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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums!
  2. My guess is that Jason hp is very, very high anyway. In the last day of the beta, me and the people I was playing with arranged a match where we tried to kill Jason. The person playing Jason chose part 2 because it was the one who had the "Defence" weakness and we all started taking turns hitting him until our weapons broke. We did that with every weapons we could find on the map until there was no weapon left. The only thing we managed to do with this was knocking his head sack off.
  3. Nice sleeve and welcome to the forums man!
  4. Hello and welcome aboard!
  5. Hi Burst, welcome to the forums!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums!
  7. According to this tweet made on April 11th https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame/status/851893101232881664 the vc should be available again soon.
  8. Hi Kashyyyk, welcome to the forums!
  9. makred78


    Welcome aboard Cherina!
  10. Hi Anton, welcome to the forums!
  11. Excellent news, the less "circle around thing" abuses the better!
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums! Awesome costumes by the way, they look great!
  13. Welcome to the forums!
  14. In 2012, the federal government made the decision to phase them out because the cost to produce them was exceeding their own value. Production cost for a 1 cent coin was around 1.6 cents. There were also other reasons but this is the main one. (Sorry for the off topic post.)
  15. While I understand that it may looks unfair to some people, at the same time like many have already pointed out those dlcs were meant to be exclusive. They were in some of the backer tier in the beginning and then they decided to make them available on backerkit after that. If they make them available for everyone now then what was the point? Obtaining them was supposed to be an opportunity offered to early supporters only, doing otherwise now goes against the whole concept of exclusivity.
  16. Here's the link for the ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kane-Hodder-Worn-Make-Up-Friday-the-13th-Part-7-/162458703615?hash=item25d34b16ff:g:0ggAAOSwhQhY5ETn
  17. This new sig is really great, good job pal!
  18. The reason is simple imo. This game is not a new chapter or story in the franchise, it's based on what's already established in it for the most part so no need for some kind of special/clever title. Personally, I think the current title is more than appropriate considering the game's content.
  19. With this statement from Wes in the first post of this thread: "There still may be some minor tweaks to these stats leading right up to launch, but this list is pretty dang close to what you'll experience when we launch." I think it's safe to say that they are tweaking something that is already finalized for the most part.
  20. Hi and welcome to the forums kimo, you'll find many friendly people here!
  21. Part VII Jason shift and morph cooldown times were tweaked a couple of days later during the beta to compensate for this iirc. I'm pretty sure part VI, VIII and IX Jason will be tweaked accordingly too. On a side note, maybe part VII was hard to play with for some but I saw other players having 6/7 and 7/7 kill counts with him pretty often during the beta.
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