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  1. Merry Christmas to you too! Regarding the box mine is different than the one you have in your video because I did not get the steelbook(It looks really nice by the way!). The box I got is a generic black dvd plastic case with a cover similar to the ps4-xboxone release. P.S. By looking at the youtube vid that you made I guess your native language is french right? If that's the case it's funny because it's mine as well!
  2. Well, if you're looking for the soundtrack the one they're sending is the same as the one available from La-La Land Records. They both have the same tracks, only the cover is different. You can also buy it in digital form from Harry Manfredini on bandcamp.
  3. Every backers should check their email box, I just received this from Gun Media 5 mins ago: Soundtrack and Artbooks are Shipping! Good news everyone! The long-awaited Art books and Soundtracks for Friday the 13th: The Game are currently being shipped by our partners at Limited Run Games, just in time for the holidays! It has been a long process for everyone here at Gun Media, but the team is happy to announce that our fulfillment of these backer rewards signifies the completion of our promised rewards to you backers who helped make this game a reality. We thank you for your support, your patience and your understanding through all of this. While things were certainly not the smoothest, our team has remained committed to providing for our backers through it all. Those who backed physical versions should start to receive your items over the next few days, potentially weeks given location (international shipping does generally take longer), while those of you who have backed for digital versions of the art book or soundtrack can begin to download your rewards straight from Backerkit now! We hope you enjoy these last reward items from our crowd-funding campaign! Thanks again, Gun Media
  4. This is a good idea, I'd like to see if that soundtrack is in any way different than the one from La-La Land Records/harrymanfredini.bandcamp aside from the cover. And also, like other members have suggested maybe they should deliver the digital items now. Holding them until the physical items are shipped is kind of unnecessary anyway.
  5. "The books and CD cases are currently with our shipping partners over at Limited Run Games and will be shipped out as soon as possible, though do keep in mind the holiday season is in full swing. You should be receiving your items over the course of the next few week as LRG packages and ships to each of our backers around the world." That's what we were told on October 13th iirc. Unsurprisingly, over 3 weeks later and nothing has been shipped yet. In order for us to have received any of those things "over the course of the next few weeks", those items would have had to be shipped long ago. But hey, they can put the blame on LRG and/or the holiday season and whatnot.
  6. I'm encountering those 2 on pc: -Wrong gender for the scream/voice when doing a grab kill on a counselor in offline bots. (i.e. you kill Buggzy and he sounds like A.J. during the kill) -Fatal error happening often in offline bots right after a grab kill. It was already an issue since the offline bots mode was implemented and it's happening even more since the last patch.
  7. That's the email I was referring to, last sentence of the 2nd paragraph to be exact. In the past I would've say that I cannot believe nothing has been shipped after almost 2 weeks, the reality now is that nothing really surprises me anymore with this company or any of those they decided to be partner with.
  8. Nothing has been shipped yet. They specifically said in their last email that the digital rewards would go live at the same time the physical items would be shipped and the digital rewards are still pending right now.
  9. I know, I'm not saying it should be done asap and that wasn't the point of my comment either. It was to illustrate that if something as quick and simple as removing something on a website is still not done after all this time, removing something in the game which implies more time and work probably won't happen anytime soon.
  10. Considering there's still some "weekly events" with a coming soon mention on f13game.com since August 2017 when it's pretty clear we're never gonna get any, I guess it's safe to assume that the text on that door won't be removed anytime soon.
  11. According to a game pic from a friend of mine on steam, it looks like the random suicide bug when you escape with the car is back.
  12. Call it bs all you want, this is what I'm experiencing. And btw, just because something never happened to you doesn't mean it's not happening.
  13. On pc when I'm playing against offline bots the game crashes randomly with a fatal error after a grab kill more often now. It was already happening before but it's even worse now, like 3-4 times out of the 5 matches I played since the patch dropped. It's really annoying to say the least.
  14. It seems fine now after I restarted the game, maybe there was some problems with the video setting not sticking properly since we need to apply them every time we exit the game. I know it's not dust or thermal paste related because last time I played was yesterday and the temp was lower. Not to mention that there's no change in temp when I'm playing my other games either but thanks for the advices anyway guys
  15. The game now runs the gpu at least 5 °C hotter on pc after the patch for no apparent reason.
  16. Nothing on steam yet. Would have been nice to have an eta or some sort of follow-up since the notes were posted.
  17. Nice to see some fixes. What about the random counselors bug still happening? And will we ever see a fix for the video setting not sticking when we exit the game on pc?
  18. Needless to say that at this point it doesn't look like they care about giving us what we paid for in a timely manner. But they'll probably have a good excuse once again to justify another delay or whatnot the next time they bother enough to give us a status update.
  19. This is exactly how I see it right now. I also cannot wait to hear what the next excuse is going to be. Last time the delay was caused by something related to the UV gloss for the cover, maybe this time it will have to do with the thickness of the pages.
  20. Another week passed and still not a single update about this even after the cm was tagged. In total we are now at over six weeks of radio silence. This is just pure speculation, but it's really starting to look like those artbooks were not even close to being completed unlike what they told us.
  21. Hey @ShiftySamurai, any chance you could get us some update about the whole Artbook+Soundtrack status? Last time we heard anything about it was 5 weeks and a half ago. I know we need to be patient but c'mon guys, this is getting ridiculous imo.
  22. An update would be nice indeed, what's causing the delay this time?
  23. Jason should be able to cancel a counselor's attack if his hit connect before the end of the counselor's swinging motion. I can't remember in which update it was changed but it used to be that way in they early days of the game. Trying to trade hits with Jason back then was a bit more difficult leading to stuns being less frequent. Now you just swing your weapon at Jason when he's in his slashing animation and even if he land a hit on the counselor, there's always a chance to stun him. Also, if I remember correctly Jason used to be able to hit more than one counselor at a time with his slashing and I don't think this is possible anymore. In the first few months when the game came out it was possible to hit at least two counselors close to each other on the same slashing motion. Maybe bringing this back would help Jason to deal with counselors when they're in group.
  24. Maybe this is why they did not make any statement themselves yet.
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