game.

  7. 3 hours ago, BrokenGrabJsonOP said:

    who would waste pocket knives on traps? not a sane person of course, if you have a spray you just walk over the trap, pocket knives are very valuable and sacred in this game

    You must be a new player, who thinks the object of the game is to fight Jason,  if you are experienced, you don’t need a free life to try an escape, when I’m Jason I always slash until someone is limping, doesn’t matter if you have a knife, you have a much better chance of escaping if you don’t alert Jason.

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  8. 1 hour ago, PlayerAgainstTheMachine said:

    Seriously,  this game have 1 year out and they still don't fix this. Was playing as LaChappa and I tried to get in a window,  and guess what,  the character decides to pick the item that was in the floor instead of get through the window. Was playing as A.J and I tried to close a door (Jason was right in front of me) and guess what, the character decides to pick up a weapon that was right next to the door. 

    To be honest,  these things are just getting old.  They should make something like this: for pick an object hold X (or E for PC people) and for close doors and open windows just press it (without holding it) 

    The devs have done nothing to maintain the current game, not that it ever worked good, this new update(what ever month it drops) is going to make or break this game and they will have no excuse , I’m just sorry I backed this game and wasted $63 bucks.

  9. 19 minutes ago, MichaelMemers said:

    The chances of the update coming this month are 1 in 100 at this point, and I doubt we'll see it in the first half of June either.

    I agree Gunn has never hit a target date, so they aren’t going to give out a date anymore, we will just get another excuse, the next one will be something like”we are close to the finish line”, then “we are closer to the finish line etc... meanwhile the current game is on life support it’s so unstable do to zero maintenance. Lost all movement as Jason trice yesterday  within an hour while counselors just whacked away, through doors, windows, in front of me etc... still killed everyone when I unglitched , because most players in QP just team up on Jason , raid drawers, and don’t fix anything.

  10. 9 hours ago, BeautyNumber2 said:

    It’s time to bring attention to the fact that there are continuous issues with window interaction as counselors.

    First of all, I’ve died now maybe 6 or 7 times this past month because I was trying to jump through a window, but my character just kept running at the window and wouldn’t interact. Before these interactions, there was nothing that occurred that would have glitched my character and made them unable to interact with everything or not swing their weapon, etc. (which we know is another match-ending glitch for counselors unless they get grabbed and have a pocket knifeThat’s issue #1.

    Secondly, when trying to jump through a window, the counselor, with substantial stamina will NOT jump, they will only politely open the window and then will NOT jump in, they will only crawl in. The game not reading one quick interaction is understandable and might be user or a controller error, but the second one is testament to it being an issue with the game. Again, I’ve died unnecessarily too many times because of this that it warrents attention and explanation.

    Third, in combination with the aforementioned glitches, if Jason grabs you as you are struggling with these, you may begin to float around permanently at whatever distance you were grabbed as you slowly ascend higher and higher away from the ground. Unless Jason can get throwing knives to kill you or you quit, the match will be unplayable for the counselor AND drag the match out.

    Lastly, I just had two matches in a row (of a dozen in less than a month) where I’ve been chased by Jason, actually been able to jump through a window, landed on the other side... only to be in his grab back on the other side of the window. I received the camera angle showing me land and the sound effect but then suddenly I was being held up by Jason and promptly killed. This is very similar to the car glitch that shows two different game realities occurring at the same time  

    Who else has been experiencing these window glitches at an exponential rate... somehow even tho the last update was months ago? 

    If you only have died 6 times in a week you are playing against low level Jason’s , Jason loses his ability to swing a weapon when this happens, it happens to me sometimes twice a day.

  11. On 4/29/2018 at 5:31 PM, The Tommy said:

    Maybe after they credit the players for killing Jason when he quits while being killed. And by your logic the counselors should get points for defeating Jason even if the Jason player quits at the beginning of the match or whenever. 

    So you are one of the guys who quit before Jason kills you haha! , and no my logic is that I’d you quit you get the short hand of the stick not rewarded smartass 

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